June 18, 2020

2020 Cookies Summer Run/Walk Challenge: Final Details and Checklists

Runs for Cookies Summer Run/Walk Challenge 2020

I cannot believe the summer solstice is only three days away! That will mark the beginning of my annual Cookies Summer Run/Walk Challenge, and the challenge will end at the end of summer--the fall equinox.

If you're new to the challenge, it's very basic. It's basically just a way to make running or walking for exercise more fun through the summer! I created a checklist of runs/walks to try to complete throughout the summer. Here are a few as an example:

I've implemented a points system this year, which is really just meant for added motivation. I was going to try to do prizes for people with the most points, but it would be really hard to keep track of and verify them. Instead, you can use the points system in a couple of different ways:

- At the beginning of summer, decide how many points you want to aim for and try to hit that (or exceed it). Since there are 56 items on the list, the maximum number of points you can earn is 112.

- Use the points to have a competition with friends. Keep track of your own points and then see which of you can earn the most.

- Ask if anyone in the Facebook group wants to work on a particular goal and make a challenge with them. (The Facebook group is private, which means that nobody outside of the group can see the posts.)

- Make a leaderboard with friends to motivate each other.

General “Official” Rules and Notes

Obviously, you can make this challenge all your own and do it however you’d like! But if you’re interested in tracking your own points, here are my suggestions for “rules”:

1.   You may not count a single run/walk toward multiple items on the list. Each item on the list must be its own run/walk. For example, if you run in a park over a bridge with your dog on the fall equinox, that can only be counted toward one item of your choosing—not four.

2.   You can run or walk each item, regardless of which checklist you’re following. They are nearly identical, so you can choose whether you run or walk them.

3.   Unless it's specified on the checklist, the distance that you run/walk is totally up to you.

4.   Don’t overthink it. It’s up to you whether the run/walk “counts” or not! This is just for fun and motivation to get moving this summer.

I've made the printable checklist as well as a calendar so you can plan out your runs/walks (with so many items on the list, it can be hard to keep track, so the calendar is helpful). Just click the photos below to access them. There is a "running" checklist and a "walking" checklist. They are nearly identical; I just changed the wording.

Here is the running checklist and calendar:

Cookies Summer Challenge Running Checklist      Cookies Summer Challenge Running Calendar

In case those don't work, here are the written links:
And here is the walking checklist and calendar:

Cookies Summer Challenge Walking Checklist      Cookies Summer Challenge Walking Calendar

And the written links:

I believe that is all the information you need to know! If you have questions please ask (you can post them in the Facebook group or ask here in a comment).

The link to the Facebook group for this 2020 Challenge is here: Runs for Cookies Summer Challenge 2020. (Remember, you get an extra point per item if you post a photo with some sort of detail of your run/walk on the Facebook group page.) Don't forget, the Facebook group is private, so nobody outside of the group will be able to see your posts.

Also, I may add some ways to earn a bonus point on certain runs, which I'll post on the Facebook group.

Okay, that said... I hope that lots of you will join in this summer! It was super fun to see all the posts last year (and very inspiring!). As always, my goal is to complete the list--whether running or walking, I'd really like to be able to finish it this year. I've never even completed half of it!

Finally, if you share this challenge with anyone, I'd appreciate the link to this page rather than just the checklist. This explains it better and has the links to each style of checklist.

One last thing: If you happen to notice any errors on the list or calendar, PLEASE let me know. I spent about eight hours working on this stuff, and my mind is ready for a nap. I won't be surprised if I mixed up a date or two. I'll change it as soon as possible.

Just two more days until the solstice! I'll be running from spring into summer :)


  1. Printed out the list and calendar. I hope to try more throughout the summer and hoping to get my daughter into it as well so I have a partner.

  2. Katie, this is not my website, but the author there just got a Friends sweatshirt, and it made me think of you: https://fitnessista.com/friday-faves-265/ I don't know your policy on posting links, so please delete if not appropriate.

  3. You are so so clever!This summer I am not teaching so I will give it a go. Thanks for the encouragement and creativity :)


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