June 16, 2020

Mid-Month Update on my June "To-Do" List

We're halfway through June, so I thought I'd post an update on my "To Do" list for June. I'm actually further along on the list than I thought I'd be!

Here is the original post from my "to do" list.

Finish hanging the drywall - I actually accomplished this already! I finished hanging the drywall, and now I just have to tape and mud it. I really shouldn't use the word "just"... taping and mudding is the worst! I'm super happy to have completed the drywalling part, though--I can finally sell the drywall hoist (that's the red contraption in the photo below--we already found someone to buy it) and get rid of the excess drywall and insulation!

Dye my hair - Yes! I did cut and color my hair (dye my hair? I don't know which is the "right" thing to say these days). I cut my hair (way too short!) and finally colored it to cover my grays. I can't say I'm thrilled with the results, but at least I did it.

Spring clean the house - I am about halfway done with this. I worked on it quite a bit today, but I still have to do the "tough stuff" like replacing the caulk and really washing the windows. Today, I used a broom to go around the exterior of the house and get rid of the spider webs (now that we got our house sprayed for spiders!) but I didn't wash the windows. Tim (who sprayed the house) said that we should power wash the house before he comes rather than after, or else it will negate the "poison" he sprays on the house.

Read one book - I've actually been reading "The Happy Runner" (Amazon affiliate link) and I'm about halfway through the book. I'll plan on finishing it before the end of June. I wanted to read it to hopefully make me inspired for the "Cookies Summer Running" Challenge. It's a great book so far! I'll post a review once I'm done.

Use up all the meat we have in the freezer - This is something we really need work on. I think we've used one or two things, but we have several seafood items (shrimp, salmon, mahi-mahi) that need to be used. So, I need to make sure we use these things up as soon as possible.

Open the box with my new serger and actually try it out - I finally opened the box today! When I took it out of the box, I literally debated on which was more intimidating... the serger or taping/mudding the seams in the garage.

I took out the serger and did a couple of practice seams with the thread that was already in there. I took photos so that I would know what each color thread would do. That way, when I decide to rethread the machine, I'll know what color I'd like to go in which position.

I only had a few minutes to mess with it before Jerry told me that our friend Joe would be coming over this evening. Then I decided to clean the entire house, ugh. Joe hasn't been here in forever, so I wanted the house to look good when he saw all the work I did on it!

Clean out the kitchen cupboards - Haven't even started this, but I thought about it today when I was putting dishes away. I really need to work on it!

Start the annual Runs for Cookies Challenge - I plan to start this on the Summer Solstice, as promised. I will post the final details ASAP (hopefully tomorrow) before everyone starts on the 20th!

Clear out my inbox - I haven't worked on this at all, either. I really need to pick a night and work on it. I've had extra emails because of sending out the face masks, so it's been difficult.

I'm surprised that I'm actually doing really well with my "to do" list! My biggest task now is to finish the drywall by taping and mudding the seams. It's so hard with so many things in there, cluttering up the space. But we have nowhere else to put it, so I just have to work around it. 

I'm excited about the serger... it was fun playing with it today (even if it was only for a few minutes). I can't wait to make an actual project with it!


  1. Girl, you make me tired just reading about everything you are working on :). So happy you are checking those to-do's off your list!

  2. Wow! Your list inspired me! I going to create one right this minute.

  3. Goodness you're ambitious!!! Great work.

  4. Wow....I agree you have waaay more energy than I have. And your hair doesn't look that short. ha! Here's a glimpse as to what I have done since June 1st and not in any specific order: painted my front door, painted my flower pots to match, planted flowers, napped, watched my "Housewives from??", ate and drank, decided on a new color for front door....bought it and painted front door again, painted flower pots again, weeded flower gardens, walked the dog every day, napped - weeding and dog walking can be tiring, ate and drank while watching "Housewives from ??"

    Well, that about sums it up.....whew!


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