January 31, 2015

New Indy plan

As I mentioned Thursday, I decided to walk at the rec center while the boys played basketball. I haven't walked much at all since my ankle injury, because I've been trying to keep weight off of it as much as possible (hello, jigsaw puzzles!). Open swimming is only from 8:30 pm-10:00 pm on Thursdays, so I couldn't do water running, but after such a lazy day on Wednesday, I was feeling the urge to be active yesterday.

I wore my Altra Paradigms, because those have maximum cushioning. I brought along my iPod, and went upstairs to the track. There were a ton of people on it! Usually, I'm the only one, or maybe 1-2 others. I started walking at a pretty quick pace (slightly faster than a 15:00/mi pace). There are only three lanes, and most people were walking in pairs. The inner lane is for running only, so it was difficult to pass people.

I was so grateful that my ankle felt PERFECT. No issues whatsoever. I decided that after a mile of walking, I'd attempt to run one time around the track (1/12 of a mile) and see how my ankle felt. It was so strange--the second I started running, my ankle started hurting. It must just be the impact from running that is causing the pain. I walked a while longer, for 30 minutes total, and then called it quits. My ankle was a little sore when I got home, but nothing worse than it has been lately.

I woke up a few times during the night and my ankle was really hurting, so the walk and/or brief run really irritated it; in the morning, it was so painful that I was limping! I have an appointment with a podiatrist on Tuesday evening. I'd like to at least rule out a fracture or something else that's really serious. For now, I'm not even going to test it. I'm going to continue to rest it as much as possible, and do the water running for exercise.

It's been almost 8 weeks since I injured it, and with all the resting I've been doing, I would have hoped to see more progress. But the reality is, this is a long-term injury, so I have to reevaluate any running goals I have for this year. Training for Indy is supposed to start in a week! My goal was a sub-2:00 half-marathon, but I am not even going to hope for that now. I'm going to continue to train in the pool, logging as much time as I would if I was running on ground. As soon as my ankle is better, I'll see where I'm at as far as Indy goes.

I've done Indy four times, and each time, I say that I would love to do the race with a camera, and take tons of pictures along the course. It's a SUPER fun course, and I always see so many fun bands, costumes, runners' shirts, etc. that I've wanted to take pictures of. So maybe this time, I'll do just that: run if I can, but not worry about time, and just take lots of pictures and enjoy it. If I still can't run by then, I'll walk it.

My main priority for a running goal this year is now to be able to train for and run the Detroit Marathon, which is in October (training starts in July). I had hoped to train for a PR, and maybe that's still possible. It's all going to depend on what happens with my ankle. But I'll worry about that later. Right now, I just want to do everything in my power to get better--even if that means no running for a few months. I'll just have to bust my ass in the pool! ;)

Today, the kids had their classes at JoAnn Fabrics. Noah has been taking a cake decorating class, and Eli had a pajama pants sewing class. The classes were a gift from my mom for them for Christmas, and she's been the one going with them, but she wasn't able to today, so Jerry and I took the kids. Today was the final day of class for each of them. Noah designed and decorated a Minecraft cake:

And Eli made a cute pair of fleece pajama bottoms:

They both really enjoyed the classes. The cake decorating was super messy, and required a ton of prep work on my mom's part, but Noah is really excited to be able to decorate birthday cakes for our family. And Eli was even taught how to clean a sewing machine, which will certainly come in handy--I don't know that I've ever cleaned mine! hahaha

Tonight, my younger brother, Nathan, is watching the kids, which they are super excited about. Jerry and I are going to my friend Eric's house, where several of my high school friends are getting together. It's been a while since I saw everyone, so I'm really looking forward to it!

January 29, 2015

DIY AquaJogger Hitch

Whew! Yesterday was a much-needed break from the computer. I was awakened at 4:45 in the morning in the most nerve-shattering way, though. Jerry left for work, and as always, he set the home alarm before he left. Once you set it, you have 45 seconds to get out of the house or it will actually sound the alarm. If the door is opened after those 45 seconds, then the alarm sounds REALLY LOUDLY. The noise it makes is like an ambulance siren, only about 100 times louder.

I have no idea what happened when Jerry left, but I woke up to the noise of the alarm going off. I was so confused, and I yelled, "Get up!" to Jerry, but then I remembered he'd already gotten up for work. Then I thought maybe someone was breaking in the house, but right then I saw the headlights from Jerry's car leaving the driveway, and I assumed he'd accidentally set off the alarm. So I ran out into the living room (while the thing was blasting away at my eardrums) to turn it off.

My heart was pounding like crazy from the adrenaline, and then Noah came into my room to say that the alarm woke him up (Eli somehow slept through it). Needless to say, I couldn't go back to sleep after that ;)

After the kids went to school, I hurried out the door to go to the rec center to do a deep water run. I set my Garmin for a 8 x 2:30 with 0:30 recovery intervals. (Run hard for 2:30, then recover for 30 seconds, and repeat for a total of 8 times).

I really like this particular workout, and I've found it to be most efficient. I've done the 1:30 intervals, but it's not really enough time of hard running to get my heart rate way up before the 30 second recovery. I've also done 5 minute intervals, and those are so long that it's really difficult to keep running "hard" for that length of time, so I tend to slow down for the last couple of minutes. They also have 1-minute recoveries, which I think is too much time and my heart rate lowers too much between hard intervals.

The 2:30 intervals with 30-second recovery are right in the middle--long enough to be very tiring, but not to have to slow down; and the 30-second recovery is just enough time to catch my breath before the next interval starts. They go by really quickly! And my heart rate gets up to about 164, which is about what it would be for a tempo run.

When I was at the rec yesterday morning, there were probably about 10 older ladies in the pool. Usually I'm either the only one in the pool, or there are one or two people swimming laps in the lanes. When there are other people in the deep end, it's kind of hard to section off my own little space. Since I move forward when deep water running, I usually do laps (or rectangles, if I have the whole deep end to myself).

Since my ankle is still an issue, and it looks like I'll be doing the deep water running for a while (I'd even like to continue doing it 1-2 times per week once my ankle is healed, because it really works my legs!), I'm becoming a little more invested in it. I had a $100 Amazon gift card, so a couple of days ago, I used it to buy a waterproof iPod (they're $140, but I never would have spent that much on it without the gift card). Soon, I can listen to podcasts while I run in the pool! I miss listening to podcasts--usually I only do in the summer when going for a walk.

Today, I made a tether (hitch) for the Aqua Jogger belt. You hook one end of the hitch to the belt, and the other end of the hitch to a ladder or a clip on the side of the pool. That way, you don't move forward when deep water running. Also, you get the benefit of the resistance from the band (it's elastic), so it makes a harder workout.

My homemade ones! I just used elastic cording (found with
parachute cording in the craft store) and four clips.

You can buy the tethers online, but they're expensive! For one 5-foot hitch, plus shipping, it's $15. I made two (one for me and one for Jerry) for $9, and they're nearly identical to what you would buy from Aqua Jogger.

I cut the elastic cording and burned the ends, then just tied them to the clips as tightly as possible. Super simple, and it only took about two minutes!

After my water run yesterday, I spent pretty much the whole day working on puzzles. I finished the one I had been working on:

That one was pretty easy, because there were a lot of distinct colors and words. Then I started a new one. A couple of days ago, I got a birthday gift in the mail from Paige--and I was SO excited when I opened it! It was truly the perfect gift--a puzzle of my favorite picture from Ragnar SoCal! I started it yesterday and finished it up this morning.

The picture is of Paige, Caitlin, Hilary, Thomas, and me. John was out running, and we were trying to keep Caitlin warm before she started her leg. It was FREEZING in SoCal that day! I absolutely love this picture, and to have a 720-piece puzzle of it? Awesome! It was really hard to put together, too--the red and the concrete pieces took a long time, because each piece of that color looked the same.

My mom bought me some sorting trays for my birthday--so when I work on the puzzles, I can sort the pieces out by color, It really helps a lot!

So needless to say, yesterday was pretty relaxing other than my water run. Today, the rec center only has open swim from 8:30 pm-10:00 pm, so I won't be able to run. I'm excited to try out the tether tomorrow to see how it goes! I have to take the kids to basketball this evening, so I think I may go attempt a walk on the indoor track. Hopefully my ankle will do okay. It's usually just when I run that it hurts.

January 27, 2015

2015 Runs for Cookies Virtual 5K RESULTS

Ohmygoodness, this post took me all day to put together, and in the eleventh hour, Blogger stopped working for some reason. It was super frustrating, but everything is good to go now (I hope).

Like last year, I have to truncate this post, because of the long list of names (it messed up my blog feed a couple of years ago). So I apologize if you're viewing this on a reader, because you'll have to click through to view it.

First--the winners of the prizes! The odds of winning one of the prizes were much better than when I do a typical giveaway. The Garmin, for example, had just over 200 entries; if I had just posted it as a giveaway, rather than a virtual 5K prize, there would be well over 1,000! Here are the winners:

Aqua Jogger belt- Michele Anderson
Fitbit Zip- Jennifer Curry
Garmin Forerunner 10- Megan K.

Congratulations ladies! I've sent each of you an email. Great job on hitting your 5K goals, and I hope you enjoy your prizes!

I put together a slideshow of the pictures I pulled from Facebook and Twitter. I didn't include the Instagram ones, because Instagram makes it really difficult to save photos. What I hoped would be a quick project ended up being one big mess...

After downloading each photo (one by one), I put together the slideshow. Then when I went to upload it to Blogger, it was too large. So I tried to upload it to Vimeo, and the music was copyrighted. I was so frustrated (and this was now approaching 7:00 pm) that I just uploaded it without music. So, it's totally boring without the music, but if you'd like to see most of the photos here in one spot, it's worth watching. Maybe just play some upbeat music while you watch it ;)

2015 Runs for Cookies Virtual 5K
from Katie Foster on Vimeo.

Here are some fun facts about the race: There were 922 people that signed up (the actual number should probably be slightly lower, due to a few duplicates), and 486 finishers (who filled out the race report; actual number may be slightly higher). So roughly 53% of the people that signed up actually completed the race, which is pretty good! I was hoping for 50+%. The majority of people did the race outdoors this weekend (last year, the treadmill won--likely due to the polar vortex!).

Here are some blogs and/or race reports from several finishers:

Allison N
Katie Syriid
Jodi Piaskowy
Rene & Chris
Christina M
Laura Roeseler
Teresa Walker
Melissa Haynes-Gehrke
Audrey Nissen
Thomas Graf
Julia Grigorian
Brittany Martin
Tamara & Bradley Shazam
Martha Kaiser
Jen Haught
Celeste Edenloff
Christy Bergheim
Julie Levenhagen
Maegan Dockery
Meghan T

And finally... here are the results!

Female 0-15
Jen R0:35:32Lancaster, PA
zaya koegelsyracuse, new york
Female 16-20
Julia Grigorian0:28:00San Diego, CA
Michelle0:56:42Bremerton, WA
Female 21-24
Haley G.0:28:51Clemson, SC
Allison N0:30:00Ohio
Susan0:32:30Ontario, Canada
Melissa Neary0:34:00Cheyenne
Brooke Severson0:37:50Westminster Colorado
Meredith D. 0:37:50Missoula, MT
Aly Rivers0:40:00Ripon, WI
Tiffanie W.0:40:27Minnesota
Brittany Wade0:40:30Monroe, Louisiana
Camille P0:43:53Salem, Oregon
Rachel Opatowsky0:44:01Anaheim
Lacie Zerbarini0:46:47Torrington, CT
Kayla Jochims0:47:33South Dakota
Maegan Dockery0:48:42Rome, GA
Samantha Nehls0:48:55Milwaukee, WI
Kaitlyn1:20:00Perth, Western Australia
AshleyAthens, Georgia
Audrey NissenPhoenix
Alba SolteroTexas
Female 25-30
Kristen0:22:30Killingworth, CT
Katie N0:23:48Hudson, Il
Stephanie Wisiewski0:24:19Duluth, MN
Kara0:26:51Louisville, Kentucky
Leah Buckman0:27:31Kapolei, HI
Angela M B0:27:49Los Angeles, CA
Jodi Piaskowy0:29:17Valparaiso, IN
e3writing0:29:23Toronto, Ontario
Sarah T0:30:01Illesheim, Germany
Marine B.0:30:05Paris/France
Courtney H0:30:10Denver, CO
Allie P0:30:24Massachusetts
Jennifer Callahan 0:30:43Tacoma, WA
Rach D!0:31:00Boston MA!
Caitlyn Droski0:31:00Bozeman
Carolyn0:31:30Minneapolis, Minnesota
Alison0:32:01Brisbane, Australia
Alicia0:32:03San Francisco
Kim0:32:06Loveland, OH
Karen Bean0:32:20South Beloit, IL, USA
Tessa M0:32:20Portland, OR
Shelley Hall0:32:34Stow, OH
Ashley0:32:50Providence, RI
Stephanie N0:32:51New Stanton, PA
Sarah L0:32:58Fayetteville Arkansas
Chris Hayes0:32:59Baltimore, MD
Dominique James0:33:11Shreveport, LA
Megan Sopko0:34:07Toledo, OH
Amy @notaharespace0:34:19Maryland
Kayla Tolstyka0:34:20Bay City, MI
Claire Holman0:34:22Milwaukee, WI
Glory W.0:34:50Independence, MO
Kylie0:34:51Minneapolis, MN
Ilana0:35:16Baltimore, MD
Iva0:36:00Queensbury, NY
Angel W0:36:02San diego
Christina M0:36:24Chicago, IL
Rachel Oetting0:36:29Independence, MO
Christie Schoeneman0:37:00Danville, IN
Nicky Blasier0:37:17Sturgeon Bay/WI/USA
Amber E0:37:24Portland, OR
Erin R.0:37:40Virginia, USA
Kathleen C0:37:50Missoula, MT
Kristi McCrery0:38:00Fort Collins, CO
Sarah 0:38:03Connecticut
Victoria0:38:14Washington, DC
Beth B0:38:15Oklahoma City
Amy M0:38:28Cumming, GA
Katie V0:39:00Palatine, IL
Jenny Villwock0:39:12Oshkosh, WI
Leah miller 0:39:17Florida
Christina O0:39:30Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Ali B0:39:32Vermont
Alisha0:39:44Beckley, West Virginia
Asma0:40:00La Crosse, WI
Lyndy Rayborn0:40:04Jackson, MS
Jennifer Ledyard0:40:04Mentor/OH
Brittany Marten0:40:07Athens, Alabama
Sally Lomily0:40:43Reston
Ashley Koralewski0:40:53Thief River Falls, MN
Meghan T0:42:12Snohomish, WA
Cheri Hibbert0:43:53Wyoming
Ashley Morales0:44:00Austin, TX
Dana Papst0:44:10Pittsburgh PA
Amanda Karnitz0:48:55Milwaukee, WI
Cassie0:50:00Richfield, MN
Debby0:50:42Sioux Falls, SD
Gloria F0:51:27Chicago, IL
Emily Farrell0:52:22Kokomo, Indiana
Jennifer Clemo0:53:02Creswell, OR
Nichole G 0:54:25Plattsburgh, NY
Grace0:54:56Boston, MA
Aaron G.0:55:35Flower Mound, Texas, USA
Rebecca G.0:55:47Flower Mound, Texas, USA
Jessica0:58:00North Carolina
Sarah M0:59:31Warner Robins, GA
Danielle Sims1:00:07Duncan OK
Chandra 1:02:03Calgary AB Canada
jen s1:03:00Raleigh nc
Roxanne R.New Mexico
Melissa CarneyCleveland, Ohio
MariSparks, nv
Erin HarmeyerIndependence, MO
Trista brownSatanta KS
MonicaWashington, DC
SarahFuquay Varina, NC
Laura LaBerteauxEl Monte, CA
Female 31-34
Lisa N.0:24:20Winter Park, FL
Lyndsey H0:25:21Akron, OH
Alison0:25:30Royersford, PA
Laura DeFeo0:26:05Washington, DC
Karey E.0:26:58Blachly, OR
Colleen M. 0:27:27Denver, CO
Lisa Posner0:27:37Norwood, MA
Kara Bissonnette0:28:18Vermont
Robyn0:28:29ann Arbor michigan
Devon Whelan0:29:00Colorado Springs, CO
Nicole0:29:47East Brunswick, NJ
April0:30:00Detroit mi
Rachel Shatzer0:30:18La Plata, MD
Gina Crisafi0:30:31Madison, WI
Tera E0:30:32Macon, GA
LIz Stomski0:31:16Lansing, MI
Stephanie Woodbury0:31:57North Saint Paul, MN
Rachel Hansen0:31:58Idaho
Jessi Mouqué 0:31:59Brussels Belgium
Tiffany0:32:00Ontario, Canada
Martina_in_China0:32:03Shenyang, China
Elizabeth Gunn0:32:56Richmond, VA
Janelle Thompson0:33:14Topeka, KS
Beth Hamilton0:33:32Wexford, PA
Lauren P0:33:39Columbus, Ohio
Carey Bower0:33:51Toronto,ontario
Monica0:34:07Greensboro, NC
Jennifer Curry0:34:10Lynbrook, NY
Ellen0:34:17Seattle, WA
Rachel M0:35:04Kansas City
Kristin Godin0:35:15Nashville, TN
Mara Schneider0:35:42Roseville, MN
Nicole Buerkle0:35:45Plevna, MT
Leona0:36:37Clermont, FL
Krystal Chewning0:36:59Simpsonville SC
Breanna Sackrey0:37:14Breckenridge/MO/USA
Carmen M.0:37:51Atlanta, Georgia
Jen Mitchell0:38:00Danville, VA
Julie Levenhagen0:38:15Surprise, AZ
Mandy M.0:38:36Dayton, Ohio
Samantha Spencer 0:38:49Ellensburg, wa
Andrea Peabody0:38:56Reading, MA
Niki Kraus0:39:12Oshkosh,WI
Amanda Brown0:39:25Illinois
Kristi A.0:40:57
Kristine0:41:30Reinbeck, IA
Rebecca Floyd0:42:22Athens, GA
Jodi Bailey0:42:30LOUISVILLE
Meg Berger0:43:06Michigan
Corrie0:43:52New Orleans, LA
Corinne 0:44:04seattle
Laura Roeseler0:45:15St. Louis, MO
Diana H0:46:28Pennsylvania
Amy Jaynes0:46:56Tyrone, GA
Lisa Dahl0:47:08Rural Snowy Illinois!
Emily DeRouchie-McMahon0:49:50New York
Kelly Sharrett0:50:11JONESVILLE
Amanda S0:51:00Melbourne, FL
Alisha Howard0:51:12Fruita, CO
Melody0:52:12Swartz Creek, MI
Rachel0:53:06Götteldorf, Germany
Tiare Escobedo0:54:08Corona, CA
Amanda Eadie0:54:37Houston
Tina Stevens0:56:00Kentucky
Tracy0:56:05Northwest Territories, Canada
Lisa0:56:46Utah County, Utah
Betsy0:58:00Boston, MA
Martha Berry (EmJayBee)1:05:00Texas
Erin Haas1:15:00Plainfield
Cherlyn Tom1:20:51Tempe, AZ
Heather B.Rome, GA
Katie AldanaRockville, md
Laura ZMcFarland, Wi
Amy DuGas
Amy HoffmanCranberry Twp
Allyson CatheyHigh Point, NC
Brandi AcheyNeosho, MO
Prairie SmallwoodCheyenne, WY
Brandi JonesRockford, Iowa
MeganSevierville, TN
Jodi MurtonCentral Lake, MI
Jennifer HumennyWashington Twp, MI
Female 35-39
Brie R.0:24:22Iowa
Margaret Bussan0:24:45Lancaster, WI, USA
Charlotte Humburg0:25:10Lawrence Kansas
regina0:27:06washington, dc
Lisa Whitney0:28:00Reno, NV
Laura Clark0:28:21Fort Wayne, IN
Angie0:29:00Indianapolis, IN
Sara C0:29:52Rochester NY
Emilie F0:29:57St. Paul, MN
Teri 0:30:17Lindsborg, KS
Whitney Comer0:30:33North Myrtle Beach, SC
Mary Ross0:30:41NY
Karen Sonnet0:30:55Falls Church, VA
Laura Smith0:31:00Amherst, NY
Steph0:31:28London, ON, CAN
Kristin N0:31:34Cincinnati, OH
Cora0:32:28Wethersfield CT
Mandoziz0:32:40Rose Hill, Kansas
Amber B0:32:49Anchorage, AK
Sarah Threlkeld0:32:57Renton, WA
Angela Armstrong0:33:00Waukesha, WI
Meredith0:33:00Asheville, NC
ginny wurttemberg0:33:15suwanee, ga
Christy W0:33:37Muscle Shoals, Al
Staci F0:33:37Bloomington IL
Amy Burkitt0:34:08Piketon, Ohio
Betsy0:34:25Cheltenham, England
Laura Z0:34:25Ambler PA USA
Jen buhler0:35:00Niverville, mb, Canada
Alicia Young0:35:33Ira, MI
Maria Pap0:35:42Thessaloniki, Greece
Erica0:35:48near Detroit, MI
Amanda D.0:35:56British Columbia, Canada
Jodi Tahsler0:36:16Palm Springs, CA
Vilia Garcia0:36:16Harlingen, Texas
Anna0:36:21North Carolina
Girlchild780:36:28Frederick, MD
Mary0:36:42San Jose, CA
Mary (Runs To Get Waisted)0:36:52Portland, OR
Angie 0:37:03Missouri
Danielle!0:37:10LaFayette, GA
Tanya Holland0:37:27Royal Oak, MI
Chrissy Gehman0:38:01Emmaus, Pa
Lars S. 0:38:10Birmingham, AL
Heather P0:38:22Harrison Twp, MI
Jennifer G0:38:26Near Rochester, NY
Amanda Rutkowski0:39:41Rochester, MI
Stacey DeVries0:39:43Traverse City, MI
Lindsey Hall0:39:59Houston, TX
Lindsay Knapp0:40:00Battle Creek, MI
Amy0:40:05Colorado Springs, CO
Suganya0:40:06Hyderabad, india
Jennifer Brown0:40:33Bothell, WA
Ronna Watkins0:41:00Bentonville, AR
Leah 0:41:07Winona, MN
chrissy c0:41:20McCordsville/Indiana
Rachel Espinosa0:42:00Highlands Ranch, CO
Amy Bettwy0:42:10Kansas City, MO
Clair McLaughlin0:42:57Sevenoaks, United Kingdom
Julie0:43:00Springfield, MO
Jenny Sayler0:43:00lenexa, KS
Jodi Ingram0:43:18Morristown Tennessee
Kendra0:43:24Alberta, Canada
Kara R.0:43:30Bloomington, IL
Jessica C0:43:34Raleigh NC
Kris Faul0:44:53PA
Narcesita 0:45:00Monterrey, México
Julie0:45:08San Antonio, TX
Lisa Edwards0:45:56Boynton Beach
Jolene O'Dell0:46:00Michigan!
susan cheek0:46:00jonesville nc
Amy Thoma0:46:36Cincinnati, Ohio
Marie Ash0:46:40Fishers, IN
Jen Haught0:47:32Raleigh, NC
Rachel Suydam0:47:32Raleigh, NC
Angel Montoya0:47:33SL,UT
Melissa0:47:55Tehachapi, CA
Jen Larson0:48:36Shakopee, MN
Tiffany H.0:48:51Napa, CA
Laurie0:49:02Cashmere, WA
Caroline0:51:00Montreal (Canada)
Carli Stoller0:51:03Omaha, Nebraska
Diane0:51:12Helena, MT
Susana 0:52:13Michigan
Selena0:52:21St. Catharines/Ontario/Canada
Jennifer0:52:39NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR
Tomie Vowell0:54:00Pearl City, Hawaii
Erin 0:55:01Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Stacy Deel0:56:59Charleston, WV
Suzi0:57:47Washington State
Jen Latham1:00:39Canton, MI
Jaime Penney1:01:04Weyers Cave, Virginia
CassieCass1:03:13Monterey, CA
Sonja1:15:00Minnesota :)
EmmaPortland, Oregon
CarrieDurand, WI
Heidi YeagerValencia, PA
Rachel P FranzeseNORTHVILLE
Danielle ModrzewskiStevens Point WI
RebeccaColdwater KS
Jennifer Bass, Michigan
LizGrand Rapids, MI
TaraCleveland, OH
Megan KArizona
Female 40-44
Megan B0:26:41Jensen beach, florida
Deb Michaels0:26:47Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Wendy Jourdan0:26:58Charlotte, NC
Jodi McCoy0:27:41Canal Winchester, Ohio
Melissa Quinley0:27:44Silver Spring, MD
Stephanie0:28:35Waterloo, IL
Heather Gosch0:29:37Rapid City SD
Kristi Norman0:29:39Atlanta, Georgia
Alicia N.0:29:52Rochester, NY
Dawn H0:30:13Highlands Ranch, CO
kathleen s0:31:13Philly suburbs
Paige0:31:21Kuna, Idaho (Boise)
Kim Burger0:31:40Ringgold
Melissa Hayes-Gehrke0:32:00Maryland
cathy0:32:45Cedar Rapids, IA
Lesleigh Ashby0:33:31Elk Ridge
Mig C.0:33:59Cicero/NY/USA
Nicola0:34:01Kingston, ON
Mandy0:34:14Vancouver, BC, Canada
Martha Kaiser0:34:34Phoenix, AZ
Laura Morford0:34:36Houston Tx
Tonya Markert0:35:43Rockford, IL
Pam Kocke0:35:46New Orleans, LA
Laurie Berrios0:37:00Kingston
Tamara Shazam0:37:09Kenmore, wa
Celeste Edenloff0:37:10Alexandria, MN
Gigi Becker0:37:17Huntington Station
Tammy Allen0:37:24Three Rivers, Michigan
Tiffany0:37:25Sparks, NV
Jennifer Bauer0:37:48Arden Hills
Andrea Hossler0:38:00Fostoria/Ohio
Amanda O'Connor0:38:10Denver, Colorado
Kim Dailey0:38:11Big Lake, MN
Kerry0:38:50Columbia SC
Dawny0:40:00Spokane wa USA
Gillian 0:40:00Calgary, AB Canada
Michelle0:40:07Kansas City, MO
Jodi 0:40:41Newton, IA
Julie B.0:41:26Montreal
Barbara Downs0:41:39Dunkirk, MD
Linda Kuil0:41:59Shirley, NY
Cindy Bingham0:42:41Seattle, WA
Kim Perry0:43:04Flintston, Ga
Erin Sutton0:43:07Franklin Indiana
TRACY S.0:45:03Pearland, TX / USA
KatieSyriid 0:45:28Abbotsford BC
Benedicte0:45:41Wind gap/pa/usa
Michelle G.0:46:00Maumee, OH
Tricia Winslow0:46:13Mebane, NC, US
Tonia R0:46:30Ohio
Jody Ryan0:47:00Ridley Park PA
Cathy0:47:01San Marcos, CA
Karen0:48:00British Columbia, Canada
Erica Landfair0:49:38Portland, Oregon
Amber0:49:44Prosser, WA
Jennifer Vandenberg0:51:00Chahalis, WA
Cathy B.0:54:02Idaho
JJ Latte0:54:05Ottawa, Ontario
Elleny0:59:38Wageningen, The Netherlands
Holly Cornwell1:01:28Cayuga, NY USA
Kari Ann CarpenterSt John USVI
Shawn V
Linda NelsonEastern NC
Angie VeithRushville, IL
Mary HorsechiefTexas
Danette StiteleyStevens Point WI
JolynnRocklin CA USA
JeanieRockford, Illinois
Female 45-49
Denise G.0:28:01Middleton, MA
Kimberly in NC0:29:14Wilson, NC
Angela dyer0:30:06Lula ga
Joan B0:30:12Plano Tx
Michelle Sawatzky0:30:25Isle, MN
Jennifer Farrand0:31:39Frankfort
Carmen Wille0:32:52Sacramento, CA
Denise0:33:00Washington, DC
Lin Steele0:34:05Pahrump, NV
Amy Crawshaw0:35:16Leuven, Belgium
Shanon Merkel0:39:21Clovis,CA
Mia W0:41:03Lake Worth FL
Carrie Ward0:41:41Fargo, North Dakota
Gina Elisalde0:42:07Aptos, CA USA
margaret0:42:16Kingwood, Texas
Tammy Buckner0:42:27Jacksonville, FL
Rhona's0:46:24Whitby Ontario Canada
Corry Bimson 0:47:00Regina,SK,Canada
Cherie0:48:36Annapolis, Maryland
Martine 0:53:04Long Beach, CA
Tiffany0:58:29Bowie, Texas
Rene1:03:00Loveland, CO
Carol SHuntersville, NC USA
Wanda BrooksFranklin, VA
Kristi HMinnesota
Christy BergheimSan Diego, CA
Melissa CummingsSocial Circle
Female 50-54
Rebecca S0:25:20Springfield, Missouri
Joyce Schmitt0:28:18Haubstadt, IN
Loretta farb0:34:11Columbia, MD
Elise0:34:25Tampa, FL
Lorenda Faist0:34:28Chelsea, MI
Melanie0:38:00Santa Cruz, CA
Michele Anderson0:42:00Pottstown PA
Elaine0:43:00Bells, TN
Connie0:43:00Lincoln CA
Suzanne0:44:50Champaign IL
Sheri Montgomery0:49:22Killeen
June D'Amour 0:50:00Los Angeles, CA
Lise in Indy1:14:10Indianapolis, IN
Rhonda Hall1:41:35Manistee
ConnieLincoln CA
HollyDenver, Coloraado
Jeanette FieldsElmore city ok
Mary OdomGeorgetown, Texas
Nancy P.Illinois
Female 55-59
Betsey Massee0:29:32West Hurley, New York
Theresa Walter0:29:58Doran, MN
Maggie0:32:44Dunedin, FL
kristina0:32:59south carolina
Rhonda Wills0:34:30Seaside
Tracy West0:39:36Ohio
Bobbie Mauk0:39:38Gilmer, TX
Dede0:44:16Arlington, VA
Helen Canning0:46:27Minnetonka, MN
Loretta S0:48:15Chino, CA
Jane Nehls0:48:55Milwaukee, WI
Teresa Walker0:51:39Port Moody, BC. Canada
Judy J0:53:00McKinney, TX
Jarmila CarrieSacramento, CA
Female 60+
KATHY S.0:32:07Pearland, TX / USA
Corky0:38:00Charleston SC
Sue (Katie's Mom)0:49:38Newport MI
Lynn WatsonPhoenix, AZ
Male 0-15
Caleb0:40:07Kansas City, MO
Jacob Cornwell1:01:28Cayuga, NY, USA
Male 25-29
Thomas Graf0:23:42Miami, FL
Joseph Neary0:30:00Cheyenne Wyoming
Robert Blasier0:38:08Sturgeon Bay/WI/USA
David Dockery0:49:11Rome, GA
Male 30-34
Nathan Messer0:22:34Carleton, MI
Jason Murphy0:26:40Cumming, GA
Drew0:29:25Sioux Falls, South Dakota
joshua Mitchell0:38:00Danville, VA
Male 35-39
Jason Brown 0:52:13Peoria, Illinois
Male 40-44
Joshua Nelson0:32:50Waterford
Jason 0:34:24Brookline MA
Mike Secrist0:35:14Pittsburgh
Bradley Shazam0:36:13Kenmore, wa
Mark Maupin0:39:54Yukon, OK
ShawnRockford, Illinois
Male 45-49
Loma F0:55:03Bloomington IL
Chris1:03:00Loveland, CO
Steve MeyerCaledonia MN
Male 50-54
Greg SHuntersville NC USA
Male 55-59
Jay GunnFranklin, VA
Age group unspecified
Charles J0:27:30Tennessee
KathyD0:30:23Haverhill MA
Francesca 0:37:00Atlanta, Georgia
BJ0:39:00Alexandria VA
Lisa JTennessee

Congratulations to EVERYONE who participated! I can't say it enough: I love that I have so many people who celebrate my birthday with me each year :)

I've spent WAY too much time doing blog stuff the past few days, so I'm going to stay away from the computer tomorrow. I need a mental break after the technical issues I dealt with today. I have a really unique new puzzle to work on, so hopefully it'll be done and I can show it off on Thursday!

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