June 26, 2020

Lost Mail (Where does it go?!)

It's only 10:50 PM as I start to write this, but I'm so ready to go to bed now. I usually stay up until 1:30 or 2:00 AM (way too late, I know, but I just don't get tired until then). I'm going to keep this post short so I can get some sleep while my body is actually looking forward to it.

I've been working on two projects the past few days. First, I've been making more face masks. About 20 of the people I sent them to never received them... ugh!

Where does lost mail go, anyway? Is there some warehouse somewhere that just has mountains of "lost" mail? I had a return label on all of them and I took them to the post office to make sure the postage was correct. I just find it so crazy that 20 pieces of mail can get lost like that! There were people in California and even Alaska that received theirs; but a couple of women who live less than an hour away from me have not.

Anyway, I've been making more masks for the people that didn't receive theirs, and I finished those this morning. I love the new fabric! I also bought some nose pieces from Amazon so I don't have to use the pipe cleaners anymore. Not sure if these will feel any different, but I was worried that the pipe cleaners will eventually rust--and these nose pieces are supposed to be anti-rust.

Hopefully they will reach their destinations this time!

I've also been working on taping and mudding the garage. I have about one third of it done. (Yes, it's taking forever.) If I didn't have to work around all of the stuff in the garage and if I didn't have to go up and down the ladder eight million times, it would have been done ages ago.

(We have a zero turn lawn mower that takes up SO MUCH SPACE and it's not something that can be easily picked up and set aside. We also have a super heavy set of shelves, my various power tools, tables, a couple of couches and other big things that need some time to move around. Very inconvenient!)

Instead of doing the first layer of mud on the entire garage, and then the second layer on the entire garage, etc., I've been working in sections (so I don't have to move all of our "stuff" each day). I basically divided the garage into sixths and I'm working on each section (walls and ceiling) at a time.

I'll put the first coat of mud on, let it dry 24 hours. Second coat, 24 hours. Final coat, 24 hours.

Once I get a full section done, I use that spot to move all of our stuff and then I'll have room to do another section. I've caught up on all of my true crime podcasts, and I had been using those as a motivator to go work. I need to try out some new ones.

Anyway, I'm off to bed! I'll try to get some progress pictures of the garage tomorrow. (It just looks ugly, so it's not really worth showing--it'll look much better when the whole thing is done!)


  1. I feel your pain. Our son got married May 2019. A lot of his invitations got "lost" in the mail. So frustrating trying to round up more invitations and get them sent out and there were a few hurt feelings, as people initially thought they were being left out. I'm leaning more and more toward e-vite's. :1

  2. I'm curious what color you'll paint the garage. I'm frustrated that the numbers are spiking again, and that so many people think it's over. My 13 year old granddaughter and her mother just came back from Florida of all places! And here in Marquette Ia there's a beer and wine festival and nobody will be wearing masks. Many fools to make the rest of us sick. I'm usually not a Debbie downer, but just saying.

  3. I asked for the pharmacy to ship a new prescription because they didn't have it in stock until the following day, and I live an hour away. They shipped it Friday, so I figured I would get it Monday, maybe Tuesday. It is now Saturday of the following week and I still don't have it. I already paid for it, and they refuse to either refund my money or reissue the prescription, so I basically just don't get the prescription my doctor thought I needed enough to prescribe (two of them, actually). So, yeah. I'm wondering where the mail is right now too.

  4. The masks look great! I love mine! Yes.....where is all the lost mail? It will be interesting if it ever shows up at the intended destination or if you ever get it returned to you.


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