The Dr. Oz Show

Before (2009) and after (2011) with Dr. Oz

In November 2011, I was chosen to be a guest on The Dr. Oz Show's 400th episode--it was about weight loss success stories. The whole experience was so surreal, but I had a blast doing it! Here are the blog entries I wrote about the process:

E-mail searching for success stories
I heard from the producer
A phone interview
Going to NYC for the filming
Trading one goal for another (People magazine vs. Dr. Oz)
The air date
Preview of the show
The newspaper writes a story about me
The Dr. Oz Show (aired online)
My NYC trip in detail (part one)
My NYC trip in detail (part two, includes the filming)
My thoughts on the show after it aired (and pictures of me with Dr. Oz)

UPDATE: I am not happy with the direction Dr. Oz's show has taken. I wrote a post about it here. I was invited to be a guest on the show a second time, but I turned down the offer because I feel like Dr. Oz has changed quite a bit. At first, when he was on Oprah, you could tell how passionate he was about health and changing lives. Since then, he doesn't seem genuine and he seems like it's "just a job" and no longer a passion. Having met him in 2009 and again in 2011, there was a big difference already; but it's much more pronounced even since then.

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