July 27, 2018

The Dr. Oz Show

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In November 2011, I was a guest on the 400th episode of The Dr. Oz Show. I had been a huge fan of his ever since he used to make occasional appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and I was thrilled to be invited to share my weight loss story on his show!

Katie with Dr. Oz in 2009

#1: My First Time Meeting Dr. Oz

I met Dr. Oz in 2009, just as I began my weight loss journey. I always thought it would be cool to get an "after" photo with him... and had no idea it would actually happen!

Eli on a two-wheeler

#2: My Phone Interview

The producers called me and we chatted all about my story. This was the first step in being a guest on the show.

Katie with hair and make-up

#3: Feeling Like Cinderella

After spending a whirlwind 24 hours in NYC, having my hair done (by Ted Gibson!) and gorgeous make-up, it felt like midnight was approaching at it would all be over soon.

Preview screenshot

#4: The Preview!

The preview of Dr. Oz's 400th episode is available--and you can catch a quick glimpse of me in it!

Dr. Oz Show screenshot

#9: An Update of My Thoughts on The Dr. Oz Show

I can't help but feel like Dr. Oz "sold out" to the masses of people who want to lose weight without diet or exercise. I was asked to be on the show a second time, but I declined because I just don't agree with the direction his show has taken.

Before and after photos with Dr. Oz

My before and after photos with Dr. Oz! October 2009 vs. November 2011

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