March 13, 2020


Crafts, Home Improvement, Tutorials, and Projects I've Shared

I happen to love all things DIY (Do It Yourself) and I've been getting into it much more lately! I've organized my projects into categories so that they are easier to navigate, depending on what you're looking for.

Project: De-trailer-ize our Trailer - To see all the projects I've done while working on my home renovation (an enormous task that took me nearly a year), you can find the links on my DIY Home Renovation page.

To see crafts that I've done over the years, you can find that on my Crafts page.

To see tutorials that I've posted for various things, you can find that on my Tutorials page.

Finally, to see some free patterns that I've posted, you can check out my Patterns page.

Thanks for stopping by! xo

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