It feels kind of silly that I have a need for a "Press" tab on my blog! ;) My weight loss and blog have gotten some media attention, so I will post that stuff here.

From Fat to Finish Line, the movie
What started as a simple relay race turned into a documentary! The film is now available on iTunes and Amazon Prime. The story of how this came to be can be found here on my blog.

Runner's World Magazine
I was featured in the April 2014 issue of Runner's World magazine, along with my Ragnar Relay Florida Keys teammates. This was SO exciting for me! I love RW.

Woman's World Magazine
I was featured in Woman's World magazine (the March 31, 2014 issue) for my weight loss story--the fact that I lost the weight while eating foods that I love:

The Dr. Oz Show
2009 vs. 2011
So much fun! Here are the posts surrounding my appearance on the 400th episode of The Dr. Oz Show in November 2011:

E-mail searching for success stories
I heard from the producer
A phone interview
Going to NYC for the filming
Trading one goal for another (People magazine vs. Dr. Oz)
The air date
Preview of the show
The newspaper writes a story about me
The Dr. Oz Show (to watch online)
My NYC trip in detail (part one)
My NYC trip in detail (part two, includes the filming)
My thoughts on the show after it aired (and pictures of me with Dr. Oz)
(2/6/13): Updated thoughts on Dr. Oz and what I think of the direction his show has taken

Fitness Magazine

I was extremely honored to be selected by Fitness Magazine as "Best Weight Loss Blog" in their Fitterati awards. Twelve bloggers were named "Fitterati", and we contribute to a blog on the Fitness website, which you can find here.

I also appeared in Fitness Magazine after winning the award:

Local newspaper
Twice, I've appeared on the front page of my local newspaper (I come from a VERY small town) in regards to my weight loss, my appearance on The Dr. Oz Show, and the production of From Fat to Finish Line, a documentary currently in the works.

 The Today Show, airing on 1/10/2013. Here is the clip from the show (about 5 minutes) and some photos. It was SUCH a fun experience!
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Here are the posts where I write about the experience with The Today Show: Bienvenido a Miami Ragnar Team Dinner  Ragnar Relay Florida Keys, part 2  

The day after I arrived home from the Ragnar Relay in Florida, I was asked to do a short interview at my local news station, WDIV Detroit.

You can also find some interviews around the web:
With Workout Mommy
With Another Mother Runner
An audio interview on SparkPeople Radio (I have a short seven-minute interview in episode four). An audio interview on Half Size Me podcast, episode 40 (and here is the Half Size Me blog post to accompany it, where you can also listen to the interview)
A follow-up interview on Half Size Me podcast.
An audio interview on the Runners Connect podcast.
An audio interview on the Another Mother Runner podcast.
You can read one of my weight loss tips on!