January 31, 2013

Weekend Plans and Yummy Oatmeal

I woke up this morning feeling like I could have slept another five hours. I was SO tired! But I had to get up and get the kids ready for school. Once they left, I had a very hard time talking myself into running. I kept thinking, "I could just skip it, since I ran 12 on Tuesday..." or "Maybe I'll just wait until this afternoon..." and all the other excuses that popped into my head.

Normally, I run before I eat breakfast, but I was all about procrastinating this morning, so I ate breakfast first--my usual lately, oatmeal with caramel, peanut butter, coconut, and chocolate chips. I look forward to breakfast every morning because I absolutely love that concoction!

(Since someone is sure to ask, this bowl has 273 calories--33 grams of oats (cooked in water), 13 grams of Marzetti fat free caramel dip, 7 grams each of peanut butter, coconut, and chocolate chips). I always have fruit with breakfast too, usually a banana.

I had a Weight Watchers meeting at 10:00, so I couldn't put off my run for too long; finally, I got on the treadmill at around 8:30. I chose the treadmill today not because the wind was atrocious outside, but because I've been dying to see the next episode of Breaking Bad. When I started watching that show a couple of weeks ago, it was so good that I told myself I could only watch it while on the treadmill--that way, I'd have something to keep me from dying of boredom.

It definitely made my treadmill time much more enjoyable today! I ran four miles, and it wasn't bad at all. I was still very glad to be done, but watching Breaking Bad was definitely what I needed to get through the run today.

When I got off the treadmill, I quickly showered and dressed and headed out the door. When I weighed in at Weight Watchers, my weight was up on their scale (no doubt because I was very well-hydrated this morning). Thankfully, the receptionist just said, "You're up a little this week, Katie," without making feel badly about it. 

At the meeting, I finally raised my hand to share a "bravo" of my week--the Virtual 5K! I've been so excited about the 5K, because I had no idea how emotionally involved I would get with it. I absolutely LOVED reading all of your stories and seeing the pictures you all posted, and it made me feel so good! I tried to explain it at my meeting, but I don't think anyone really understood why it was such a big deal to me.

After my meeting, I went to meet Jessica for coffee. She said that she got emotional while reading all of the 5K stories, too--it was so inspiring to see all the people do something they didn't think they could do. She gave me a birthday card saying that she's going to buy me lunch at La Pita--yum!! So tomorrow, Renee is picking me up and we are going to meet Jessica and another friend Amy for lunch at La Pita. I know I just went there last week, but I love La Pita so much that I would go there every week if I could ;)

I actually have fun plans for Saturday, too. My high school friends are having a get-together/reunion! I have no idea who planned this, but it just came about a few days ago. The group of people I was friends with in high school, and spent most of my time with, was self-named "The Kindred Klan" (some of the guys formed a band named Kindred, and the rest of us were groupies). I still see them now and then, but never together all in one place--so I'm really excited! I've never gone to a high school reunion, nor do I care to, but a Kindred reunion (at a Mexican restaurant with amazing margaritas!) sounds great to me :)

I'm going to try and squeeze in a long run tomorrow morning, so that I can have extra PointsPlus to get me through the next couple of days. My plan (right now) is to get up at 4:00 and run on the treadmill before getting the kids up for school. However, my plan may change at 4:00 when it's time to get up! We'll see ;)

January 30, 2013

First time in over three years...

Today was my Wednesday Weigh-in, and Estelle was just dying to see how I did this week:

That cat follows me everywhere. If I lock her out of the bathroom when I'm in there, she grips the door from the bottom (hard to describe, I'll have to get a picture) and shakes it back and forth so it makes a loud banging noise. She photo-bombed four scale pictures before I managed to get a decent one.

I was 131 today, the same that I was two weeks ago. Last week, I gained 1.5 for no reason at all, so it must have just been water retention or something. I'm going to continue with the 32 PointsPlus a day, and see what happens. If I lose more than another pound or two, then I'll try adding 2-3 PP a day.

The kids had a half day of school today, which means they were dismissed at 11:30. When I learned about their half-day last week, I promised them that I would take them to McDonald's for lunch. We haven't eaten a meal at McDonald's in three and a half years!

My kids go there with my parents sometimes, and I used to eat there all the time before I lost the weight, but the thought of eating there just brings back bad memories of guilt, so I haven't gone. I do get ice cream cones there a lot, because I never used to get them when I was fat, so I don't associate them with bad feelings. Anyway, I've been trying to let go of all that negativity, and live a more "normal" life--which includes taking the kids to McDonald's on a half-day of school.

Jerry was off work today, so he came along, too. He decided to try something he's never had before--a Big Mac! I used to LOVE Big Macs, and I couldn't believe he's never tried one. When we got there, we noticed the menu had changed SO much since the last time we ate there--the prices are nearly double what they used to be, and there are a lot of sandwiches I've never heard of.

I really didn't want to order greasy food, so I got a Southwest Salad with grilled chicken (8 PP). Jerry got the Big Mac value meal, and the kids got Happy Meals. My salad was pretty good--not completely amazing, but I would get it again in a pinch. Jerry loved the Big Mac--he kept saying he wished he knew how good it was when he was fat, because he would have eaten a lot of them ;)

I took a bite of Jerry's sandwich, and it was as good as I remembered. Then I took one of his fries, and I thought it was terrible! It was really dry and tasteless, not at all like I remembered. Jerry kept eating them and saying how much he missed them, but I would be perfectly content to never eat another in my life. I was surprised by that--I thought I would love the fries.

Will McDonald's become a regular thing? Heck no! But I'm glad we went, because it made me feel "normal" and not so strict about staying away from fast food. I really don't think their food is worth the amount of calories it contains, so I would much rather save those calories for something I really love--like cookies with frosting :)

Thanks so much for all the nice comments on my decision to get certified as a running coach! I honestly have no idea just yet what I plan on doing with the certification. There are lots of online running coaches, but I don't know that I'd want to go that route. When people ask me for running advice, it would be nice to not have to start with, "Well, I'm not really qualified to give advice, but..."  ;) So, I have no idea what I'm going to do with the certification, but it will be nice to have options!

January 29, 2013

A fantastic long run

I saw this on Facebook today, and just had to share:
That's exactly what I was going to write about out today, so it was perfect timing!

I've been really tired of doing my runs on the treadmill--either the kids are home and I can't leave, or there is too much slush or ice to run outside. I'm always worried that I'm going to lose my fitness ability by doing the treadmill instead of running outside--that probably makes no sense at all. Basically, since I race outside, I feel like I should practice outside.

Anyway, the past two attempts I made at a 12-miler have fallen through. On Friday, my plan was to run the virtual 5K with my mom on the treadmill, then go home and run 9 more miles. I put every ounce of energy I had into that 5K, and was completely spent, so I decided to do the 12-miler on Sunday. Well, on Sunday, I did 8 miles on the treadmill, and my stomach was cramping really badly (no doubt from all the wine I drank on Friday night!) so I quit at 8.

Even though Tuesdays are 3-miler days, I decided to go for 12 today. I really needed to see that I could do it. The snow was completely melted, and it was 40 degrees outside. The only issue was that there was a 50% chance of rain, and it was extremely foggy. Since I really wanted to run outside, I decided to chance it and go ahead.

I was feeling pretty energetic--probably from my super healthy dinner last night:
Yesterday afternoon/evening was just one of those days where I wanted to cry and tear my hair out--my kids were driving me CRAZY with their constant bickering and tattling. I didn't binge, but I definitely did make the poor choice to eat ice cream for dinner. It was really yummy, and I don't regret it. All 18 PointsPlus of it.

Anyway, my goal today was to try and run the 12 miles at a sub-9:05/mi pace, which is about what I will need to run to reach my goal of a sub-2:00 half marathon. I started out going quite a bit faster than that, but I was feeling so good that I just went with it and hoped I didn't collapse halfway through the run.

I did my current favorite out-and-back route and about five miles in, it started to rain. It wasn't the "Oh, that feels so good!" kind of rain that I like when I run; it was the "Pouring down into my eyes so I can only stare straight at the ground" kind of rain. I thought about turning around and only doing 10 miles, but I was really determined to get 12 in today.

It rained the rest of the run. My hands were completely frozen, and my shirt was soaked all the way through, and was just clinging to me. I tried to wipe the rain off of my face, but my shirt was so wet that it didn't help. But I was keeping on pace!

At around mile 9, I decided that if someone offered me a ride, I would take it. I was that cold and wet and miserable. But nobody offered me a ride, which I'm sure is a good thing, because then I had to finish. Sometime after mile 10, I felt a new burst of energy and I picked up the pace a little. I finished really strong, and was SO excited when I saw my time!!
I ran 12 miles in 1:45 (8:45/mi pace). That means that even if I were to walk the next 1.1 miles, I would come in under 2 hours. I really hope that I can pull that off at my next half-marathon!
I felt SO good after today's run! Just like the description at the beginning of this post :)

Speaking of my next half-marathon... I think I finally decided which one to do. I was trying to decide between three--Rock CF Rivers, Martian, or Glass City. It turns out, my decision was made for me: Martian. My sister is going to be in town at the end of April, and we're going to do the Glass City Marathon as a relay team (5 people).

And I have very exciting news about why I can't do Rock CF Rivers. I can't believe I forgot to write about this, among the excitement of the 5K! I've been on an RRCA (Road Runners Club of America) mailing list for about a year, because I'm interested in taking a class to get certified as a running coach. Their classes are few and far between, and they are NEVER anywhere close to my house. Being on the mailing list means that as soon as a new class is available, they send me the info. I told myself a long time ago that if they sent one that was within an eight-hour drive from home, I would do it.

The classes fill up uber-fast, within hours. But they were always so far away, that I couldn't even consider it. Anyway, the day before my birthday, I got an e-mail--there were a few new classes. Hawaii, some other really far away place, and then DAYTON, OH. I had to Google quickly if Dayton was close enough to drive, and it's only 3 hours, so I called my mom to see if she could help with the kids that weekend, and she said yes. I immediately registered for the class, and it sold out just hours later.

I was SO excited to get in! It's a two-day course (Sat & Sun), from 8-5 each day, so I'm going to have to leave before five in the morning that Saturday to get there in time, and then stay the night in Dayton. It turns out Carly, from my Ragnar team, lives just 10 minutes from Dayton, and she offered for me to stay with her... which makes the whole thing even more fun! So hopefully, after the certification class, I will be an RRCA-certified running coach. :)

January 28, 2013

My Birthday Weekend

Yet another early morning for me today--I got a phone call from the school at 5:30 to say that there was going to be a two-hour delay. Jerry said the roads weren't bad at all when he went into work, but I was glad that at least school wasn't canceled altogether, because I had a dentist appointment at noon.

Then, at around 7:30, the phone ran again and it was the school--this time, announcing that school would be closed today. I had plans to get together with Renee for coffee at 10:30, so I had to cancel with her; then I debated whether to cancel my dental appointment. I already had to reschedule it because my hygienist had the flu a couple of weeks ago, so I decided to just go and the kids could sit in the waiting room while I was getting my cleaning.

First, I had to run. Since the kids were home, I was stuck with the treadmill yet again. Usually I do speed work (intervals) on Mondays, but today, I really just felt like running a short 3 miles without feeling like death at the end. Not sure why, but those three miles were tough! I just felt so tired, and it was hard to get through. As soon as I hit the three-mile mark, I was totally relieved.

I took a shower and got ready for the dentist, then tried to clean up the house a little. I'm SO exhausted today for some reason; it just feels like I have zero energy. I had to pick up some yarn from Hobby Lobby, so I stopped there before the dentist. The kids wanted to buy journals and pencils, and I figured that would be good for keeping them occupied while I got my teeth cleaned, so I bought those, too.

My kids are never good in waiting rooms, but they were little angels today! I was so surprised. My cleaning took a lot longer than I thought it would, because I needed new x-rays, and I apparently had a lot of tea stains on my teeth. I really don't want to give up tea, but I hate that it stains my teeth so easily!

Anyway, the past few days have gone by so quickly, and I feel like I've been so busy! On the night of my birthday, we ended up staying home because it was snowing pretty hard outside. Jerry's and my friends, Joe and Amber, came over to visit, and we played Euchre.

Before they got here, Jerry and I were just sitting around, and he said, "Wanna do a shot of tequila with me?" I burst out laughing, because he said it so casually, but we never do shots! I physically cannot do a shot. I've tried, but I can't swallow that much liquor at once--it takes me at least 2-3 swallows, which kind of ruins the whole purpose.

So naturally, I told Jerry, "Sure!" but first I wanted to practice with water. I probably tried about 20 times to swallow 1.5 oz of water at once, but I just couldn't do it. I felt sick from all the water, and then we decided to just do the tequila shot. Because we never do shots, we have no shot glasses--I had to use little espresso mugs. Classy!
After that, I stuck with wine--I'll never be a shot-girl. We played Euchre, which is always fun, and had a great night.

On Saturday, I spent a lot of time trying to catch up on the 5K stuff. Then Sunday, I had another busy day. I ran eight miles in the morning, then started the process of picking the prize winners for the 5K, which ended up being much more time than I expected. My little cousin Kaitlin's bridal shower was at noon, so I finished getting her gift together. I bought her the bath towels she registered for, and then tried my hand at making a towel cake. It turned out pretty well, I think!
The shower was really nice. I cannot believe how much my cousins have grown! Kaitlin and I were pretty close when she was very little. She has two sisters, also, and the three of them are all grown up now.

Apparently, I was the only one NOT in the loop about a surprise gift for Kaitlin yesterday--my mom was supposed to tell me, and I guess she forgot. But all the guests were asked months ago to write up their favorite recipes, and then Kaitlin's aunt and her friend made them all into a scrapbook. The scrapbook was AMAZING, and it was a really big deal to Kaitlin. I knew absolutely nothing about it, which was awkward, to say the least.

After the shower, I spent a few more hours working on yesterday's blog post (the 5K results). Then we took the kids to dinner at Denny's. They wanted to go out for a "birthday dinner" for me; I told Jerry that you know you're a parent when you wind up at Denny's for your birthday dinner, haha! We told the kids they could order what they wanted, since it was a "special occasion".

Eli wanted steak and shrimp... I have no idea where the heck that idea came from! We tried talking him out of it, because the only steak on the menu was a 14 oz t-bone, but he wanted it so badly, we finally just said yes. His meal consisted of a 14-oz t-bone, a skewer of shrimp, french fries, hash browns, and garlic bread.
I thought for sure we'd be bringing home 90% of his meal in a box, but believe it or not, Eli ate every last bite of his steak and shrimp, ALL of his fries, and a few bites of the hash browns and bread! I was shocked, to say the least. I'm afraid to feed him as a teenager!

Once we got home, I spent the rest of the evening finishing up the results post. I had planned to do much more with it--linking to all the race reports, posting some readers photos, but at 8:45, I decided it was good enough to just post as it was--my eyes were burning from spending so much time on the computer the past few days! But the whole project was SUPER fun, and despite all the work, I think I'd like to do again next year. I absolutely LOVED reading all of the Facebook posts, tweets, e-mails, and blog comments about your experiences. It was so very inspiring to read!

Last, but not least, the winner of the Albion Fit racerback tank giveaway is:
Susan, please e-mail me at SlimKatie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com with your shipping address, so I can pass it along to Albion Fit, and you can get your tank!
Remember, if you'd like to order something from Albion Fit, you can use the discount code RUNSFORCOOKIES15 to get $15 off an order of $50 or more.

January 27, 2013

Runs for Cookies Virtual 5K Results

First, I'd like to congratulate EVERYONE who finished the 5K--whether you were fast or slow, walked or ran, did it for fun, or tried to meet a goal--you should be VERY proud!! Here is a list of the finishers that filled out the finisher's form (I know there are people not on here, considering my sister is one of them!)

Name Age group Time Where 5K was run
Erin Beacham 19 and under 0:26:40 Philadelphia, PA
Lindsey Hill 19 and under 0:39:41 Fairview Park, OH
Becky Arnold 19 and under 0:40:00 Mifflintown PA
Ryan Hill 19 and under 0:40:00 Fairview Park, OH
William Reynolds 19 and under 0:43:30 Florida, USA
pupdog24 19 and under 0:45:23 Williamsport, PA
Ana 19 and under 0:48:16 Indianapolis/Indiana
Allison 20-24 0:24:38 Bowling Green, Ohio
Sarah Hussaini 20-24 0:25:32 NY, NY
Mackenzie Dickson 20-24 0:26:40 Manassas, Virginia
Dana Marie 20-24 0:27:08 Murfreesboro, TN
Kat H 20-24 0:27:21 Maryland
Tessa M. 20-24 0:27:31 Portland, OR
Elizabeth R 20-24 0:27:45 East Windsor, CT
Krystal 20-24 0:28:05 Waterford, MI
Elizabeth DH 20-24 0:28:37 West Lafayette, IN
Ally Mo 20-24 0:29:04 Minneapolis, MN
Morgan Julane 20-24 0:29:22 Normal, IL
Aaryn Exparza 20-24 0:29:23 Roseburg, Oregon
Andrea 20-24 0:30:23 Albany, NY
JFultsRN 20-24 0:30:55 Edwardsville, IL
Karie 20-24 0:31:02 Cresco, Iowa
Haley 20-24 0:31:45 Clemson University, SC
Katie H 20-24 0:32:10 Machias, ME
Beverly B 20-24 0:32:21 Rome, ny
Alicia Bailey 20-24 0:33:51 Lynchburg, Virginia
Amelia 20-24 0:34:22 Surrey, BC, Canada
Kendall 20-24 0:34:22 Surrey, BC, Canada
Simi 20-24 0:34:22 Surrey, BC, Canada
Lindsey Maxwell 20-24 0:35:02 Lexington, SC
Jess   20-24 0:35:11 Columbus, Ohio
Emily H 20-24 0:35:22 Chicago, IL
Melissa Neary 20-24 0:36:36 Salt Lake
AmandaLarsen22 20-24 0:43:08 Wolsey, SD
Aimee 20-24 0:43:13 Des Moines, IA
Jessica R 20-24 0:45:35 California
Caryn 20-24 0:45:46 Omaha, NE
Jenna Beyer 20-24 0:55:56 Canyon, Texas
Mikayla L 20-24 0:58:10 Walla Walla, WA
Kellie G 20-24 0:58:36 Canton, Georgia 
Ricci 20-24 1:11:55 Alabaster, AL
Krystal B. 20-24 untimed Wellsboro, PA
Nordy 25-29 0:21:33 St. Paul, MN
Katie Nussbaum 25-29 0:23:42 Hudson, Il
Lindsay 25-29 0:23:48 Boston, MA
Michele 25-29 0:24:06 California
AshleyW 25-29 0:24:36 Ypumgstown, OH 
Thomas Graf 25-29 0:24:51 Beaverton, Oregon
Steph P. 25-29 0:25:37 Duluth, MN
Erin 25-29 0:26:43 Knoxville,TN
Kelly @ Kelly the Culinarian 25-29 0:27:00 Oak Brook, IL
Carie A. 25-29 0:27:32 Creston, Iowa
Sus 25-29 0:27:38 New Zealand
Serenity 25-29 0:29:05 Houston, Texas
Kate B 25-29 0:29:36 Pittsburgh, PA
Luci 25-29 0:29:43 Chicago
Leslie SB 25-29 0:29:51 Asheville, NC
Angela 25-29 0:29:53 Los Angeles, CA
Erica W 25-29 0:29:58 Cedar Rapids, IA
Amy 25-29 0:30:39 Overland Park, KS
Emma 25-29 0:30:48 Adelaide, Australia
Izabela Pabian 25-29 0:31:04 Shelton, CT
cpost90 25-29 0:31:11 Alberta, Canada
Allison 25-29 0:31:12 Denver, CO
Jennifer 25-29 0:31:38 St Louis, MO
Laura 25-29 0:31:39 Ulysses,KS
Meg 25-29 0:31:45 Portland, Maine
Janet H 25-29 0:31:47 Bartlesville, Oklahoma
L. J. 25-29 0:32:00 Washington, DC
Molli Freeman-Lynde 25-29 0:32:17 Durham, NC
Bethieb163 25-29 0:32:21 Columbia, SC
Diane 25-29 0:33:10 Easthampton, MA
Mor L 25-29 0:33:30 Israel
Sarah T 25-29 0:33:52 Glennville, GA
Emily Anderson 25-29 0:34:12 Portland, OR
Beth 25-29 0:34:52 Fredericksburg, VA
Ashleigh 25-29 0:35:24 Washington, DC
Laurel 25-29 0:35:38 Tigard, Oregon
Cathie 25-29 0:36:04 Altamonte Springs, FL 
Crystal 25-29 0:36:14 Denver, CO
Allison M  25-29 0:36:41 Dana Point, CA
Vanessa 25-29 0:36:48 Ontario, California
Shelley 25-29 0:37:01 Stow, O
Becky S. 25-29 0:37:10 Logan, UT
Rachel B. 25-29 0:37:13 St. Louis MO
Razorback Britt 25-29 0:37:50 Fort Smith, AR
Kelsey 25-29 0:38:34 Plainview,TX
Katy Clements 25-29 0:38:40 Buffalo, NY
Krystle 25-29 0:38:54 Corpus Christi, TX
Soraya 25-29 0:38:57 Chattanooga, TN
Christine K. 25-29 0:39:02 Victoria, BC, Canada!
Danita 25-29 0:39:24 Lafayette, GA
Teresa 25-29 0:39:33 Switzerland!
Ali B 25-29 0:39:40 Vermont
Jessica Lynn 25-29 0:39:58 Milwaukee, WI
Carrie 25-29 0:40:22 Wichita, KS
Kim Phillips 25-29 0:40:22 Wichita, KS
AudreyF 25-29 0:41:02 Sellersburg, IN
Joanna 25-29 0:41:07 Cincinnati, OH
Katy 25-29 0:41:15 Whitesboro, Texas
shecsgoer 25-29 0:41:35 Mitchell, SD
Cheri 25-29 0:42:06 Sacramento, CA
Jenniek 25-29 0:42:08 Southaven, MS
Ashley M. 25-29 0:42:09 Nashville, TN
Ana S 25-29 0:42:17 London Uk
Courtney H 25-29 0:42:24 Ruston, LA
Bean :-) 25-29 0:42:48 Muncie, Indiana
Aimee 25-29 0:44:12 Philadelphia, PA
Caity 25-29 0:44:14 Hollidaysburg PA
WhitneyT 25-29 0:44:16 Memphis, TN
Amandawk 25-29 0:44:30 Seattle, WA
katyabeth 25-29 0:44:53 san francisco ca
Colleen Martin 25-29 0:45:10 Baltimore, MD
Morgan 25-29 0:46:54 Canada
lindsay 25-29 0:47:11 Hurst, texas
jen 25-29 0:47:43 raleigh, nc
Jeannine Matisz 25-29 0:50:00 Canada
Katie100385 25-29 0:50:47 Adair, IA
Smadsen03 25-29 0:51:14 Springfield, IL
Natoria S. 25-29 0:53:21 Tallassee, AL
Desiree Rutherford 25-29 0:53:22 Portland, Texas
Allison L. 25-29 0:54:56 Peoria, AZ
EmDub @ Faster In Water 25-29 0:56:04 Indianapolis, IN
Chrisandra 25-29 0:56:17 Windsor, Ontario
Brittany 25-29 0:57:42 Westport, WA
Katie Keough 25-29 0:57:50 Kaysville, UT
Roberta 25-29 0:58:22 Grande Prairie, AB, Canada
Michael G. 25-29 1:04:06 Davis, California
Natalie S. 25-29 1:04:06 Davis, California
Ashley 25-29 1:04:48 Roanoke,Va
Rebecca Gifford 25-29 1:05:28 Euless, Texas
Robyn 25-29 1:07:07 Hershey, PA
Savoy Truffle 25-29 1:10:00 Knoxville, TN
Iris G.  25-29 Untimed DFW, Texas
Kati 25-29 untimed Tacoma, WA
Nik 25-29 untimed NY, NY
MrsRoss 25-29 Untimed  Nebraska
Sara G 25-29
Rome, GA
Stephanie @ Stephs Shoes 30-34 0:22:41 Southgate, MI
SlimKatie 30-34 0:23:56 Newport, MI
Brie Roth 30-34 0:24:35 Coralville, IA
Stephanie 30-34 0:24:36 Spring Hill, tn
Kylie 30-34 0:24:38 Windom, MN
Lyndsey 30-34 0:25:03 Akron, OH
Rebekah 30-34 0:25:07 Washington DC
Mr. SlimKatie (Jerry) 30-34 0:25:08 Newport, MI
Lisa 30-34 0:25:48 Norwood, MA
ween19 30-34 0:25:59 Denver, CO
Lisa 30-34 0:27:19 Ferndale, WA
Yasmin Bartal 30-34 0:27:30 Canada 
Ciarra1028 30-34 0:27:33 Bloomington, IL
Serena Michelle 30-34 0:27:57 San Diego, CA
Crystal L.  30-34 0:28:07 Summerville, SC
Kelly Grant 30-34 0:28:24 Austin, TX
Jamie Jackson 30-34 0:29:14 East Lansing, MI
Sean @ His and Her Hobbies 30-34 0:29:14 Chesapeake, VA
Elizabeth (The Singing Bird) 30-34 0:29:19 Richmond, Virginia
Amanda R. 30-34 0:29:47 Richmond, VA
Nicole Leonard 30-34 0:29:54 Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Lindsey Yancey 30-34 0:30:30 Columbia, MO
Lindsay 30-34 0:30:32 Indianapolis, IN
Katie P. 30-34 0:30:46 Woodbury, MN
Karey Eastburn 30-34 0:31:00 Eugene, OREGON
Lisa Whitney 30-34 0:31:00 Reno, NV
AnnMay 30-34 0:31:02 Ohio
Manatarms 30-34 0:31:05 Lenoir, nc
Nicole Joy 30-34 0:31:15 Miles City, Montana
Jaclyn 30-34 0:32:29 Albuquerque, NM
Adrienne 30-34 0:32:38 Humble, TX
Tifanni 30-34 0:32:53 Polson,MT
Erin 30-34 0:33:06 Northwest Ohio
Michelle Tucker 30-34 0:33:11 Fort Smith, AR
Stephie 30-34 0:33:34 Columbus, OH
Jen Buhler 30-34 0:33:51 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Amanda Walters 30-34 0:33:55 Wilmington NC
k8e26 30-34 0:33:56 Manassas, VA
Jodi T. 30-34 0:33:58 Fairview Heights, IL
Lee Ann Mitchell 30-34 0:34:13 Ypsilanti, MI
gingintrips 30-34 0:34:17 Atlanta, Georgia
Amy H 30-34 0:34:25 Dallas, TX
Chele 30-34 0:34:29 Boston, MA
Dara 30-34 0:34:31 Overland Park, KS
Tiffany 30-34 0:34:35 Great Falls, Mont.
pattie 30-34 0:34:36 Nebraska City, NE
Nicole 30-34 0:35:00 Buffalo,NY
Jodi Y 30-34 0:35:21 Hudson, Wisconsin
LessofLynsey 30-34 0:35:36 Beresford, SD
Jordan B 30-34 0:35:45 Racine, WI
Katie M 30-34 0:36:04 Washington state
Vicky 30-34 0:36:14 Sugarloaf, PA
Christy D 30-34 0:36:28 Burleson, TX
Michelle 30-34 0:36:29 Keene, NH
Kristina Turtura 30-34 0:36:56 Syracuse, New York
Tara Guerra 30-34 0:36:57 Georgetown, TX
Rachael 30-34 0:37:12 Boise, Idaho
acribb01 30-34 0:37:20 Louisville, KY
Alice M. 30-34 0:37:22 Salt Lake City
Runs To Get Waisted 30-34 0:37:41 Hillsboro, OR
Jody Charneicki 30-34 0:37:42 Houston, PA
Kelly Stokes 30-34 0:37:42 Denver, CO
GrowininFaithShrinkinInSize 30-34 0:37:46 St. Paul, MN
Vera 30-34 0:37:48 Munich, Germany
Sam B 30-34 0:37:49 Mayfield Heights, OH
Amy DuGas 30-34 0:37:50 London, Ontario, Canada
MargaretS  30-34 0:38:06 centreville, VA 
Marsha 30-34 0:38:12 Ypsilanti, MI
Cat T 30-34 0:38:36 Denver, CO
Katie W 30-34 0:39:03 St. Louis, MO
Becky 30-34 0:39:19 Cleveland OH
Joanie 30-34 0:39:21 New Brunswick, NJ
Brew 30-34 0:39:33 Linden,Mi
Lisa 30-34 0:39:35 AZ
jenlarson 30-34 0:40:00 Shakopee, MN
Travis 30-34 0:40:00 Shakopee, MN
Amy 30-34 0:40:15 Garden City Mi
Brenna Koko 30-34 0:40:36 Peyton Co
Renzryd 30-34 0:40:48 Portland, Oregon
Jill 30-34 0:40:51 Grand Rapids
Jessica S 30-34 0:41:11 Omaha NE
Allyson Ross 30-34 0:41:13 High Point, NC
Emily 30-34 0:41:33 Austin, TX
Jenny_Bu 30-34 0:41:35 Cleveland, OH
Nearl 30-34 0:41:57 Boston, MA
KwajBecky 30-34 0:42:07 Kwajalein, Marshall Islands
Stacey 30-34 0:42:30 Staunton, VA
Shannon 30-34 0:42:34 Memphis, TN
Lenore (galluccimonster) 30-34 0:43:05 Escondido, Ca
fancynancy28 30-34 0:43:08 Pittsburgh Pa
Jamie 30-34 0:43:50 Houston, TX
BreannaS 30-34 0:44:12 Chillicothe, MO
Stephie G. 30-34 0:44:26 Raleigh, NC
Julie Keys 30-34 0:44:34 Dunkirk, MD
Jamie 30-34 0:44:37 Oglesby, IL
Jeni V.  30-34 0:44:50 Chesterton, IN 
Elizabeth 30-34 0:44:57 La Crosse, WI
Kristi 30-34 0:45:10 Los Angeles
Jennifer Moody - Viva La Glitter 30-34 0:46:08 Austin, TX
Kim P 30-34 0:46:09 Milwaukee, WI
Jane 30-34 0:46:32 Salt Lake City, UT
Munkybug 30-34 0:46:39 St. Louis, MO
Cindy 30-34 0:47:06 Midland, MI
Jenifer Jennings 30-34 0:47:13 Spokane WA
Erin 30-34 0:47:22 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Chrissy792 30-34 0:48:16 Indianapolis/Indiana
Nichole 30-34 0:49:06 Elyria, Ohio
Andrea Kem 30-34 0:49:07 Greenfield, Indiana
Maria Ballon 30-34 0:50:38 Onley, VA
Malia 30-34 0:51:39 Nashua, NH
Rachel Tehvand 30-34 0:51:41 USAG Ansbach, Germany
Shelley 30-34 0:52:47 Middleton, Michigan
Amanda S 30-34 0:52:56 Melbourne, FL
Cass Marie  30-34 0:53:33 Cullman, AL
Annette Rife 30-34 0:54:30 Bremerton, WA
Samantha Curto 30-34 0:54:37 Omaha, NE
Tracy Hein 30-34 0:54:39 Salisbury, New Brunswick, Canada
Mandi Lynn 30-34 0:55:08 Bowling Green
Maegen F. 30-34 0:55:34 Coeur d'Alene, ID
Renee  30-34 0:57:23 Katy, TX
Chonda 30-34 0:58:19 Meadville, MS
Rachel McCullough 30-34 0:58:35 Pensacola,Florida
Dena 30-34 0:58:48 Richland, WA
SugarBean 30-34 1:00:01 Hickory, NC
Amie S 30-34 1:00:27 Pittsburgh, PA
Amanda C 30-34 1:01:21 Abilene, TX
Z 30-34 1:02:00 New Delhi, India
Colleen 30-34 1:03:00 Sioux City, Iowa
Megan M 30-34 1:04:21 Chicago
Amanda @ His and Her Hobbies 30-34 1:06:45 Chesapeake, VA
Desireejude 30-34 untimed Jefferson City, Mo
Lindsay 30-34 Untimed Knoxville, TN
Tiffani 30-34 untimed Amarillo, TX
Brian 35-39 0:22:57 St. Paul, MN
Laura B.  35-39 0:23:47 Hastings, MI
Mark's Girl 35-39 0:24:46 Concord, NH
Alice Thornton 35-39 0:24:58 Worthing, West Sussex, UK
Shelly 35-39 0:25:00 Canton, MI
Leeana 35-39 0:25:02 Toronto, Ontario in Canada
EliseNJ 35-39 0:25:45 Central New Jersey
Cathy 35-39 0:25:51 Mount Vernon, WA
Collette 35-39 0:26:33 Draper, UT
Andrea Black 35-39 0:27:23 Lenexa,, Kansas
Teresa M. 35-39 0:27:46 Antioch, IL
Jessica 35-39 0:28:17 Monroe, MI
Becky C 35-39 0:28:39 London,Ont, Canada
Michelle 35-39 0:28:51 Kansas City, MO
Cindy 35-39 0:29:02 Springville, UT
Ashlee 35-39 0:29:30 Kansas City
Runnin' Brownie 35-39 0:29:33 Morristown, TN
kcaliff 35-39 0:29:36 Ankeny, IA
Amy 35-39 0:29:45 Norwich, ct
Karen K 35-39 0:29:58 Flower Mound, TX
Joshua Nelson 35-39 0:30:37 Oakland County, MI
Heidi W 35-39 0:31:48 Overland Park, KS
Joyelle 35-39 0:31:57 New Lenox, IL
Jen B. 35-39 0:32:12 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
carly 35-39 0:32:33 Bronwsville, Texas
MeechRobi 35-39 0:33:15 Groton, CT
Becky Klutts 35-39 0:33:23 Iowa City, iA
Jamie Miller 35-39 0:33:45 Omaha, NE
Stephanie Rife 35-39 0:33:50 South Lyon, MI
Katie B 35-39 0:34:10 Perry, MI
Fairchild 35-39 0:34:52 Fort Worth, Texas
Twinmomma 35-39 0:36:24 West Sacramento, CA
Simply Healthy Mama 35-39 0:36:58 Greenville, NC
Tami Grandi 35-39 0:37:02 Knoxville, TN
Monica 35-39 0:38:08 Portland, OR
Robyn O. 35-39 0:38:15 Missoula, MT
Shawn 35-39 0:38:26 Pella, Iowa
Louise 35-39 0:39:12 Birmingham uk
Jessica H 35-39 0:40:03 Davenport IA
Jen 35-39 0:40:05 Harrisburg, PA
Jerica388 35-39 0:40:22 Columbus, IN
Pati Haaz 35-39 0:40:29 México City
Suzi 35-39 0:41:42 Buffalo, NY
Stephanie B. 35-39 0:42:05 Galesburg, IL
LP 35-39 0:42:38 Mililani, HI
Laura 35-39 0:42:47 Winston Salem, NC
Jennifer Peterson 35-39 0:43:02 Muscatine, IA
Allison Reynolds 35-39 0:43:30 Edgewater, Florida 
Klienke 35-39 0:43:30 Minneapolis, MN
Emily Odhiambo 35-39 0:43:57 Rochester, NY
Shayne 35-39 0:44:28 Spokane Valley, WA
Renee 35-39 0:44:54 Omaha, NE
Jen Swanson 35-39 0:45:05 Queens NY
#1BAMAFAN1 35-39 0:45:40 Town Creek, Alabama
Penny & Craig Warren 35-39 0:46:14 Houston
Kara 35-39 0:46:58 Mount Pleasant, Utah
Heather Forcey 35-39 0:47:00 Clovis, CA
Jennifer 35-39 0:47:12 Philadelphia, pa
Andi 35-39 0:47:17 Chico, CA
Amy Linton 35-39 0:47:39 Roseville, ca
Jacquie 35-39 0:47:39 Western Australia
Angela B 35-39 0:47:48 Stephenville,Tx
Kimberly in Atlanta 35-39 0:48:18 Peachtree City, GA
Rima 35-39 0:49:52 Baltimore, MD
Jodi EH 35-39 0:50:07 St. Paul
Jeanette 35-39 0:50:20 Winter Garden, FL
Aunt Narna 35-39 0:50:27 Webster City, Iowa
Amy Brewington 35-39 0:50:28 Camden, SC
Kimberly --HLTHYRNRMOM  35-39 0:50:53 Dallas, TX
Kitty Fantastic 35-39 0:53:10 Woodbridge, NJ
Amy 35-39 0:53:13 Rosemount, Minnesota
Kristeen 35-39 0:53:20 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Kathy M. 35-39 0:56:10 Cranberry Twp., PA
JessicaB 35-39 0:59:02 Hattiesburg MS
Christine 35-39 1:04:21 Waterloo, IA
Brandi G 35-39 Untimed Florence, SC 
Lissa 35-39 untimed Dillsburg, PA
Detroit Runner 40-44 0:23:48 Shelby Township, MI
Todd 40-44 0:24:30 St. Clair Shores MI
Melissa M. R. 40-44 0:24:45 Washington, DC
Kathryn Shaffer 40-44 0:26:02 Durango, CO
Linda Kuil 40-44 0:28:26 Shirley, NY
Katrina R.  40-44 0:28:36 Fresno, CA 
leeannwc 40-44 0:28:41 Louisville, KY
Denise Laird 40-44 0:29:18 Portland, OR
Michaele 40-44 0:29:28 Danbury CT
AmyE68 40-44 0:31:11 Madrid, Spain
KARLA 40-44 0:31:25 SUSANVILLE, CA
MIgurlinNC 40-44 0:31:47 Edenton, NC
LJ 40-44 0:31:53 Helsinki, Finland (Europe)
Mary 40-44 0:32:54 Denver
Dre 40-44 0:33:15 Virginia Beach, VA
Hmsbluebird 40-44 0:33:20 Edmonds, WA
TRACY 40-44 0:34:03 PEARLAND, TX
Wanda 40-44 0:34:13 Memphis, TN
mlcwildlifepr 40-44 0:34:51 Social Circle, GA 
Anna's Guy 40-44 0:36:48 Concord, NH
Kim 40-44 0:37:22 Pittsburgh PA
Dbob 40-44 0:38:50 Washington, DC
cari_pta 40-44 0:38:53 Coulterville, IL
Lenora 40-44 0:39:53 Washington, Utah
Jodie P 40-44 0:40:00 Missouri
tammy 40-44 0:40:10 lebanon pa
TLR 40-44 0:41:15 Albany, NY
Sara Weber 40-44 0:42:17 Durand WI
kellyp 40-44 0:43:08 sc
Rosie Triebner 40-44 0:43:20 London, ON, Canada
karen k 40-44 0:44:16 ft. smith, AR
Karen 40-44 0:44:30 Mitchell, Manitoba Canada
clemandbetty 40-44 0:44:32 Waterloo, Iowa
Kimberly 40-44 0:44:48 Springfield, VA
Melissa G 40-44 0:46:08 Salem, OR
Jenny Cook 40-44 0:46:39 Wapakoneta, OH
Colleen Del 40-44 0:47:13 Easthampton, MA
Ang Campbell 40-44 0:49:29 New Orleans, Louisiana
Leesa Wyzard 40-44 0:51:03 Owasso, OK
Alice H. 40-44 0:51:36 Schererville, Indiana
Shawna S. 40-44 0:54:39 Olalla, WA
sherryberryboo 40-44 0:54:59 fort smith, arkansas
Essie A. 40-44 0:57:08 Tallassee, AL
Amanda 40-44 0:57:28 Canada
Lisa 40-44 1:00:00 Iowa
Carol H 40-44 1:02:33 Norwood, MA
iamsue89 40-44 1:02:48 Bend, Oregon
Amy 40-44 1:03:20 Saginaw,  MI
michelleb 40-44 1:04:00 Wichita KS
Betsy 40-44 1:05:30 Omaha, NE
scrappincat 40-44 1:05:54 San Marcos, CA
Jen 40-44 1:24:00 Mesa, Arizona
ironman375 45-49 0:22:35 Southgate
AlisonMK 45-49 0:26:57 Lombard, IL
christina12 45-49 0:29:08 Taylorville, IL
Tracey S. 45-49 0:33:02 Rye Brook, NY
Kathy Mc 45-49 0:33:11 Oahu, HI
Jenna B 45-49 0:34:07 New York City
LindaHP 45-49 0:34:15 Oak Hill, WV
Tammy 45-49 0:35:09 Woodbury, MN
chefgia 45-49 0:35:25 Ann Arbor
Angela Lee 45-49 0:36:07 Los Angeles
Debrasdream 45-49 0:37:06 Blue Springs, MO
Donna b 45-49 0:38:21 Savannah Georgia 
Teresa O  45-49 0:39:30 nashville, tn
Laura H 45-49 0:41:30 Eliot, Maine
Emmielisa 45-49 0:41:46 Yerington, NV
Julie Dozier 45-49 0:43:39 South Bend, Indiana
T 45-49 0:45:00 Bristol, Indiana
Tricia  45-49 0:46:16 Austin, Texas 
Tammy B 45-49 0:46:35 Jacksonville, FL
Shelley Draur 45-49 0:48:27 Des Moines, Ia
DebbieF 45-49 0:49:38 Elmhurst, IL
Kelly Louise 45-49 0:52:06 Providence, Utah
Linda Heinen 45-49 0:53:20 Victoria, MN
debbieh 45-49 0:54:24 CA
Lynne 45-49 0:58:04 Fall River, Wisconsin
Sheri Montgomery 45-49 0:58:28 Killeen, Texas
Lorenda 50-54 0:29:30 Jackson, MI
RunningMomAnd Grandma 50-54 0:31:20 Doran, MN
Karis 50-54 0:34:22 Surrey, BC, Canada
Carol Bondarew 50-54 0:35:11 Lawrenceville GA
Andy_54 50-54 0:35:38 Dayton, Ohio
Rose 50-54 0:35:44 South Park, PA
Paris Jan 50-54 0:38:38 Ames, Iowa
Shannon 50-54 0:43:57 Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Allegro 50-54 0:46:00 Atlanta, ga
sunnyruth 50-54 0:46:10 Washington, DC
Beth 50-54 0:47:00 Talladega, Alabama
Caroline  50-54 0:55:13 California
LisainAK 50-54 0:59:01 Valdez, AK
Colleen 50-54 1:02:00 Michigan City, In.
Joanne Frick 50-54 1:06:23 Kent, OH
Kathi Alberson 50-54 untimed Las Cruces, NM
Debbie 55-59 0:30:28 Mohegan Lake, NY
bmerri 55-59 0:36:08 Ames, Iowa
Rhonda Wills 55-59 0:36:28 Green Valley, AZ
Liz Sanders 55-59 0:53:42 Magna, Utah
Sue    (Katie's Mom) 60-64 0:41:57 Newport, MI
Carla 60-64 0:49:43 Cleveland, Ohio
Pam Holmes 60-64 1:00:00 Lincoln, NE

Some fun statistics:

*There were 926 people signed up for the race.
*There were 453 reported finishers (people who filled out the form)--49% of those that were signed up. I think that's pretty good for a free virtual race!
*110 of the finishers reported that this was their FIRST 5K race--CONGRATS to you!!
*There were people from all age groups, except for the "over 70" group:
*As you can see, most people were in their 20's and 30's.

And finally, here is a list of the winners of the prizes! I haven't e-mailed the winners yet, but I hope to do that Monday or Tuesday. Putting this post together took me all day long, and I'm exhausted! ;)  But CONGRATS to the following people (click to enlarge):

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