Hi there! I'm Katie, the blogger behind Runs for Cookies. I am 33 years old, living in Michigan with my husband Jerry, and our two boys (Noah, 11, and Eli, 9). I started Runs for Cookies after losing 125 pounds through diet and exercise. I became a runner in order to continue to eat cookies (and all sweet things!), and now I blog about weight maintenance, running, my ever-constant battle with binge eating, and some totally unrelated things going on in my life.

This is my husband, me, and our two boys, Noah (on my back)
and Eli (on Jerry's shoulders). Noah is now 11 and Eli is 9.
Noah, me, and Eli
As a stay-at-home mom, I spend a lot of time with my boys. They are a handful, but I'm so grateful to have had two boys so close in age. Noah is super smart, and has a passion for anatomy. He likes to "read" anatomy textbooks! And Eli is very interested in art. He will spend hours drawing pictures with tons of attention to detail. Eli is definitely a Mama's boy, while Noah prefers his Daddy.

My family are definitely what you would call "cat people". We have four cats, all named from "Friends" characters: Chandler, Phoebe, Estelle, and Paolo.

Chandler--Jerry and I got Chandler from the animal shelter as a kitten just after we got married. He is now 11 years old, our oldest cat. He weighs 26 pounds, which is pretty hefty. I once put him on a diet for 4 months, and he didn't lose a SINGLE OUNCE. He's super laid back and gets along well with the other cats and all people. He would sell his soul for you to let him lie on your lap.

Phoebe--A friend of mine said her sister was trying to find a home for a stray cat, and we decided we wanted a second cat. So we took her in. I believe Phoebe was abused at some point, because she is extremely skiddish around people and loud noises. She is missing half of her tail, and she actually has a bb (like from a bb gun) stuck underneath her skin--meaning she was shot. She would much rather live outside, but we try to keep her in. I'm afraid of someone hurting her.

Estelle--I was adamant about not having more than two cats. I didn't want another. My friend Andrea said that there was a stray cat she'd been feeding in her neighborhood, and none of her neighbors knew who it belonged to. Andrea kept saying how beautiful and sweet the cat was, and when my boys went over there for a play date, I somehow got suckered into bringing her home with me. Jerry and I think she's the complete opposite of beautiful ;) We called her Estelle (named after Joey's agent--remember her, the chain smoker with the gravely voice?). Estelle is the very definition of "curious". She gets into anything and everything! I've actually started a collection of photos of Estelle in various hiding places. She keeps our house very entertaining!

Paolo--I didn't want three cats, let alone FOUR. But in Spring 2011, we found a gorgeous Himalayan living in our shed. He was nothing but fur and bones. His story is a long one, but I documented it on the blog here, here, and here. Paolo LOVES attention--especially when it's time to groom him. He loves nothing more than being brushed for hours on end. We're still trying to find a home for him--I refuse to say that we are actually going to keep him! But it's been over two years, and he's still here... (update: Sadly, we had to put Paolo down in summer 2014. He was very old, and we were so sad to make that decision)

Anyway, I was overweight my entire life. I can remember going on diets when I was in elementary school, but I never actually reached a "goal" weight. I kept getting fatter over the years. I gained a ton of weight during each pregnancy (70 and 90 pounds) and thought I was destined to be fat forever. (You can read more about my story here).

In August 2009, I decided to lose the weight and get healthy once and for all. I was extremely determined and didn't let anything or anyone get in my way. Over 16 months, I lost 125 pounds--from counting calories and, eventually, becoming a runner. I used www.sparkpeople.com to track my calories, and it was a great resource for me. My husband has lost weight along with me--he is down about 90 pounds, and he looks fantastic. We feel like high schoolers again :)
2009 vs. 2012
In November 2010, I fainted at home and fell flat on my face. I broke my jaw completely through in five places. I was hospitalized for 6 days and had two surgeries. My jaw was wired shut (ironically, with just 10 more pounds to lose until goal!)  You can read the whole story here.

This was after my first surgery. Looking dead sexy!
When the wires came off, I gained 10 pounds back right away, bringing my weight to about 138. I think my body is happy at that weight, because it is very hard for me to gain or lose at that point. The cause of my fainting remains unknown, but I suspect that it was from a panic attack combined with my very low blood pressure (90/60 on most days).

Through the weight loss process, I discovered that if I exercised, I could eat more--who would've thunk it?! And I discovered that the most efficient form of exercise for me was running. You can read my whole story about how I got started running.

Other than all the weight loss stuff, I enjoy reading blogs, crafting, watching TV (still a vice of mine!) and wine. My friend Renee and I started a wine club made up of a group of girls (mainly stay at home moms) that get together once a month to taste wine and chat.

This is me and Renee at our December 2010 Winers meeting.
Theme? Champagne for the New Year, of course!
This photo is the 125-pound difference. The "before" photo is the one from Indianapolis in May 2009, the one that gave me the motivation to lose all the weight. The "after" photo was taken in December 2010.

And after two years of maintenance:
253 vs. 138