October 23, 2021

One of Those Days

I am in a REALLY bad mood today. It feels like one of those "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" days. I've been trying to fix our side exterior door and it has turned into the biggest nightmare ever. I've taken the door off and removed the entire jamb at least four times now, trying to install a new jamb. I've run into problem after problem after problem and nothing is going my way. Then, because we can't go without a door, I have to remove the new jamb I'm trying to install and put the old one back together... only to try again the next day.

I'm ready to quit. I learned how to do SO much handy work when I was remodeling the house, and I thought the exterior door jamb would be a piece of cake. I couldn't have been more mistaken. I really don't want to have to buy a pre-hung door (they're crazy expensive) but I feel like I have no choice at this point. 

I'm not even going to bother writing anything else today because it will just be super whiny. I just feel really frustrated and defeated. Now I've got to spend the evening watching more YouTube videos to figure this out!

October 22, 2021

Friday Night Photos

I almost always write my blog posts in the evenings, but I'd really like to start writing them earlier. Yesterday, I finished it in the afternoon and then in the evening, I was free to go out to the garage and work on the door jamb nightmare and another project. I used to love spending time out there in the evenings, when it was dark outside.

My blog posts take more time than you might expect; I typically spend anywhere from 2-6 hours (an average of 3-4, I would guess). Some of my big posts (that require a lot of linking and/or research) have taken roughly 40 hours! (Obviously done in smaller portions.) So I usually start writing at around 6:00 PM and then I'm finished at around the time I *should* be going to bed. I like to read, play Best Fiends, or watch a show though before going to bed.

Anyway, it's actually 7:00 AM right now and I'm getting my Friday Night Photos done early. Jerry is off work tonight, and if I can talk the kids into it, I'd like to have a family game night (or possibly go to the pumpkin patch/apple orchard!).

Once in a while, Jerry surprises me with a little gift from my Amazon Wish List. I was excited when I opened these a few days ago! They are super comfy slippers--and you know I love anything with squirrels.

Speaking of squirrels, this is so random but funny. My parents came over a few days ago and said they had something for us and to come out to the truck to get it. I was sure it was going to be a truckload of landscaping bricks that they were getting rid of (and planned to give to us). My dad was acting kind of funny, so I figured he was trying to make it sound like a fun surprise gift only for us to see the literal TON of bricks to transfer.

Well, it wasn't bricks, but it was close--a rock. A huge rock. And check this out--it has a squirrel carving in it!! I love it. I didn't get a straight answer of where it came from (I'm sure it was probably a garage sale or something like that). My dad said he spent back-breaking hours carving it out by hand, hahaha. But it inspired me to want to get our stupid landscaping done.

I (clearly) also need to stain our front stoop. I had to wait until the wood dried, but it should be good now. I looked at stain yesterday at Lowe's and I was overwhelmed. I've only stained a couple of things before--but nothing like a stoop/deck!

Ugh, which brings me to our landscaping. It's horribly embarrassing to even post this photo. We did end up getting the bricks from my parents' house--they each weigh 50 pounds and we moved a LOT of them. It took two trips with my dad's truck. Now, they are just waiting to be placed along the little sidewalk.

First, though, I need to get rid of the weeds (this will have to be done by pulling them out--we've killed them chemically several times, but they just come back). Then we have to dig a shallow trench, put some gravel down to set the bricks on and stack them (two high) along the sidewalk. Then we need to finally plant some landscaping.

Question: What is the easiest upkeep for landscaping? Should we do mulch or gravel or something else? Should we put down that black felt-like stuff that keeps weeds from growing through? What should I plant that is SUPER easy to take care of? (Basically, zero upkeep--I hate gardening of any sort.) Any tips would be appreciated!

How awesome are these socks?! I saw them on Instagram and wanted them immediately. They have a whole pack of Sesame Street characters (I've always loved the Sesame Street characters--particularly Cookie Monster (of course--very appropriate), Oscar the Grouch, Grover, and Elmo.) The whole collection is insanely expensive, but I *might* end up buying this pair. They're still a lot more than I would like to spend on a pair of novelty socks ($16 + shipping).

For those of you that have tried Bombas socks, are they worth it? Do they last a long time? Comfy? I have huge calves, so will the design look ridiculous? As you know, I'm partial to Balega socks (which I think are expensive enough, but they are only half as much as these). Just curious if you think they're worth it.

On Transformation Tuesday, I posted a reader's picture of her "before and after" cord clean-up/organization and I mentioned that I'm pretty sure every adult has a mess of cords that they keep around "just in case". I saw this meme and it's perfect! (Except my cords wouldn't fit in that drawer--I'd need like three more.)

As a thank you for helping my mom out with hanging the decal on her wall, she bought me these dishes from a consignment shop--aren't they PERFECT for my kitchen? The orange and blue matches so well! The shop had a huge set of all different kinds and my mom sent me a picture to see if I wanted to buy any, but they were pretty expensive (well, VERY expensive) so I declined. But they were marked down a few days later, so my mom bought me these pieces. I love them! I just need to figure out what to do with them so that they are on display.

(By the way, my mom contacted the Etsy seller about the misspelling of one of the words on the decal, and the seller sent her the word with the correct spelling; so I went back over there and changed it out for her. The misspelling would have bothered her every time she looked at it, so I'm glad we were able to fix it.)

When I went to Emily's on Monday, I got to meet her nine-month old son, Dexter (Dex)! He was SO STINKIN' CUTE. I usually make babies cry (not on purpose, obviously--I don't know what it is about me, but they cry when I hold them). Dex just smiled and smiled at me (and of course he stopped smiling for the photo--I was hoping to get him to make a Jerry-face). I love the way they chose Dexter's name: his dad is from Dexter, Michigan, and Emily is from St. Joseph, Michigan, so they named him Dexter Joseph. Cute, right?!

This thing drove me CRAZY until I finally just said forget it and took it apart. I was making an extension for my table saw so I could cut wider cross cuts on it. I had to route a slot (where the arrow is pointing) but it had to be the PERFECT width and depth--down to 0.002 of an inch (or probably even less).

If it's even the tiniest bit too wide, it will produce sloppy cuts. If it's too narrow, I won't be able to fit the miter sled in there (there are runners on the bottom that have to fit in the slots without any wiggle room). I spent SO much time working on this and making a jig to get the perfect slots, but I ended up missing it by the smallest fraction and it was too big. So frustrating! Maybe I'll try again someday.

This made me laugh because I get SO annoyed trying to come up with new passwords that: 1) I can remember; 2) that fit all of the requirements; and 3) I've never used before. 

Jerry sent me this and I nearly died. It was so funny and so sad at the same time! Hahaha.

I swept up the garage after working on a couple of projects and holy cow--this was all of the saw dust. That's a larger-than-average wheelbarrow, too. I really need a good dust collection system, but for now, I just let it go wherever and then I sweep it up. It makes great kindling for a fire, but we don't have fires nearly as often as we'd need to in order to burn all this!

This is my new favorite evening snack. Toast with butter and peanut butter. It sounded so gross to me, the combination of butter and peanut butter, but Jerry kept insisting that it was really good. Well, he was right! It's a lot of calories (about 500) but because I don't eat much until dinner, it works out well. 

I got all four cats in one photo. Top to bottom: Chick, Duck, Estelle, and Phoebe.

This photo is as rare as a real, live unicorn: Estelle and Phoebe both sleeping on my lap at the same time. They are both "loner" cats and choose not to be near each other. But when they both want the prime real estate (a.k.a. my warm lap with a cozy blanket) they will swallow their pride and put up with each other. ;)

And that's all I have! That was kind of a lot for a Friday Night (morning). Now, I'm off to work on the side door and hope that I can get it done today. I'll explain it when I get it finished.

Have a great weekend! xo

October 21, 2021

Return to Running Recap : Week 21

This is going to be a super short post, because of the simple fact that I actually have no recap--because I didn't run this week!

For the past three days, I was stressing myself out about "Holy crap, I have to hurry up and somehow get three runs in before Thursday so that I can post about my running or it's going to look like I'm lazy and full of excuses!"

Then yesterday, I decided that you know what? It's okay to just write that I haven't run this week. That I took a week off for the first time since late May. A "rest week".

If anyone else had asked me, as a running coach, what I would thinking about them taking a week off, I would tell them that there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes we just need a short break--mentally or physically--and as long as it's not due to procrastination or sheer laziness, I think a break is totally fine.

In my case, it's been for both mental and physical reasons. (I do know that running would probably help both of those things, but it's hard to see that play out in my mind, which is why I chose to take a break instead). My mood is starting to feel more stable (probably due to a dosage adjustment on my meds), so I'm hoping that this mixed bipolar state is over soon. The symptoms are definitely lessening.

As far as physically, my pain level has been pretty bad. When I spent over six hours driving on Monday, I was in SO much pain from all the sitting and being unable to shift positions. I also had a really hard time the following day. I've been stretching and foam rolling (and using a ball similar to a tennis ball to press along my sacroiliac joint. Since my x-rays showed problems with my SI joint, the radiologist recommended that I get an MRI. My follow-up appointment with my rheumatologist is next month, but I contacted the office with the hope that I could get an earlier appointment.

Now that Eli is done with soccer, I feel like I can get back to a "normal" routine. Our afternoons/evenings have been kind of chaotic for the last month, and when I get out of routine, I feel anxious and overwhelmed. 

Anyway, all of this is to simply say that I took a week off of running. I'm feeling recharged, though, and I want to start the MAF80 plan that I wrote. I plan to start that tomorrow, and I'll likely run on Fridays, Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. The weather here has been GREAT fall weather and perfect for running--so I'll probably be doing outdoor runs much more frequently. I'd really like to start running in the mornings, too--it's just hard when I feel so stiff! I do think that it would make me feel better for the rest of the day, though. I'll give it a try this week.

October 20, 2021

Wednesday Weigh-In : Week 21

I'm so happy that those pants in the above photo fit me! They don't look like anything special, I know. But I've had them for a long time because I love them so much. They're kind of silky feeling and they don't get any wrinkles, no matter how sloppily I fold them. And they don't pill on the inner thigh area! (The pilling and/or wearing out on the inner thigh is what usually causes me to replace comfy pants like yoga pants.)

I bought them at Salvation Army and the tag was cut out of the pants when I bought them--I have no idea what size they are, what the fabric is, etc. I just really liked the fabric and the way they fit, so I bought them.

As I lost weight in 2015, the pants just kept feeling bigger and bigger until they were TOO big. I still wore them with the elastic at the waist folded over on itself so they would stay up, but eventually, they literally fell down because they were so big. I couldn't bear to part with them, though! I got rid of all of my clothes that were too big, but I just couldn't get rid of these pants.

[Okay, curiosity just got the better of me and I searched for them online based on what the waistband looks like--see picture below. And I discovered that they are apparently scrubs! From HeartSoul Scrubs brand. I don't even care that they're scrubs; I now want them in every color! Hahaha. I just found them on Amazon--here is the (affiliate) link to them. I'm sure I only paid a couple of dollars for these and they've lasted a long time. I wore them a lot when they fit me.]

When I gained weight in 2018, I gained it so quickly that I didn't even get a change to wear these (again). I forgot that I'd held onto them. By the time I remembered, they were too small. Now that I've been losing weight again, I tried them on with the hope that they would fit. A couple of months ago, I could put them on, but they still looked too tight in my midsection.

Today, though, they are back to being "wearable in public" (that's my test for when I know something actually fits me--would I wear it in public?).

Every time I see mirror pictures, I tell myself I must clean my mirror. Maybe next week, you won't see spots and dust everywhere, haha.

After last week's gain, I really wanted to do well this week on the scale. And I did! I only went overboard with my calories once this week. Other than that, I was in a pretty good routine with my food.

Last week, I predicted that I would be 161.0 today. And you know what number was on the scale?

I was spot-on! (Technically, it was 160.6--but when I hold my phone to take a picture, it always adds 0.4).

My 4-week DietBet started today. I weighed in yesterday and I have to lose 6.5 pounds in the next 4 weeks. My weight loss over the last month really slowed down because I was getting lax about counting calories, so this will motivate me to stay on top of it.

Crossing my fingers that I might see the 150's next week :)

October 19, 2021

Transformation Tuesday #47

Happy Transformation Tuesday! I feel like I have a ton of "before" pictures on my phone from this week because I've been working on a lot of things, but I don't have any "after" photos yet. Nothing seems to be going right for me! The most frustrating has been the exterior door on the side of our house. What started out as a tiny 1/8 of an inch tweak has turned into a big nightmare. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish it this week. Each time I try, I run into another problem.

Anyways, I do have a couple of readers' transformations to share today! Here goes...

I have a very small and silly transformation, but it was pretty satisfying, so I'll share it. :)

I maintain the computers in my department at work. One day we were told "we need to get everyone laptops and all the cables they'll need to work from home, NOW" (Hello, Pandemic), and it was a mad rush to get everything done, digging through boxes of cables and adapters, or simply dumping them out on the floor to sift through.

Then we all went home for a year or so, and I forgot about this mess. Even when I started coming back as needed, one or two days a month, I just avoided looking at the disaster. Even when I was back 3 days a week. Then FINALLY I found inspiration to clean it up: vacation! I hate going on vacation and coming back to mess, so before I go on vacation, I always clean my office and house. SO much happier now. (I threw out a LOT of redundant cables.)

- Amy

Amy, I love this! I have a huge mess of cables that has been growing for years! Whenever we got a new electronic something-or-other, I always feel like "we might need that cable" (even if we already have 10 just like it) so I just add it to our collection. You've inspired me--I'm going to organize the cables (finally) and get rid of all the redundant ones. - Katie

We love our house, but there's an awful lot of dark brown. Rather than do a full renovation of our ensuite, we decided to give it a refresh to lighten it up a bit. We replaced the heavy mirror and dated light fixture with something a bit more modern, painted everything a nice shade of white, and added lots of greenery and photos from our travels. It feels so calm and relaxing now!!  

I've attached some before and after pictures that you can hopefully use. The lighting isn't great in the vanity picture, but you can still see how much of a difference the new round mirror makes!

- Krissie, Ontario, Canada

Krissie, it looks beautiful--like a little oasis! You must love taking baths in there; it looks so peaceful and relaxing. I think the warm white was a great choice. It never fails to amaze me how different a space can look from something as simple as paint! - Katie

Thank you so much for sharing your transformations with us this week! As always, please keep them coming so I can continue to post Transformation Tuesdays. To submit a transformation, just email a before photo and an after photo to me at: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. Include your name and a description of your transformation, and I'd love to share it :)

October 18, 2021

An Interview With My Friend Emily (who ran her first half-marathon yesterday)

What is it about driving that is so exhausting?! This morning, I drove to the opposite side of Michigan to visit my friend Emily. It's a little over a three-hour drive (each way), which I wasn't looking forward to, but she's come out here to visit several times and it was long overdue for me to go there. Besides, I hadn't seen her in about a year and a half--so it was great to catch up and to see where she lives. And meet Dexter, her nine-month old!

Emily ran the Detroit Half Marathon yesterday (her first half-marathon) so I naturally wanted to hear the details about how it went. I thought it would be fun to "interview" her for today's post. Emily is the only friend I have who also has bipolar disorder, so it's nice to talk to someone who "gets it". She started running not only for her physical health, but her mental health as well. (Here is a guest post she wrote about her experience with bipolar disorder.)

Here are some questions I had for her about her race and running...

Q. How long have you been running?

A. Since 2015. Well, actually, my first venture into running was a 10K in 2011; I did not train appropriately and it was terrible! I swore I would never run another race again. When I moved back to St. Joseph, I wanted to meet people in the area so I joined a local running group who did Couch to 5K training.

Q. So you joined for the social aspect of it?

A. Yes, I really wanted to meet people. Then in 2017, I did the Couch to Triathlon plan with the same group and just kept running.

Q. Why didn't you continue with the triathlons?

A. I hate swimming. I'm not very good at it and I don't feel strong. I get panic attacks in the water!

Anyway, I was going to do a half-marathon last year and the day that training started, I found out I was pregnant. I didn't run through my pregnancy; I just walked a lot. 

I'm in a global online running community for people who love Harry Potter--it's called "Potterhead Running Club" (PHRC). I started doing that in early 2020. I LOVE it--the community is awesome. I'm in the "Ravenclaw Tower"--a sub group of the club--and the runners from each group earn points for their own groups.

We do virtual charity runs and a 10-day event called Quidditch--every mile you run or walk earns points for your team. You aren't allowed to earn more than 15 points in one day; there are people that actually hit that cap every day!

This year, I participated in ALL of the virtual races.

Q. What made you sign up for the Detroit Half Marathon this year?

A. I had a baby in January and was struggling to lose the baby weight. I wanted a goal that I knew I could accomplish to journey my way back to health. I know I want more kids in the future and it's hard enough to find time to train as it is, so I knew that having more kids would make me even more busy. So it was now or never.

Q. How did you train for it?

A. I started training in early August. I reached out to a coach from my local running group and she created a training plan using the MAF plan with some speed work. Essentially the same sort of plan as the MAF80 plan that you made! I ran three days a week and for "cross-training" days, I would usually just go for a walk.

Q. Did you feel prepared for the race? I know you mentioned that the farthest you'd run in training was six miles.

A. Yes, I felt prepared. I ran based on time, rather than mileage; and because I was watching my heart rate, I did run/walking to keep my heart rate in the MAF zone. I felt prepared going into the race, even though my longest run was about six miles--it took me a long time to run six miles!

Q. What would you say your training pace was, while keeping your heart rate in your MAF zone?

A. I would say roughly 15 minutes per mile; on a good day, it would be 14-something. 

Q. Did you have a time goal for the race?

A. I just wanted to finish before the four-hour cut-off! Haha.

Q. Would you have done anything differently with your training?

A. No. I liked that it was "do-able" because of the MAF pacing. I didn't feel like it was something I couldn't do. I think pretty much anyone can run at a MAF heart rate because it doesn't feel "hard". It's an "easy" run.

Q. Was the race what you expected?

A. I thought there would be more spectators, but because of COVID, the race was different. They even had to change the course so that it didn't cross into Canada. The houses I ran past were gorgeous! There was some entertainment along the way, too--a drum line, and a saxophone player at one point. There was some cool entertainment along the way. Here are a couple of cool things I saw:

Q. What was the most memorable part of the race?

A. Finishing. I wanted to finish strong, so my pace increased and I started picking one person ahead of me and try to catch up to them. I couldn't believe how much faster my pace got. I was in awe of the fact that I was about to finish. I was actually kind of shocked that I finished. Even though I was prepared for it, I felt like, "Holy crap, I did it!"

Q. Would you ever do another half-marathon?

A. Yes, definitely. Now that I know I can do it, I would like to work on my pace. It felt good being able to accomplish something. Keeping the house clean is an accomplishment, but a race is much more fun!

Q. What are your running plans from here on out?

A. Today I rest--I am super sore! I don't know my future plans yet; we may have another baby in the near future. I would like to be able to run throughout my pregnancy (just not training for a race). I'm in a local running group (Sunset Coast Striders) and I plan to continue to run with them once a week. Being outside, the walks and the runs are so good for my mental health. I plan to continue something outside; I just don't know how running will fit in yet.

Running has been great for me, personally, for my mental and emotional health, and great for my family. When I'm taking the best care of myself, I can be the best version of myself--as a mom, wife, and social worker.

October 17, 2021

TRAINING PLAN: My 'MAF80' Running Plan (for beginners to heart rate training)

This post is a copy of what I've attached to the (printable) running plan as well, so it may sound a bit formal. But I've put SO much work into this plan and I hope that it works out well!

Here you can download and/or print the plan (which includes all of what is written below).

I want to start by stating that this is a trial plan—it hasn’t been tested and I wrote it based on my own knowledge as an RRCA-certified running coach as well as personal experience and reading various training methods. I’ve combined a couple of principles from two main sources to create this plan: Dr. Phil Maffetone’s MAF (maximum aerobic function) heart rate training method and Matt Fitzgerald’s 80/20 Running method. This is why I’ve (so cleverly) named this self-combined method “MAF80”.

This MAF80 training method means that you will be running and/or walking at a particular heart rate zone (called your MAF zone, which I will explain later) 80% of the time. The other 20% of the time will be spent running at a heart rate higher than that zone. I wanted this plan to be something that is do-able for beginners to heart rate training as well as for people who don’t want to do a high-mileage plan. This is not for training for a specific goal; if you are a seasoned runner and want to get faster for a 5K or 10K time goal, I would suggest my other plans called “Your Best 5K” and “Your Best 10K”. My running plans can be found here: https://www.runsforcookies.com/p/training-plans.html

First, MAF stands for Maximum Aerobic Function. The MAF heart rate is the highest heart rate you have before transitioning to an anaerobic state (a state that does not help build your endurance); ideally, you want to have a very fit aerobic system, and the best way to strengthen it is to exercise aerobically.

Note: The MAF heart rate formula was based on research done by Dr. Maffetone. The number isn’t 100% carved in stone for all people; but based on his findings, that formula works for the overwhelming majority.

When you exercise at a heart rate higher than the maximum *aerobic* function (MAF), you’re working your anaerobic system. This is also beneficial—for different reasons—but a little goes a long way. Doing too much can have the opposite effect and actually be harmful. Also, without a fit aerobic system, doing anaerobic work is pretty much pointless.

As a running coach (and runner myself), I find that the hardest thing for runners to do is SLOW DOWN during their training. “Easy runs” are the most important runs in a training plan! And most runners do them too fast, which isn’t giving them the benefits that the workouts are designed for (which is to develop endurance).

I created this MAF80 plan to force the runner to do the easy runs at a truly easy (aerobic) effort 80% of the time. The other 20% is beneficial physically, of course, but also mentally; as runners, we like to let loose and go fast sometimes! It also keeps the running from getting too boring.

(Note: Dr. Maffetone’s MAF training recommends that you do 100% of your training at a MAF level. I would suggest reading his ideas before choosing what is best for you. I believe in the 80/20 rule, which is why I combined the two.)

The end goal of running at a MAF heart rate is to be able to increase your performance while maintaining the same effort level. For example, if you run in your MAF heart rate zone (let’s say it’s 130-140 beats per minute) and your average pace is 11:00/mile when you start training, after several weeks or months of MAF heart rate training, you ideally will be able to run at the same heart rate but at a faster pace (let’s say 9:30 per mile). Running at a 9:30 pace will feel the same as running at an 11:00 pace did before.

When running at a MAF heart rate, your EFFORT always remains the same; your performance/pace varies. The fitter you get, the faster you can run at the same heart rate. (I will explain more about MAF heart rate later.)

It’s important to note that this plan is designed for heart rate training, which obviously requires a heart rate monitor. There is a huge variety online. I like to use my old Garmin Forerunner 620, but feel free to use whatever heart rate monitor you’d like.

I designed this plan with a few things in mind:

1) Variety. I didn’t want it to be monotonous.

2) Sticking with the 80/20 principle (per the principles in the book ’80/20 Running’ by Matt Fitzgerald)

3) Running for time instead of mileage. This makes it easier for runners to slow down because whether you run fast or run slow, you’re still running for the same amount of time. Might as well slow down and enjoy it! Also, the 80/20 principle is based on time spent running per week—80% at an easy effort and 20% at a harder effort. “Easy” and “Hard” are relative to the individual, so mileage doesn’t work in this case.

4) I took into account the fact that your heart rate is lowest at the start of your run and highest at the end of your run. So the order of running easy/hard may seem backwards, but I designed it this way on purpose. Your runs will start out at the MAF zone, saving the harder running for later when your heart rate is likely to be higher anyway.

5) Four workouts per week, 40 minutes each. You can add more MAF running if you’d like. There are two runs that are solely for MAF running; one day for faster intervals; and another day for longer, not-as-hard intervals (called Tempo).

6) Simplicity. There are only three effort levels: MAF (easy), Hard, and Tempo:

    1. MAF (a.k.a. “easy”). Run in your MAF zone. At first, you may feel like you’re having to check your heart rate frequently, but eventually you will get a feel for it. If you don’t want to keep checking, just run as slowly as possible! You should barely get winded and should be able to hold conversation at that effort level.

    2. Hard. Run at what feels like a hard effort—about a 8-9 on a scale of 1-10. Don’t put too much thought into it, though! You don’t need to worry about your heart rate during these runs; just run at a pace that makes you wish it was over already, haha. 

    3. Tempo. Run at a moderately hard effort—about a 6-7 on a scale of 1-10. It should feel kind of uncomfortable, where you will want to slow down, but you could hold that pace for much longer if needed.

There is also Walk, which is self-explanatory. I wrote the Walk portions in the spots where I felt it was most beneficial to get your heart rate back down to your MAF zone quickly. I always walk the recovery portion of interval training and I find I get the best results that way. Walking helps you to recover so you can push hard in the next segment.

A lot of beginners discover that running, even at the slowest pace possible, puts their heart rate over the MAF threshold. This is super common! In this case, you should run/walk (or even just walk) in order to keep your heart rate in the MAF zone. It can be frustrating (I’ve been there!) but eventually, you will notice that you’re able to run for longer periods of time before having to walk again. And one day, you’ll be able to run the entire time at a MAF heart rate. On the days where you can do speed work, run to your heart’s content!

If you want to speed up your progress, you can feel free to add more workouts or extend your workouts—at a MAF effort. You don’t ever want to do more than 20% of the time per week spent running at a hard effort (meaning higher than your MAF heart rate).

Because this plan is just a trial (I basically created it as an experiment for myself), I’ve only written 6 weeks. I will see how it goes and adjust as necessary, and if it is working out well, I’ll add to it. (Feel free to give me progress reports!) But if you want to extend it as is, you can just repeat weeks. To see significant progress (which depends entirely on the individual) I’m almost certain it’ll take at least a few months.

Finally, to calculate your MAF heart rate:

Just subtract your age from 180, and that is your MAF number! That number is the maximum of the range; the minimum number is 10 beats per minute below that. For example, I’m 39 years old, so my MAF heart rate is: 180-39=141 bpm. My MAF range would be 131-141 bpm.

Note: When you first start each run, your heart rate will likely be far below the MAF range. You don’t have to rush to get it into the MAF range. It will probably reach that range within a few minutes, so again—don’t overthink it.

I could write MUCH more on the hows and whys I’ve chosen to design this plan the way it is, but for now, I just want to test it out and see how it goes. I’m sharing it in case you are interested in trying it, too!

Again, I recommend the following reading:

- The MAF 180 Formula by Dr. Phil Maffetone (https://philmaffetone.com/180-formula/). There is MUCH more to his 180 Formula and MAF training than I could even begin to cover here. The only part of his method that I used is the 180-number. (His formula actually includes a few more steps.)

- ’80/20 Running’, a book by Matt Fitzgerald, explaining the hows and whys training at 80% easy and 20% hard is ideal. (This is an Amazon affiliate link, which just means that I may get a small commission for recommending it: https://amzn.to/3n09Hip )

Finally, make sure you read the post on my blog called “The Importance of the Easy Run”—it explains more in-depth why runners should be doing easier runs: https://www.runsforcookies.com/2016/04/the-importance-of-easy-run.html

Okay, as far as the plan goes:

- There are 4 runs per week, 40 minutes each.

- You can swap runs for others that have the same number of “HARD” minutes (for the sake of simplicity, the “Hard” runs and “Tempo” runs are both considered “Hard” when calculating the 20% rule because they both are done at a heart rate higher than your MAF zone. Each week, your Hard running (which includes Tempo) should add up to no more than 32 minutes (as the plan is written, each week has 30 minutes of hard running and 130 minutes of easy MAF running).

- You may add MAF running wherever/whenever you’d like.

I think that sums it up in a nutshell. Please feel free to give me feedback or ask any questions. I plan to make changes to this training plan as needed, based on feedback (as well as my own experience—I’m going to be doing it as well).

Happy Running! xo

Here is where you can get the free training plan and all of the explanation above

October 16, 2021

Would You Rather...?

My mood is still in a weird funk and I really just want to bury my head in the sand for a little bit and pretend life is just at a standstill. I feel very overwhelmed for some reason; I have a lot to get done, but not much more than usual, so I'm not sure why I feel this way.

I'm starting to think that I'm experiencing a "mixed episode" of bipolar, which is something that never really made sense to me until now. A mixed episode means having multiple symptoms of mania/hypomania and depression at the same time.

I looked up the criteria for it to be classified as a mixed episode and this is a summary of symptoms from the DSM-V (source):

I feel like I'm more on the hypomanic side of things right now, but I definitely have several of the depressive episode symptoms as well. I may need to talk to my psychiatrist and increase my mood stabilizer (at my last appointment, we decreased it a bit).

Anyway, I'm not prepared to write anything worthwhile at the moment, so I thought it would be a good time for another "Would You Rather...?" post. I got the questions from this site. Here goes:

Q. Would you rather be a genius and know everything or be amazing at any activity you tried?

A. This is a great question! But I really didn't even have to think very long about it. I'd rather be a genius and know everything. One of the best parts of life is practicing hobbies and finding what you're good at. I was was amazing at everything I tried, I think life would be boring. 

Q. Would you rather dine alone or watch a movie by yourself?

A. I'm assuming that this question is referring to going out--eating alone in a restaurant or watching a movie at the theater by oneself. I'm actually really comfortable with either one! I've always been that way. In college, my roommate thought it was SO WEIRD that I would occasionally go out to eat by myself. I've gone to movies alone, too. I guess if I had to choose, I'd prefer to watch a movie by myself, since there isn't much talking involved anyway.

Q. Would you rather be the richest person in the world or be immortal?

A. Honestly, I think either of these would be a curse! Being filthy rich is never something I've dreamt of. I feel like from the moment people learned of your wealth, your relationship would change. I think it would be extremely difficult to trust people--I'd always be wondering if they actually liked me or if they were just interested in money. 

Being immortal would come with its own set of problems--you'd see everyone you love die eventually; goals in life would change because you wouldn't have a timeframe to of which to base them; and I feel like life would lose a lot of purpose if you had no ending. 

But, in true "would your rather...?" fashion, if I had to choose, I would rather be rich.  

Q. Would you rather wear pants 3 sizes too big or shoes 3 sizes too small?

A. There is no way that I would want to wear shoes that are three sizes too small! Can you imagine how much that would hurt? I like baggy clothes, so the pants wouldn't be too bad ;)

Q. Would you rather go into the past and meet your ancestors or go into the future and meet your great-great-grandchildren?

A. I think anyone that knows me knows that I would love to meet my ancestors. I would particularly like to meet my maternal grandpa and my paternal grandma. They both died when my parents were still teenagers. I don't know much about my dad's mom, but from what I've heard about my mom's dad, he would be super fun to get to know.

Q. Would you rather lose your ability to speak or the ability to hear?

A. I would rather lose my ability to hear. I get overwhelmed by noises a lot of the time. I'm not saying that I would be happy to lose my hearing; but out of all of my senses, I think that would be the one I would least mind losing.

Q. Would you rather experience the world beginning or ending?

A. I definitely think the beginning would be better. Not to get too dark during a light-hearted game of "Would You Rather...?", but it's sad to see how terrible people are to each other now in comparison with just a few years ago; if it continues to get worse, I don't want to experience that. Seeing the world beginning would be pretty cool!

Q. Would you rather have more money or more time?

A. I'm assuming this means on a daily basis as opposed to the question about immortality. I would definitely choose to have more time. I don't like feeling overwhelmed (as I do now) and I wish that I could do everything at a leisurely pace. Feeling rushed is stressful! (Of course, money can be stressful, too. If we were struggling financially, then I'd choose to have more money so we could live comfortably.

Q. Would you rather only be able to whisper or only be able to shout?

A. Haha! I can't imagine shouting everything. I like quiet. I would choose to only be able to whisper. It wouldn't be ideal, because then I'd be even quieter than I already am, but it would be better than shouting!

And to end with a silly one...

Q. Would you rather be without elbows or without knees?

A. Imagining either of this is hilarious. I think it would be much more of a struggle to be without elbows--you wouldn't be able to touch your upper body at all (let alone eat). Walking without knees would look silly, but it can definitely be done (that's pretty much how I walk when I'm super stiff in the mornings, hahaha).

Okay, I'm going to write out a "to do" list right now for tomorrow. Writing it out and then (hopefully) checking it off throughout the day will help me to feel less overwhelmed. Also, I love writing lists!

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