As my blog has been growing, I noticed it's getting harder to find important posts. So here, I have some important or helpful posts organized by category.

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Resources that helped me on my weight loss journey
Popular Posts on Runs for Cookies
My Personal Favorite Posts
Race Reports
Frequently Asked Questions
Reader Q&A Posts
Guest Posts
Weight Loss Photos
Interviews/Q & A's/Trivia/Misc.
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Helpful Posts (Running; Weight Loss; Food; Misc.)

Things that have helped me on my weight loss (and now maintenance) journey:
Runs for Cookies Recipes (my recipes blog--where I keep track of all my favorite recipes)
My Fitness Pal (my favorite app for calorie counting)
Running Ahead (a website that I use to track my runs--compatible with my Garmin)
Hal Higdon's running programs (These are FANTASTIC training programs for pretty much any race you can imagine)
McMillan race calculator (you input a recent race time, and this will calculate your what your future races will probably look like as well as your optimal training paces)

My Favorite Posts
Goal Weight
'Till I Collapse
The Difference Between Motivation and Determination
Sweet 16
This Is Why I Married Him
How Sodium Changed My Dieting Mentality
Binge Eating
Waiting Until the New Year
A little of my history
Losing weight without diet or exercise
It gets easier
The Evolution of a First-Time Bikini Wearer
I ain't afraid of no ghosts
A year without Mark
Get it over with!
The Joy of the Three-Miler
My Runner's World Magazine photo shoot!
Being photographed
Five Years!
A "Crazy" New Chapter
Mother's Intuition
Accepting the Summer Weight Gain
Notable Race Experiences
Blooms to Brews Race Report

Popular Posts
Race Reports
For a list of race reports, see my Running page.

Frequently Asked Questions Posts
FAQ #1: How did you lose the weight?
FAQ #2: What's the deal with you and Weight Watchers?
FAQ #3: How did you stop binge eating?
FAQ #4: How many calories did you eat while losing weight?

Reader Questions & Answers Posts
You can find a whole list of the topics and links to individual posts here.

Guest Posts
Jerry (a fun guest post by my husband)
Carly (a motivational post about running while overweight)
Adam from The Boring Runner (a fun post about all the "unmentionables" of running)
From each person on my Ragnar team (as a team we lost 1200 pounds, and each member shared his/her story in a guest post. To read each story, just click on the person's name next to their "runner #").
Ellen (Ellen lost over 100 pounds and has maintained for several years; here, she writes about maintenance)
Caitlin, a friend who lost over 200 pounds.
Interview with Golden Harper, founder of Altra running shoes
Katie, a reader with an inspiring story of how she kept running, despite being last in a race
Jerry (my husband writes about his first race)
Jeanie (my sister shares her first marathon experience)
Nathan (my brother shares his story of post-war PTSD and how running changed his life)

Weight Loss Photos
A collection of "before" photos
Re-birthday comparison photos
Driver's license comparison photo
Indy comparison photos
Same clothes, 100 lbs difference comparison photos
In the park comparison photos
253-pounds vs. 133-pound marathon runner
Goal Weight Photos

Video of My Weight Loss
One Year of Maintenance Video
Outtakes (from a video I was making for Sparkpeople)
The advertising video from Sparkpeople with me in it
First post-op run
Second post-op run
The night before my first marathon 
A couple of videos from my runs during the Ragnar Relay 
My Three-Year Runniversary Video
A video that a few friends put together for me before the Chicago Marathon--love it!

Interviews; Q & A's; Trivia; Misc.
10 Random Things About Me
Answers to your questions (I asked readers for questions, and here are the answers)
A guest post I wrote for Krista at Journey to a Healthy Berg
An interview with Lisa on Workout Mommy 
An interview on Healthy Page about my weight loss 
An interview on Skinny Mom about fitness
A post about learning to love the dreadmill on 
My Top 11 of 2011
My Top 12 of 2012
My Top 13 of 2013
My Top 14 of 2014
My Top 15 of 2015
My Top 16 of 2016

Blogging Trips
The True Nature of Cats at Purina Headquarters in St. Louis  (2013)
Runner's World Heartbreak Hill Half & Festival in Boston (2014)
Purina Better With Pets summit in NYC (2014)
Runner's World Half & Festival in Bethlehem, PA (2014)
Meet Purina at their Headquarters in St. Louis (2015)
Purina Better With Pets summit in NYC (November 2015)
Purina Better With Pets summit in NYC (October 2016)

Product Reviews
A Garmin Forerunner 205/305 Tutorial (LOVE my Garmin!!)
Icespikes (for running in snow/ice)
NuNaturals Stevia
EPIC TL1700 Treadmill
Weight Watchers
Cascadian Farms Cinnamon Raisin Granola
Barney Butter vs. Kettle Almond Butter
Special K Granola Bar review
Sinless Margarita review 
The Swing! Book review
Lose It Fast, Lose It Forever by Pete Thomas book review
Sweaty Bands
Zensah running gloves 
Virtual Active videos for indoor exercise equipment 
Albion Fit workout tank
Weight Watchers Digital Scale by Conair
NuNaturals NEW products
Purina ONE cat food
Stranger Here book by Jen Larsen
6 Dollar Bands (headbands)
SmarteRita margaritas
Words to Sweat By shop
CamelBak Marathoner Vest
Quantum Scale
"Honey, Do You Need A Ride?" book review
"Stranger Here" book review
Hansons' Marathon Method (a training program)
KIND bars
Halo Top ice cream
Eddie Bauer clothing
QALO silicone rings (sponsored)
Secrets from the Eating Lab (book)

Helpful Posts 

How to get started as a runner
A beginner 5K plan and advice about getting faster
50 Running Tips 
Running Lingo
My favorite gift ideas for runners
Tips for running and training for your first 5K
Tips for running and training for your first 10K
Tips for running and training for your first half-marathon
Tips for running and training for your first marathon
How to support your runner (a non-runner's guide to being a great cheerleader)
My favorite books and movies about running
A Six-Month Half-Marathon Training Plan for Beginners
Tips for Coaching Kids to Run
Running Games for Kids to Play
The importance of the easy run
An explanation of 80/20 Running

Weight Loss:
My very first post on Runs for Cookies
My weight history
The difference between motivation and determination (read this if you're wondering how I stayed motivated)

Garmin Forerunner 205/305 Tutorial
Starting and/or Growing a Blog