June 06, 2020

Little Duck Tested the Waters Today

(That's a terrible picture, but I think it's funny how Chick likes to stand on top of that toy--he does it ALL the time--and then he dangles the little feathery thing for Duck underneath him.)

I feel like I've had NOTHING to write about lately, and it's frustrating starting at a blank screen for so long. So, I figured I'd just tell you a short funny story about Duck today. (If you're new here, we adopted two kittens--Chick and Duck--about a month ago.)

Duck is extremely nosy and likes to get into things--he loves to know what's happening all the time.

I don't know if this is a "thing" with other people's cats, but my cats (even Estelle and Phoebe) always follow me into the bathroom. They walk around my legs and want me to pet them while I'm on the toilet! Apparently, Duck is the same way.

I went pee this morning, and right when I stood up, before I even had a chance to flush the toilet, Duck decided he wanted to jump onto the toilet seat to see what was going on. Well, he literally just jumped right into the toilet bowl!

As quickly as he fell in, he sprang out of there and ran into my bedroom. I was in a panic, trying to pull up my pants and grab a towel to go catch him and clean him up before he got pee-water all over everything!

Thankfully, he didn't go far--just a few feet into my bedroom. But he'd slipped and slid across the bathroom floor, so the floor was very wet. And so was he, of course.

He was NOT happy about it, but I had to get him cleaned up, so I used a washcloth and towel to get him clean. Then he spent the next 30 minutes grooming himself, while I cleaned the bathroom floor.

What fun at 6:00 in the morning!

But anyway, the kitties are doing great--they are getting so big already. I was looking at some pictures from when we first got them and they were tiny. I'll have to do a comparison soon.

Okay, I've got to get ready for bed if I'm going to be in bed by midnight! (My bedtime for the next couple of days).

Here is a cute video of the kittens... I was cleaning out my cross country stuff and decided to see what they would do if I set a cone on the bed. They had a blast with it! Duck loved to dive into the center of it and Chick kept trying to get at him from the outside. Super cute.


  1. Our three cats like to follow me into the bathroom in the morning, probably because I am the one who feeds them. We have a shower/bathtub combo, and they like to walk around the edge of the bathtub. While none of them like to get wet, they are endlessly fascinated by running water. When we shower, we leave the glass shower door open a bit on the shower end so that they can peer over the edge at the water. One time, one of the boys was doing that and overbalanced and fell right into the running shower. I was laughing so hard, it took me a moment to open up the other end of the shower door so he could get out. He zipped out and spent quite awhile licking away his wounded pride. Fortunately it was just water, so I didn't have to worry about cleaning!

  2. awwww! at least it was just #1 and not #2! tee hee. Oh CATS.

    Once I was taking my kitten from NYC to Philly and apparently kittens can't quite hold their bowel movements as long as adult cats as my kitten pooped in his carrier. I got him home and being a kitten he had poop all over himself too! So I locked us into the bathroom so I could give him a bath. I ended up SO SCRATCHED.


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