June 27, 2020

Just Not Feeling It Today

Today was a really bad day, and I just don't feel like writing. Nothing terrible happened--it's just one of those days where nothing seems to go right and I feel extremely overwhelmed. I wrote yesterday how I was super tired and I went to bed a couple of hours early--but I didn't end up falling asleep until after 1:30!

So, I'll just share a funny photo I took yesterday. Eli was making a sandwich and the kittens smelled the ham. They went nuts for it!

Duck is vocal when he wants something, so he was sitting at Eli's feet meowing. And then Chick is the climber/balancer. He literally climbed up Eli's leg to get to the ham! Once Duck saw Chick do that, he tried to do it, too, but he wasn't as good at it.

Chick looks like a squirrel when they come get nuts from us. If I'm sitting down on the deck, they'll crawl up my leg to grab a walnut.

Anyway, I thought this picture was funny!


  1. Wow I thought that was Jerry at first glance! Eli looks so much like him.

  2. Best photo EVER! Hope you have a much better day today. I’m wearing the mask you made every single day. Normally, I’d tell a friends that I’m enjoying what they made, but in this case I am GRATEFUL. Wearing your mask reduces my anxiety when we go to a store! ❤️

  3. This is none of my business, and I promise I say this with kindness, but it seems like it might be worth re-engaging with your mental health team about your care. I think you recently said you had an appointment with your doctor and decided not to change anything, but based solely on what you share on this blog, it seems like what you're doing isn't working.

  4. Fun! Love the kittens. Love you as well. Hope tomorrow feels better.

  5. I thought that was Jerry as well!

  6. I too thought that was Jerry. Your boys are growing up. And Duck climbing up Eli’s leg is so cute! Have a better day today. Our AC went out late Friday afternoon so we are miserably hot in 90 degree Nebraska heat and humidity.


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