I don't usually write recipe posts for Runs for Cookies, and I hope not to disappoint you in that I am not a chef, a food stylist, nor a photographer. Basically, I am a stay-at-home mom that cooks cheap meals for my family--some balanced and healthy, but others not at all. Some of my recipes use processed ingredients like (gasp!) cream of mushroom soup, or (the horror!) ranch dressing mix. I grew up with this kind of food, and what can I say? I like it!

I am happy enough to get food on the table that my family will eat. So, as a forewarning, you will not see lovely photos of elegant dishes that are just chock full of nutrition. I make no apologies. But, I share these in case your family is like mine, and you just want some new ideas. Some of these recipes are my own creations, some are from others (which I've cited where possible), but most are recipes I've altered to my own liking.

Instead of any commentary before the recipes that I post on this blog, I will save it for after the recipe itself. That way, if you're just looking for the recipe and you really don't give a shit what I think of it, you can just skip all that. You're welcome. I may even include a printer-friendly PDF download if I'm feeling ambitious.

(I hate when I am looking for recipes on blogs and you have to scroll through a thousand pictures and stories to get to the recipe. I appreciate the sentiment--but sometimes I just want to take a quick glance at the recipe and see if I even have the ingredients on hand, you know what I mean?)

I don't write these for the purpose of supplying healthy recipes to my readers--there are hundreds of blogs for that--but rather to keep my own little "recipe book" here online for my own reference. Comments that tell me that my diet is garbage will be ignored (and probably laughed at by my friends and family later--they still tease me about the comments I got about eating too many grapes, hahaha). So please, take this page for what you will ;)

Our very very favorite recipes will be marked with an asterisk*.

See? Cooking.
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