June 04, 2020

My 3-Day Goals for This Weekend

I haven't written much about the three-day goals I've been setting and working on, mainly because I've picked things that are hard to measure. It's like saying, "I'm going to eat better"... what does that mean? It's not a measurable goal because "eating better" could mean anything. But saying something like, "I'm going to run three miles today" is measurable, because you either did or you didn't.

Black or white. I need to make my three day goals be the black or white variety.

So, for the next three days, these are my measurable goals:

*I will walk or run three miles each day. Things are getting busier now with Eli's baseball starting back up, so I can't say what time I'll be walking or running; but at some point each day, I'll do three miles. (This photo is from when I finished my 3-3-3 Running plan in December)

*I will drink a minimum of three quarts of water a day. When working in the garage (which I do for several hours a day), I get super dehydrated. I am pouring sweat the whole time, and I know I don't replenish enough. So, three quarts per day. No exceptions.

To be honest, the "water" in this photo was actually a vodka tonic--but it looks like water, so we'll count it for a photo of me drinking water! ;) (This was from 2017--I miss being thin!)

*I will go to bed by midnight. Whether I'm tired or not, I will lie down in bed and at least try to sleep. But it will be lights out for me by 12:00 each night. Along with being dehydrated, I'm sleep-deprived. I know I'll feel better if I do those things. The only thing that really seems to get me tired enough to fall asleep is reading a book before bed. I'm not committing to doing that, but it'd be great to try to lie down at 11:30 and start reading.

Joey never sleeps with me, so I have no idea why I have this picture, but he's cute!

So, those are my three goals for the next three days. I don't think these are too hard--it will take some mental work, but I can certainly do them! And I promise to try to write on Sunday about whether I stuck to them. (If I don't mention them again, it's probably because I didn't follow through *eyeroll*)


  1. Excellent 3-Day goals!
    You’ve inspired mine:
    1) Walk 12,000 steps/day (I normally do this, but it is easy to not hit that target)
    2) Do at least 1 hour of piano practice
    3) Meals with no sugar and no flour

  2. Have you ever tried Liquid IV to help with dehydration? It tastes amazing and works really well (at least in my opinion


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