June 29, 2018

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I used to accept any and all blogs to this list, but it got to be REALLY time-consuming to keep up with. If you are a regular reader/commenter on my blog, I'd be happy to add your blog to my list. Just send me an email with the blog title, a link, and a one-sentence description of your blog, and I'll add it here. My only requirement is that your blog must be at least 90 days old with regular postings. Once a month, I go through the list and delete the ones that haven't been up dated for 30 days. 

Blog Lists

Weight Loss Blogs

Success Along the Weigh--A couple who are losing weight together and have lost 400 lbs combined.
Goal of Losing--A 20-something's journey through weight-loss while incorporating personal, yet public challenges that keep my readers and myself motivated to continue reaching for our goals!
Tamara Shazam!--Using my super powers to lose weight and live an active, healthy lifestyle!

Weight Maintenance Blogs

183 Pounds Gone Forever!--The on-going saga of a 60-something year old woman who finally got healthy and is trying to keep those 180 pounds off forever.
Finding Radiance--Living maintenance after a large weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle.

Running Blogs

Runs for Red Velvet--My name is Stacey and this is my journey of losing weight, running races, and finding happiness in all aspects of my life--all while trying to avoid the delicious food in the South!
Thomas' Blog--Just your ordinary, everyday runner trying to get faster. Marathon finisher and Boston dreamer.

Other Blogs

Pyjammy's Triplets--Running, weight loss, photography, my kids.
Running the Dream (a Convoluted and Crazy Dream)--The narrations that get stuck in my head while running, mostly about my running right now (which I'm newer at), but I can't guarantee that other things won't sneak in, such as family, life, etc.
Babbling Bridge--Rambling observations from a (wannabe) bibliophile, runner, foodie, and writer.
Red Lipstick and Sneakers--Viewpoints from a girl who feels fancy at times, but a hot mess most others. Constantly working towards a new goal weight and a new Coach purse.
My Inner Struggle--Mom of awesomeness, loving life and getting healthy along the way.

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