June 17, 2020

One more day...

Today, I spent some time working on the post for the Cookies Summer Run/Walk Challenge, but I had a very busy day, so I wasn't able to get it finished like I wanted. So, I'm going to post it tomorrow--even though we're down to the wire.

I spent so much time in the car today (three hours) driving the kids around that it felt like the school year. I'd forgotten just how much I hate driving here and there all day.

I'm tired and I want to read some of my book before I go to bed, so I'm going to call it a night without a "real" post. I promise that I will finish up the final details of the challenge and get them posted tomorrow. I just need one more day--summer snuck up on me this year.

Meanwhile, I have zero photos for this post! So I'll just share a pic of the socks Jerry bought me. Instead of flowers or something like that (I hate getting flowers) he started buying me socks as an "I'm thinking of you" gift. These ones were fun! He thought of them after I shared the Super Mario Bros. video on my blog.

Anyway, I'll post more tomorrow!

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  1. I love fun socks. I have a whole drawer full as well. I'd rather receive socks than flowers too.


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