March 08, 2019

DIY Home Renovation

In August 2018, a simple project ended up turning into completely making over the main rooms of our home: the kitchen, living room, and dining room. We spent several months scraping, sanding, taping, mudding, priming, painting, wood-working, drywalling, caulking, sawing, drilling, gluing, removing, hanging, replacing, and building everything ourselves. (And honestly, I did about 95% of the work myself! It was a fun, therapeutic project for me to work on daily for months on end.)

Here are the posts that involve the renovation--including before and after photos, tutorials, and just projects I've done.

I would start with The Story of Our Home. Jerry and I bought a manufactured home (a.k.a. trailer, double wide, call it what you'd like!) when we got married. We intended for it to be temporary, but we fell in love with where we live. And here is the story.

The Dining Room: Before and After!
The Living Room: Before and After! (coming soon)
The Kitchen: Before and After! (coming soon)

Working on the textured ceiling removal and removing the backsplash from the counters

Removing the crown molding, and the nightmare that followed (taping and mudding the large gap between the wall and the ceiling). Also, the colors we chose for paint. 

The physical toll on my body

Building shelves above my cabinets so they go all the way to the ceiling

"Before" and "Current" photos of the cabinets (and update on carpal tunnel syndrome)

Priming and painting my table and chairs, as well as pantry door--orange!

Building my own countertops and a funny story about hanging a ceiling fan

TUTORIAL: How to remove a textured (a.k.a. popcorn) ceiling

Installing a new sink and laminating the countertops

A thrifty furniture find for the living room

Another thrifty furniture find--and an unbelievable coincidence

Trying my hand at upholstery (it was awful!) and building my own kitchen island from scratch

How I built my kitchen island from scratch (and plans for the countertop)

Revealing the island countertop--a unique top made with epoxy

Our epoxy nightmare!

Trash to Treasure: How I've been utilizing Facebook to buy and sell things

TUTORIAL: Giant Chalkboard Clock: How to make your own wall clock

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