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Update: We're now on NETFLIX! Just search "From Fat to Finish Line".
In December 2011, I started e-mailing with a man named Rik who had a similar story to me--he had lost 90 pounds, became a runner, and even had the same skin removal surgery as me. He mentioned that he did a couple of Ragnar Relays (I did one in 2010, and wanted to do another) and we talked about how cool it would be to form a team made up of people like us--who had lost a significant amount of weight and become runners along the way.

Rik said he could coordinate the whole thing and serve as team captain if I could put a team together. And through the power of my blog, I knew I could do that! I've read so many amazing stories of people that fit our description, and put some serious thought into it before sending out the invitations. I wanted to be sure to pick just the right people for this team.

Long story short, we now have a complete Ragnar Relay team, made up of inspiring people who have lost a significant amount of weight and have become runners through each of their journeys. Our adventure is going to be filmed into an inspirational documentary! Here is a sneak preview of the documentary:

The film is now available on iTunes and Amazon!

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IMDb page: From Fat to Finish Line

We were on the Today Show!! Here is the clip:

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