June 23, 2020

My "Early Bird" Walk (that wasn't exactly fun)

First, look who is sitting on my lap! Estelle has FINALLY stopped hating me for adopting the kittens. I was writing my blog post on the couch with a blanket on my lap, and Estelle came and sat on my legs just how she used to every single day of my life.

I was thrilled. Even though I had to pee and my legs were totally cramped up, I didn't want to move. I was just so happy that Estelle was sitting there. She's warming up--finally! ;)

The solstice walk that I did on Saturday kicked off the "Cookies Summer Challenge". I don't have a schedule set up that I plan to do, although I probably should. I just figured I'd pick an item on the list fairly frequently to complete them all before the end of summer.

I did not sleep well last night. I rarely do, these days! Duck loves to sleep on my head--literally, directly on my head--while I'm in bed. At first, it drove me crazy. I couldn't sleep at all! He purrs right in my ear.

However, once I got used to it, it's kind of soothing. It's almost like listening to a noise machine because it's so constant. Eventually, I started to like having him sleep there--it's comforting in a way.

This morning, however, Duck was all about grooming himself while he sat on my head. I was much less cool with that!

I kept setting him on the floor, but he'd jump right back up on the bed and then go sit on my head and start grooming himself. It was driving me crazy! I looked at the clock at one point and saw that it was 5:40.

My back was hurting by this point and I started thinking I might as well get up for the day, but I immediately thought about how the "early bird run/walk" on my Cookies Summer Challenge was to start your run or walk before 6:00 AM. After debating whether I'd have time to get changed and start walking before six, I decided I could do it, so I jumped out of bed.

After throwing on some clothes, I leashed up Joey so that he could go with me. He was thrilled, of course. We finally started our walk just before 6:00. Immediately, I realized that I wasn't going to enjoy it....

There were fish flies EVERYWHERE. On my walk a couple of days ago, I saw a lot of fish flies, but they were in the neighborhood next to us. Apparently, they hatched last night in my neighborhood and they were about two inches deep in certain places! (They tend to gather underneath lights so under street lamps are the WORST.)

I almost turned around a minute or so into the walk because it was just so gross, but since I had gotten up, ready, and out the door by 6:00, I wanted to at least get in a short walk to count it toward my list. I walked Joey around a few blocks, and it wasn't fun. There were SO many fish flies!

While I didn't walk very far, and it was definitely more of a "stroll" than a walk, but  I felt really good that I had gotten up and out of bed so early to go for a walk. I had hoped for a nicer walk, but it still felt good to move a bit. (My back hurts a lot when I lie down all night).

Even though I didn't walk far, I am counting it toward my Cookies Summer Challenge checklist. I'm definitely going to have to use the treadmill until these fish flies are gone, though!

Later in the morning, I had an appointment with my psychiatrist. My last appointment was postponed because of the COVID-19 quarantine. I didn't know this until yesterday, but today's appointment was scheduled as a "telehealth" appointment. I was supposed to click a link on my computer at my appointment time and chat with my doctor via video chat.

It was so odd! I was super nervous about it. However, once we started talking, it felt just like being in the office. I told him about what's been going on with me. I mentioned the depression, but that I felt like I was good on the meds I'm on now. I didn't want to make any major changes, because I really do feel like the depression has a lot to do with my eating/exercise routine.

We ended up keeping the same meds, just adjusting the dose of one of them very slightly. So hopefully it'll help a bit! Meanwhile, I'm also hoping that walking (per the Summer Challenge schedule) will help, too.

I also mentioned that I know I need more sleep, so I need to get off my computer and get into bed! I hope everyone is have a good summer so far.

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