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You can send me an e-mail at: Katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. I respond to all personal e-mail, but sometimes it may take a while, so please be patient. I'm happy to answer questions, but please check out my FAQ page and my Directory page first--chances are, you're not the first person to ask! ;) If you have a quick question and want a quick response, Twitter is the way to go.

If you are inquiring about writing a guest post/article or sponsored post for my blog, I do not accept guest posts or sponsored posts. Aside from a couple of companies that I have a working relationship with, I do not accept payment for posts; nor do I pay anyone to write a post. My blog is not an informative weight loss website; it is a personal account of MY experience with my weight loss, maintenance, running, and other lifestyle things. The only guest posts I have on my blog are from readers that I've invited to share their personal stories.

I don't do link exchanges, on my blog or any social media, as I feel it is dishonest to my readers. If I come across something worth sharing, I share it regardless of whether it benefits me.

If you are inquiring about advertising on my blog, I am not interested in new ads at this time.

If you are inquiring about a product review, I am happy to consider it, but I usually turn down 99% of the requests I get--I generally only do product reviews of things that are fitness or weight loss related (no pills, supplements, or body wraps); and if I do a review, I also like to have some sort of giveaway for my readers. I am always completely honest while writing my opinions of products, so I cannot guarantee a favorable review.

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