June 10, 2020

Another Bad Day

I'm going to do another cop-out post--I'm sorry. I really don't know what is going on with me right now!

I worked on the garage a little today, but only for a couple of hours. I haven't had any energy lately do do much of anything, and it's frustrating. A month ago, I was so excited to go work on the garage from the moment I woke up in the morning; now, I just feel like everything is a chore (not just the garage--I mean everything).

I'm still going to try and do a little each day--I want the garage to be done so badly! I did take the time to cut and dye my hair today, finally. That's a whole story in itself, which I'll try to share tomorrow.

Anyway, I really just want to go to bed right now, so I'll (again) share a few pictures of the kittens. I really will try to write a real post tomorrow.

I love this picture of Duck. He was fascinated while looking at Joey in the kitchen. His fur is SO soft and silky:

For size comparison: Estelle on the right versus the kittens. I never realized how big Estelle is until we got the kittens!

Duck on the left and Chick on the right:

Duck loves to be as close to your head/face as possible:

And Chick loves to balance on the top of this toy. I have no idea why, but he does it ALL. THE. TIME.

If Chick didn't have long hair, I'd never be able to tell them apart! Look at their ears--even those are bent the same way in this pic!

I don't have favorites, but if I did... (it'd be Duck!)

I was hoping this was the start of a civil relationship, but soon afterward, Estelle hissed and ran off. (I was cleaning the bedding, which is why there are no sheets on the bed.)

Pure trouble, these two ;)


  1. Hugs Katie. Take care of yourself!

  2. Depression really is the worst. And I am thinking, since your post about hypomanic states that maybe I have some form of it. Lately to help battle mine, I've been negatively visualizing. LIke what it would feel like to lose my house or my family? Or to know I was going to die tomorrow. I picked it up from a book I read about Stoicism. I hate to give advice to you because you must get it all of the time, but I've been trying to get better for decades and getting wisdom from others has helped me over the years.

  3. Those cats are adorable! I wish Ric wasn’t allergic and we could have them, too. Anyway, sorry you are feeling off right now. Hang in there, friend.

  4. Feel better soon, Katie! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Oh goodness. There is no need to apologize for mood swings (hello bipolar) or for feeling down right now (hello pandemic, civil rights revolution, summer in a humid part of the country). Also, NEVER apologize for posting kitten photos. They are so stinkin' cute and a much needed antidote to the rest of the news.

  6. It's never a cop-out post if you have kitten photos! They are so cute! Our black female has silky hair, as well. I hope you get out of this down period soon!

  7. I'm not sure if you've tried them already, but the Feliway hormone difusers can be good for getting cats to be better at accepting things like moving or other new cats in the house, etc.


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