June 02, 2020

My June "To-Do" List

Michigan's "stay-at-home" order was lifted yesterday. My first thoughts were kind of panicky--people are going to see how much weight I've gained! what will I wear if not yoga pants anymore? my roots are so bad and I need to dye my hair!

As a shy introvert, an "order" to stay at home was kind of nice. I had a valid excuse to--well, stay at home. While we're not going to be having/going to parties or large events any time soon, things are going to start opening up and slowly getting back to normal.

Anyway, it's time I get back to the real world. I have to get back to the world of cooking, cleaning, baseball on the weekends for Eli, and settle for less time working on "fun" things--my hobbies like knitting, sewing, etc. (I will still make time for them, but I need to focus on more important things first). Oh! And playing Best Fiends on my phone. Man, I wish I never discovered that game.

So, I'm making a public "To Do" list here. These are things I want to accomplish in June to get my life somewhat back to normal...

Finish hanging the drywall in the garage. 

I have been working almost daily on it, but it's slow going. Today was the WORST. I was out there from 9:00-3:45 and I only hung one piece. It was in the spot in front of the single garage door (we have a three car garage--a two-car door in front and a one-car door in back).

There are pieces on the ceiling holding up the tracking for the door, and I had to remove those from the ceiling joists just long enough to insert a piece of drywall underneath them and then screw them back into the ceiling. Well, that was MUCH easier said than done! My poor kids (who I made help me). I'll write about this later.

And just for fun, here are my bruises in various stages of healing. Isn't it crazy?! It's from bracing myself against the ladder rungs.

Dye my hair.

I've had a box of dye on my bathroom counter for months now! Since we haven't been going out anywhere, I've just let my grays grow out and haven't bothered to cover them. I also need to cut my hair--it only takes me about five minutes to cut it, so I should have just done it already.

Spring clean the house. 

This means washing windows, dusting the window blinds, vacuuming the couches, replacing caulk in the kitchen and bathrooms, cleaning out the refrigerator and freezer, touching up paint where needed, etc. Things that I typically don't do very often. And by that I mean about once a year, haha.

Read one book.

I have several on my Kindle Paperwhite that I haven't read yet.

Use up all the meat we have in the freezer. 

I don't know what all is in there, but I know we have several things that need to be used.

Open the box with my serger and actually try it out! 

Right now I'm super intimidated to use it, so it's been sitting, unopened, in my dining room. With all the fabric I have now, I'm excited to make things. The clothes on top are things that need mending.

Clean out the kitchen cupboards.

They've gotten super unorganized, especially the storage containers.

Start the annual Runs for Cookies Summer Challenge.

I've written it all up and should be posting it this week sometime. This year, I'm going to do a points system and hopefully give away prizes to those who earn the most points. (Here is last year's, in case you don't know what I'm talking about)

Clear out my inbox.

I am TERRIBLE at keeping up with email, and I feel horrible that I have email that is a couple of months old and I haven't replied yet. I'd love to get the inbox down to zero this month.

Okay, I think that is PLENTY to keep me busy this month. It will feel so good to get this stuff done!


  1. I put off coloring my hair until last weekend! So happy to finally have it done. I am looking forward to the Summer 2020 run/walk challenge.

  2. I wish I never would have read that you are addicted to Best Fiends because now I am too! Haha

  3. I was very intimidated by my serger - the thought of threading it overwhelmed me. I hoped I could just never let the thread run out by tying the new thread to the old and maybe I'd never have to thread it (I know how dumb that sounds). I took a class, and the first thing she said was "Okay, pull all the spools off" and my heart died. She made us thread our sergers from start to finish five times before we started sewing. It was the best thing ever - I have zero issues with threading/changing/cleaning, etc. Maybe your first sewing experience could be threading your serger five times? Then grab a scrap piece of fabric and play with all of the knobs and see what they do and how they affect it. It's good to know what good tension looks like and how to fix bad tension.

    My serger is just a tool now. You can't necessarily sew new things, just sew them better. The one difference is a rolled hem, which is pretty cool for tablecloths, napkins and baby blankets. Wooly nylon is fun to work with for baby blankets.


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