November 18, 2011

My appearance on The Dr. Oz Show, Day 2 (of 2)

I woke up at 5:00 am. There was no chance of me going back to sleep, thinking of the day ahead of me, so I took a shower and dried my hair. Put on my jeans and a sweatshirt. I got a text at 7:10 saying that the driver was on location to take me to the studio. I didn't have to be there until 8, but I was already ready, so I just went down anyway.

I had the same driver that picked me up from the airport. He was surprised that I was ready so early. When I got to the studio, there was someone waiting for the guests, and he took us upstairs. I saw Margaret and Ali, and they showed me to my dressing room.

I drank a bottle of water immediately, because I was super thirsty. I'm used to drinking tons of water, but I was afraid to drink the bottles that were in the hotel room--I figured they'd charge me $10 a bottle or something! ;)  There were bran muffins, fruit skewers, and almonds too. But I didn't eat anything. I was too nervous to eat, and I really didn't want to have to go to the bathroom after eating all that fiber, lol.

I was sharing this dressing room with Jennie, who was in the same segment of the show as me. She appears just before me on the show. She's lost 300 pounds!! And she did it all by diet and exercise. We were swapping recipes and tips in the dressing room.

Someone from the Dr. Oz Show came in and had me sign a waiver and also gave me a $60 stipend for food and/or parking expenses. I wish I'd have known they would do that when I got my dinner last night! I would have chosen something much more indulgent ;)

Margaret insisted that I take out my nose piercing :(  She also wanted to shorten the length of my dress, which I was fine with (as long as it would still allow me to wear Spanx!). I went into the wardrobe room and a woman had me try on my dress, then she used some sort of tape to hem it shorter. I was wearing Spanx underneath, which came down almost to the bottom of my dress, so I was worried the Spanx would show when I sat down on stage to talk to Dr. Oz. Margaret saw it after it was hemmed and STILL wanted to go even shorter, but when I showed her how short it got when I sat, she agreed to let it be. I'm not a prude, I swear! I just didn't want my Spanx sticking out.

Next began what would be my FAVORITE part of the day. The show brought in a celebrity hair-stylist and make-up artist (and their assistants) to fix us up! Normally the show doesn't do the hair and make-up stuff, but this show included a couple of make-overs, so they had all of us get done up.

I don't watch the show What Not to Wear, but I learned that my hairstylist is a stylist on that show! His name is Ted Gibson. I didn't learn just who he was until after I did my part on the show. He was SO NICE and I absolutely loved what he did with my hair. He cut some more layers into it and blew it out straight. Then he used a curling iron to add some big curls.

Meanwhile, I got my make-up done as well by the sweetest man--and dammit, I forget his name!  I was in shock at how great my skin looked when he was done. He kept fussing to make sure everything was perfect, and he remained so calm, even though Margaret was telling them that we needed to be done NOW. I wanted to take him home with me!

I loved the hair and make-up! I was a little concerned about how RED my lipstick was, but I figured that he knew better than me, so I might as well just go with it. I quickly put my dress back on and then Margaret hurried us to the stage for a quick rehearsal.

I was amazed by the audience! They were having so much fun, and I wanted to be in the audience as soon as I saw them. There was a comedian there, and loud music playing, and everyone was singing and dancing. They saw us come out for rehearsal, but didn't really watch us. Jennie and I had to practice stepping through a huge zero... this was the 400th show, and they had the numerals up on stage and that is how we would make our appearance.

It was so hard to do! My shoes were a little too big, so they wanted to slide on and off. The (stage director?) told me to go slowly and NOT touch the side of the 0 while I stepped through. It included going up a step, over the bottom of the 0 and onto another step, then down to the floor. I felt like it took me forever to step through!

After that, we waited backstage with a bunch of the (stage crew? not sure what the technical names of these positions are!)  We got to watch a TV that was basically like watching the show live. Jennie's story was first, and I almost cried watching her photos and narrative. I had to turn away when they revealed her surprise phone call from Dr. Oz about her teeth. Then she walked out on the stage and did an AMAZING job--she was funny, she looked natural, she had great answers.

I was just thinking, "How the hell am I supposed to follow THAT story?!"

Then, as I was sitting there, I heard my voice--loud. I saw that they were playing my photos and narrative, and I just cringed. I felt like I sounded horrible. Then it was my turn to walk out. The stage director man walked with me toward the 0, and told me to go slow and easy, stop at my mark, wave and smile, then watch for a the signal to go to Dr. Oz.  I stepped through the 0, trembling something fierce, and walked to my spot. I smiled and waved, feeling a little silly, then walked to Dr. Oz and gave him a hug.

I don't remember the first few things he said as we sat down, but then I made sure to listen really well in case he asked me something that I didn't prepare for. I couldn't.stop.trembling.  It was driving me crazy! You know how your body shakes when you try to hold a certain pose (like holding plank!) Well, I was shaking like that, and I couldn't control it. I hope it wasn't visible on TV!

I answered a few questions in the chairs, then we walked over to the food props. I talked about breakfast and I wasn't too thrilled with the way my "No Bake Cookie Oatmeal" looked, but I hope I sounded okay there.  Then I walked to the dessert table, where I saw my pumpkin brownies with peanut butter swirled on top. They looked fantastic! I was surprised to see red wine there, because I thought that had been cut from the show. I wasn't prepared to talk about it! I just said that I love wine, especially red wine, and I like to have it with chocolate sometimes (or something like that!)

After that, Dr. Oz mentioned my "before" picture with him, and asked if I would like to take an "after" pic with him as well. I said "Absolutely!" and we posed on stage for a photographer. And then it was over! The stage director waved me off, and I stood by watching the rest of the segment when they surprised a mother and daughter with make-overs by the team that did my hair and make-up.

I went back to my dressing room and watched some of the show, but mostly chatted with Jennie. I made sure to grab my make-up artist and hair stylist to tell them thank you, and I got a picture with each of them.

I changed into the clothes I wore the day before, because I didn't want to wear my dress home. And I had to give the heels back to the stylist. My driver arrived (a different man this time, who didn't speak more than a couple of words to me). He drove me to the airport (it was about 12:30, and my flight was at 3:00). My plan was to go through security and then find a bar restaurant that I could sit and have a big lunch (I was starving at this point) and a glass or two of wine. Well, La Guardia sucks! All the sit-down restaurants (and alcohol!) were BEFORE security.

So once I got past security, my options were a couple of shops that sold tons of baked goods and Au Bon Pain. I got a turkey sandwich from Au Bon Pain and a little container of chocolate covered almonds (to have on the plane). The sandwich was super dry and gross, but I ate about 3/4 of it because I was so hungry.

The plane was just a little bigger than the last one--four seats per row this time--but there were only 15 people total on the flight!! I was seated in an aisle (which I hate--I must be by a window to avoid sheer panic) next to a woman. I asked the flight attendant if I could move up a row, and it was fine. Everyone on the plane got their own row!

I paid $7 for a glass of cheap pinot grigio on the plane, but I totally needed that. I ate all of my almonds, and enjoyed every bite.  Flight was a little bumpy, but it didn't bother me after the wine.  Got into Detroit and rushed to get out of the airport and to my parents' house to pick up my boys. They gave me flowers :)

It was SUCH an amazing experience, and I'm so happy that I got to do it!!

I e-mailed Margaret and Ali to find out when I will get the "after" photos of me with Dr. Oz (as well as a DVD of the show) and they said they will mail them out as soon as the show airs. So I'll post them when I get them!

I just watched the show, and a LOT of it was edited--not just from me, but from Jennie as well. Bummer! Did you see the brownies and wine in the background at least?!  lol


  1. I just finished the show and I think you looked Fabulous! Great job on the show!

  2. Well, I thought that you sounded great! And you seemed so relaxed and natural, too!


  3. WTH?? Did I miss part of it? I didn't see you at the food table. Is that the part they cut?? I did see you walk out, sit down, and talk with Dr. Oz. I also saw the photo. I hope I didn't miss it when my kids came in the door. :)

    In any case, you did a wonderful job and seemed very comfortable and natural. Thank goodness you brought a dress with you. I cannot get over what they asked you to wear!!

    I hope viewers find your blog somehow so they can benefit from all your advice you share.

    How does Jerry like being married to a celeb? :)

  4. Hey! I thought you looked beautiful and sounded perfect! You didn't look like you were trembling at all - but I'm so bummed that they cut your segment short!! It was a lot shorter than the others, everyone got to share their secrets, but its like you only had your reveal and then a picture and thats it. Which def sucks. I know they have to do that for time. But it doesn't look right since he asked you to share your secrets and then you don't so it looks like he shafted you! I'm assuming you don't know they cut it already since you mentioned all that you had done. Wish you were on longer!! But SO glad I got to see you at all - it was awesome!! I totally fast-forwarded thru the rest of the show to see if you came back at all. But I think you looked FABULOUS!!

  5. Woohoo! I set an alarm on my phone so I wouldn't forget and I was across town.. so I rushed home! Fortunately it aired at 4pm Central, so I got home in plenty of time (figured it would be 3pm central). You looked great! Great choice on your dress... no idea what they were thinking when they picked those watermelon ruffle things! You really sounded just fine, and no spanx were visible :).

  6. I haven't watched the show yet, it's on at 3pm here, but after reading your posts, I feel like I was there with you! It's going to be fun watching it knowing what you went through before and after! I'm disappointed that you didn't get to talk about the things you REALLY wanted to, but maybe there will be a 2nd appearance on Dr. Oz or some other show where you will have more control over what you get to talk about! Praying that wonderful things come out of all these great events in your life Katie! Thanks for inspiring us and including us on your journey! XOXO.

    ps - my mom and i LOVE Ted Gibson from WNTW! he seems like such a nice guy! =)

  7. Awesome posts! I really hope I get to see the episode online somewhere!

  8. You did great! That red dress was terrible, glad you wore your own!

  9. OH, I missed the show, but I hope I can catch it on YouTube.

    Your dress was FAR better than the two red ones they suggested. You could have worn them, but they weren't great choices at all.

    You got to meet the Ted Gibson? Amazing!!!

  10. I haven't see the show yet, but I wanted to comment: Those red dresses were down right fugly! I'm so glad you had your own to wear. What was that "stylist" thinking? I can't imagine who those dresses would look flattering on :) Anyway, I hope you were happy with the final-cut of the show!

  11. Quickly, before I forget, I know Ted Gibson from Real Housewives of DC on Bravo.

  12. What a fantastic experience! I can't wait to find an online version of the show so I can see it too.

    PS - I agree, La Guardia sucks.

  13. Oh my gosh you were SO RIGHT about the dresses! Yours was perfect for your figure. You looked so calm and happy. I didn't notice your nervousness at all!
    Bummer that they cut your segment- I guess that's how TV works. Dr Oz is always so sincere and really seems interested in people. I guess that's why he has his own show!
    So exciting to see you on TV. What an amazing memory of your accomplishments. It's something you will look back on for your whole life. Your family must be so proud of you!!
    PS- I hope your pain is a little better today :-)

  14. I hope you get back to NYC to actually SEE it! I can tell you all of the wonderful places I've been so far.

    I could totally tell they edited your segment, but they let that blonde girl go on and on because she's been on the show before and blogs for his website. Eat ice cream? Really? That's what they chose from her story (besides her dream to have children). His shows just don't seem to have a flow like other talk shows. And the walking through the '0' was just weird, especially since it was out in the middle of nowhere. I guess their budget wouldn't allow the blow-up pictures of your "before" that you could bust through like BL!

    I just loved getting to see you enjoy the spotlight that you so deserve!

    P.S. The guy in the doorway with the beanie on is Ted Gibson's partner, celebrity hair colorist, Jason Backe! He was also on RHODC!

  15. I just watched the show. You were great and your dress was lovely. Those other dresses just didn't work.
    I cried my way through much of the show. Such determination rewarded by success. So many life changes in one hour.
    Congratulations on getting a picture with Dr Oz.
    Hope you are feeling better each day.

  16. OMG! I knew there was something I wanted to do today and it was watch the Dr. Oz show!! Is there anywhere I can find it on-line?? I'm so bummed I missed it.

  17. You look radiant!

  18. I'm just overwhelmed and beaming with pride for you, Katie. I kept thinking about how I would handle a similar situation and couldn't have done it nearly as well as you did. You were just fantastic, lovely and gracious. You're truly an amazing person. Congratulations :)

  19. I hate they edited so much of your segment. I would have chosen to see more of you and Jennie over the mom and daughter makeover. I watch What Not To Wear all the time, so I know exactly who you hairs stylist was. How exciting! He and the makeup guy did a really good job. I could not tell you were shaking at all. You were awesome!

  20. AHH!!! I LOVE TED! I catch that What not to wear show sometimes at lunch and he's totally my favorite stylist, he just seems so genuine and sweet. I would have totally nerded out and been all silly. I wish we could see the stuff they cut out, like a directors cut dvd, lol! Your dress was way better, and that little belt really showed off your tiny waist. I am glad it was a good experience!


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