November 08, 2011

Good to Go For Surgery

I got quite a bit done today. I was 'supposed' to take Paolo to the shelter today, but I just couldn't do it! I'm so afraid that he'll either not get adopted or he'll go to a bad home. I looked on Craigslist today to possibly put an ad on there for him, but I started reading other ads and one was a scolding letter to the reader who is considering taking an animal to the shelter. I felt too guilty. I just wish I'd taken him to the shelter the second we discovered him living in our shed, because now I'm attached.

Anyways, I started the day with a 3-mile run on the treadmill. I decided to focus on the quality of the run rather than the quantity--so I ran sprints for the first mile, then I started running at 6.0 and increased it by 0.1 every 1/4 mile. I finished the three miles in 27:48.

After I showered, I headed out to get a few things done--I stopped at the post office to mail something, then I went to the lab to get blood drawn for my surgery. I went to the UPS store to mail a form I had to fill out--the consent for my surgery to be filmed. I got my three post-op prescriptions filled, and I am now good to go for surgery! I stopped at the vet to pick up some pills for the cats.

I've had my cats on Frontline Plus (for flea treatment) for YEARS, and they've never had fleas. Until we took in Paolo. I still put Frontline on them once a month, but all four cats somehow started getting fleas. The Frontline is just not working at all anymore. So I got a pill for each cat at the vet today that kills all fleas in about an hour.

I never used these pills before, because I never needed to--but I gave each cat a pill as soon as I got home. Within 20 minutes, they were all scratching fiercely. The fleas started dropping off of them like crazy. That shit works GOOD! After about an hour and a half, the cats were peaceful and all the fleas were dead. I ran a comb through all of them to collect the dead fleas, and then I cleaned the heck out of all the surfaces the cats sleep on, and I did a really thorough vacuuming of the house. I'm hoping that this will take care of the flea issue.

My weigh-in tomorrow is NOT going to be good. The past few days I've been ravenously hungry, and I've eaten much more than I have been the past few weeks. I'm still not going to panic, and I'm just going with it. Maybe I'm PMSing or something, and next week I'll go back to a normal appetite. Well, next week I probably won't have much of an appetite at all (post-op)!

My kids don't have school tomorrow, so I think I'll try and do something fun with them--after my surgery, I won't be doing much at all for a while, and I feel so guilty about that! I'll see what they want to do--and chances are, it will involve McDonalds.

I told Renee today that I am not going to do the 11k run on Friday. I just want to have a stress-free weekend, and I get stressed over things like that--I'll be too slow, I'll be tired the next day (11 pm is way past my bed time!). I think I might do a long run on Friday during the day, and call that my last run of the year!  I won't be running again until 2012. It's going to feel so weird!


  1. We found kittens in our yard last summer full of fleas. I went to PetSmart and all the shampoos and pills were not for young kittens. I asked for help and the girl recommended DAWN Dish soap. It works like a charm. Got them in the bath and lathered them up and the fleas were dead. We bathed all 4 and then all of our other 2 cats and dog. Washing my big cat was a chore, but no fleas since. My brother saved a puppy from a house that was full of fleas and used DAWN. All gone.

  2. I bet your cat appreciates it more than you know!

    I hate McD's. I hate the play place. I swear my kids get sick anytime we eat there. Of course they love it, but I am lucky enough to live in a metro with many other options.

  3. WOW! I had a "kill all fleas" day myself! I missed a month (or 2) of the flea stuff for Molly and now we're suffering! Thank God today was unseasonably warm (about 65*)! I took her out and bathed her with flea shampoo. She's never happy about a bath, but I rinsed her with pitcher after pitcher of warm water, so she tolerated it. Then I put a collar on her. I already washed her bedding for her crate, so I took out the dirty stuff, cleaned her crate area and sprayed everything down. Then I took to the living room with my vacuum and flea spray. Hopefully all of that did the trick! I have a flea bomb if necessary.

    I have hungry days and I just eat. I always attribute it to that time, but I know I don't get it once a week! Just think, come next week, you'll be relying on others to bring you your meals, so you won't be able to eat even if you want to!

  4. Good for you for not running the race. Sometimes it is hard to say no but you are smart to relax before surgery. :) I am ravenous today myself so I know what you mean.

  5. No race! Yay! You need to relax and have a party for yourself!

  6. It's refreshing that you listen to your body and know what you need to do (or not to - like the race)! I used to be a "yes" girl. I didn't want to disappoint anyone or inconvenience them...and then I felt used and abused. So as hard as it was, I quit trying to please everybody else and actually started taking care of myself and my family. (imagine that!) I got a lot of homework done today, dinner is in the crock pot, and i'm planning on taking a quiz right now for my nutrition class. This week's chapter is called "Life Cycle Nutrition: Mother and Infant"...maybe it's a sign?! ;) I'll let you know hopefully by this weekend! Haha.

  7. Have you looked into rescue/foster organizations for your cat? I mean, technically, you have been "fostering" him. Usually, you would have to keep the cat until a new home was found....but at least you would know that he was going to a good home.

    I just set up my DVR to record your appearance on Dr. Oz. I'm actually having surgery that day, so I'll save it to watch while I hang out on the recliner recuperating!

  8. I was actually going to ask you what time you went to sleep!!! OMG waking up at like 5 or 6...that's insane! I wish I could actually wake up that early, ON PURPOSE! Sounds like you had a busy day! Now if only they could come up with a pill my house can take to get rid of the fruit flies, that'd be great.

  9. For your long run on Friday, maybe you can do your own 11K on 11/11/11... maybe even at 11AM instead of 11PM.
    Hmmm... gonna have to think of some fun '11' type things to do on Friday with my kids!!

  10. You might want to look into switching your cats over to Revolution. Flea populations can become resistant to certain treatments used repeatedly, so switching to something different would likely help your situation. Bonus is that Revolution covers more things than Frontline Plus -- Like worms & ear mites. Not typically an issue for cats that live indoors, but since you have one that runs around freely outdoors and then comes inside to expose the rest of the population.... Yes, I would recommend Revolution. (And keeping all cats indoors) Your Capstar treatment will not do anything to prevent more fleas from entering the home, so you do need to continue using long term preventatives.

  11. What is the name of the medicine you gave them? I've had an issue with fleas once and I had to flea bomb the house. It was a pain because I had to pack up all of the animals (2 cats and 1 dog) for the day and leave the house. This miracle pill sounds WAY easier. Are you getting excited for your surgery? It's crazy to think we won't read any posts about running until next year!
    I'm very excited to hear how your surgery goes and what the recovery process will be. Oh and the having them record your surgery because the doctor will do their best work is genius! I never would have thought about that!!

  12. You could always try posting on your local Freecycle and see if anyone is looking for a new family pet. We took in a stray cat once and I got quickly attached even though I'm horribly allergic and it was hard to let him go but fortunately I found a home for him.


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