November 04, 2011

Pre-Op Excitement

Thanks for the advice on Phoebe!  Who would've thunk that one of my readers was a veterinarian?! If only one of my readers was a plastic surgeon looking for a pro bono case, I'd be all set ;)  I put a warm compress on Phoebe's wound a couple of times today and it no longer has any pus coming out--so I think that's good. It's still super red and there is still a hole in her skin though.  She's been sleeping all day, even sleeping on my lap for a while (which she never does).

My surgery is a week from Monday! Can you believe it came this fast? I went to Sam's Club today to buy a bunch of high-protein snacks at the recommendation of my surgeon. I got cashews and pistachios, sliced turkey, Havarti cheese, eggs (to hard-boil), chocolate protein powder (whey--I haven't broken out since I started using it again, so maybe it wasn't the dairy that was causing me to break out after all). 

The hospital where I'm having my surgery called me today to ask me a million health questions and give me pre-op instructions. I made the full payment yesterday for the surgery (borrowed money, of course).  They are sending me a waiver in the mail to sign and return--it's to allow the surgery to be filmed. I'm still glad with the decision to do that, because now I know my surgeon will do her best work ;)  I made sure that my name and any identifying information will not be anywhere on the video.

I got my other compression garment in the mail today, and I opened it to try it on--I wanted to make sure it wasn't waaay too small. I'm surprised that it's not nearly as tight as I pictured (especially since I haven't had the surgery yet, so my skin is all still there and in the way). I wonder if I should have ordered a small instead of a medium?  I followed the guidelines for measurements, and it said medium. But I've lost 10 or so pounds since I ordered it. I would rather it be too tight than not tight enough. I'll ask my surgeon.

Jerry used my being layed up and not able to do much other than watch TV for 10 days as an excuse to order Showtime today. Normally, I'd be pissed to spend $15 a month on it--but I want to watch Dexter soooo badly that I am going to "allow" it ;)  at least until I'm not restricted in my movement. Occasionally, we get free Showtime for 6 months, and that's how we got hooked on Dexter. I'm dying to watch this season! I also want to watch this season of The Big C, because I got hooked on that too.

 I went for a short three-mile run today. It feels weird to not have a schedule, especially since I can only run for another week before I have to stop for six weeks. I've also gotten so used to running five or more miles at a time, so three just seems like a waste of time. Which is stupid thinking, I know. Three miles equals about 300 calories, which equals a yummy dessert! Of COURSE it's not a waste of time!

Speaking of food, it's been 19 days since my last binge! AND that includes spending a night by myself in NYC. I've been doing awesome with this non-dieting/non-intuitive eating/non-bingeing approach :)  Eli gave me all of his Tootsie Rolls yesterday, because they happen to be the one candy he doesn't like. I love them! I ate one last night and one after dinner today, and I don't even feel the impulse to go eat the rest. This is such a strange feeling, but I hope it lasts! 

I've been going crazy with wanting to know when my Dr. Oz episode will air! I'm so scared to see it! I almost don't want to watch, because I'm afraid I'll be too critical of myself, and only see the flaws. I was trembling so badly while I was on the stage, and I'm afraid my lipstick was too red, and I'm afraid my arms are going to look ginormous.

A lot of you asked me if I was going to mention my blog--and no, I didn't. I wasn't allowed to mention my blog or Sparkpeople :(  I asked over and over about Spark, because I feel so passionately about Spark, but the producer said it didn't "fit in". I didn't get to CHOOSE what I talked about.

Basically, a producer interviews you for a looong time and picks out the stuff they want to use--it's all the truth, but it isn't the whole story. I didn't even get to mention RUNNING. I just hope that what they chose to use was actually helpful and/or motivating to people. But enough about that. I'll write more after it airs!

I didn't have much time to e-mail last week because I was very busy getting stuff together for the show--I'm still catching up. Sorry if you're waiting for a response!


  1. Aww, glad that Phoebe is doing better! That's great that you have a veterinarian as a reader! Haha. I've never watched Dexter, but I have some friends that are HOOKED on it. I have another friend who is hooked on 24 right now too. (another show I haven't watched) Congrats on 19 days binge free! I bet that feels so good! =) Sounds like the balance is becoming your "normal". Isn't that what we all want?! Your surgery date is SO close!! I'm so excited for you! I'm sure I would be just as nervous as you are about the Dr. Oz show. But honestly, we are ALWAYS our own worst critic. Seriously! We are all so proud of you Katie! That totally sucks that you couldn't mention your blog or SparkPeople!! They are such big parts of your life! DUMB!! Oh my gosh, I can't wait to see it now!! It'll be interesting to see how they put it all together and make it flow when they are just picking and choosing what you can share. Back to studying...big mid-term tomorrow!! AAAH!!

  2. Time flies and hopefully so does your recovery! I think the compression garment will probably be a good fit because you will have a lot of swelling after the surgery. I'm glad you have some good television to look forward to while you are recuperating!

    Wish me luck- I'm going to my daughter's BFF's birthday party right now. I have about 500 calories to play with. Damn my gf and her good food!!

  3. Maybe if the people who watch the show want to see more about your story they will Google your name?! Then they can REALLY learn about everything that matters!Spark is the BEST tool!!! <3

  4. I'm sure your spot on the show will be fantastic, and I'm looking forward to seeing it.

  5. I can't believe they didn't let you talk about Running, I mean the number one question on everyone's mind is probably what did you eat or how did you exercise to lose the weight? How did you stay motivated and do it all? etc. etc. So why wouldn't they want that vital piece of info?? So dumb! Them not you of course! Still can't wait to see you on TV!! I feel like I know you even though we've never met. :)

    SO excited for your surgery for you! Hope it all goes 110% perfectly and you're able to tell us all about it!! Have you decided to show us before/after pics yet?? Even a private album??

    Glad the kitty is doing well. She's really cute and since I have four kitties myself, they are like my kids!! :)

  6. LoveAnAnimalNovember 04, 2011

    Poor Phoebe! She may favoring hanging around the house from here on out after her horrific experience.

    The time has flown by! It's exciting about your surgery! When at home recuperating, get a little bell so that you can ring it whenever you need Jerry to get you something. : ) I have seen a few shows of Dexter, and it kind of creeps me out. With you on your pain medication, and watching Dexter, I hope you don't get creeped out. You may want to watch the Sound of Music instead. LOL

  7. 300 calories = a yummy dessert LOL! You think the same way I do Katie.

  8. I think my blog title should be "I run to Eat" ....its kind of ridiculous how much Halloween candy I ate yesterday. Since Halloween I had only ate 3 pieces...which is amazing for me.

    However, I guess yesterday was my binge day.....I told the kids, "Let's eat it all so its out of the house!" I just can't throw the stuff out...I must eat chocolate. Crazy. I think I tried every chocolate bar once...about 10-12 bars!!!

    Today is the day for zero!

    Today is another running day!


  9. Im so glad your kitty is feeling better!

    I am nervous for you surgery, I just had me gallbladder and the one week of recovery was hell.

    What kind of recovery is expected for this surgery? Lots of pain? How will you use the bathroom if you cant sit?

  10. So glad Phoebe is recovering. I remember after Mindy had to spend the week at the Humane Society, when she got home she was way more affectionate than usual for a while. As she got older, she got more and more reclusive and sweet too. She quit going outside and spent the last several years of her life in our bedroom. I had her food and water there and litter box and she was happy. She slept with me every single night and we always had our cuddle time when I first got in bed, before she found a spot further down on the bed for the rest of the night. Part of the reason she hibernated in our bedroom was because we had gotten some more cats by then, a couple Himalayans, we also took in my Dad's cat and another cat who was a stray (I think at one time we had SIX cats), and Mindy hated them all. She was happiest away from those other cats, in our bedroom. We don't have any cats or dogs now. It's quiet, but I sure enjoy having no messes or litter boxes to clean!

    Glad your new eating style is going so well. I'm not doing so well. You talked about tootsie rolls and I'm thinking, "YUMMM chocolate." What do I have to eat that's chocolate in this house? CRAP. Just the mention of something can set me off. The last few days have been horrible, I'm obsessing over food and eating way too much. The scale is up about 4 lbs. from last weekend. I KNOW I haven't eaten that much--that would be 14,000 extra calories. NO WAY! But I also know when you've lost weight, it doesn't take as much to gain weight. At least it sure doesn't seem like it.
    Can't wait for the Dr. Oz show to air. I bet you did and looked great. The surgery is going to be awesome too, hopefully you can get the right sized compression garment. That is probably pretty important.
    We love Dexter at my house too. We have watched it since just after the first season. We caught an episode on demand, and were immediately hooked, watched the rest of the season that way, and then each season since as it has aired on Showtime. It's sick and dark, and so addictive.

  11. What luck to hear from a vet through your blog! If you ever need a Project Manager, I'm you're girl. HAHA!
    I'm really surprised to hear that they wouldn't let you talk about running. I guess maybe they didn't want people to hear your story and feel like they'd have to run in order to lose weight. Who knows. It's just such a big part of YOU that I would think they would want it included. Regardless I'm sure you did a great job.
    The last season of The Big C is awesome!!! I love that show! The other thing to check out is Homeland. I've been DVR'ing it and finally sat down this week to watch the 5 episodes I had taped. OMG! It is soooooooo good! I stayed up until 3:30am that night because I literally HAD TO watch the next episode, and then the next, then the next. :-)

  12. I'm so happy/excited for and jealous of you! This time next year I may be seeing how to afford the same surgery, so I'm extra interested in how it goes for you. I'm like you though, I have absolutely no clue how to fund it without going crazy into debt. I imagine it's definitely worth it and you've definitely earned it with all your hard work! Lame that you didn't get to mention anything you wanted to on Dr. Oz... they should have let you pick at least one thing of your choice! I'm sure you did splendidly though! Looking forward to seeing the episode.


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