November 18, 2011

My appearance on The Dr. Oz Show, Day 1 (of 2)

The morning was totally chaotic. I had to get my kids ready to take to my parents house, and at the same time get myself ready to head to NYC. My flight was at 11:25 AM, and I left for the airport pretty early, at 9:00. The plane was absolutely tiny--three seats per row, and only like 13 rows. I was in the very front by the window. I didn't take any Xanax because I didn't want to feel drowsy when I got to the studio.

The flight was pretty smooth, and I saw a couple of cool things out the window. There was a corn maze in the shape of a spider web and a spider (being the day after Halloween, it was very appropriate). I saw all the snow that dumped on the east coast. And then I saw THE CITY. I couldn't believe how amazing it was from the plane--I could see everything!

When we landed, we actually had to go down portable steps and get into a bus that took us to the terminal. Like I said, VERY small plane!  I was supposed to go to baggage claim and find my driver, who would be holding a sign with my last name on it. He was easy to spot, because he was VERY tall (I later learned he was 6'10"). He was SUPER nice, and he chatted with me all the way to the studio, which was about 30-40 minutes away.

When I learned that he drives a lot of celebrities, I wanted to hear all about them--and he told me some fun info about his opinions of certain people ;)  When he asked about why I was going to appear on The Dr. Oz Show, and I told him about my weight loss, he said that as a very tall person, he has a lot of the same physical issues that obese people have. He's even broken a few chairs.

So I arrived at Rockefeller Plaza (where the studio is) and had to check in with security. They gave me a little pass to swipe to get to the elevators. I couldn't figure out how to work it, and someone came over to help me. Classy as always. Then Kyle, the travel coordinator for the Dr. Oz Show saw me and took me up to the offices.

I met Ali, the producer who first discovered my e-mail and got the ball rolling for me--she was SO NICE, and I immediately liked her. Then I met Margaret, who I feel knows more about me than a lot of my friends by now--she's the one that wrote the show, and asked me millions of questions in order to do so.  I met other people, and I feel awful that I don't remember everyone's names. Everybody was super friendly, and made me feel very comfortable.

Margaret went over the gist of the show with me, and then I went to this little sound booth to record a narration (I forget what they call it). At the beginning of my part of the show, there are my pictures shown on the screen and my voice narrating in the background. Everything I said was pretty accurate, but I just wish I'd had more of a say in what content was there. I just hope it sounded sincere!

I did request one change, which they made for me. I had to read it directly off the paper (over and over again, with someone instructing me HOW to say it).  While I was waiting to do the voice, I chatted with the sound-guy (again, forget his name!)  I asked him a million questions about how it all works and he explained it to me. I asked him if he watches the show, and he said no. LOL

After recording that part (it only took about 10 minutes total), I went into Margaret's office and role-played the show about four times (she played Dr. Oz asking me questions, and I answered). I still didn't feel 100% confident with my answers, and there were lots of things I wanted to say but I couldn't--I wanted to mention Sparkpeople, my blog, and some of the advice that you all told me I should mention. When watching the show, you wouldn't even realize it's me, because I didn't get to say any of the things that I find MOST relevant to my weight loss (like RUNNING for example; Sparkpeople; my blog; not making changes you aren't willing to live with forever). But I'll talk about that part later.

After role-playing with Margaret, an intern (she had a cool name and now I forget!) took me to Lucky Magazine's offices where I was told I was going to have a clothes fitting. This ended up being the worst part of my trip. There were three dresses the Lucky stylist chose for me, and they were HIDEOUS (in my opinion, of course!). One of them, the stylist agreed wasn't even an option when I put it on. The other two, she really liked, but I HATED. I was nearly in tears as I tried them on.

They were very blousy and large--like a muumuu. But because they were cinched in the waist, she told me they were "slimming". And she wanted me to wear black tights with them. Now, I'm certainly no stylist for Lucky magazine, but I would NEVER make someone wear these dresses!  I'm embarrassed to even show them here:

SERIOUSLY?! I was smiling for the pics, but I felt the lump in my throat and I really just wanted to get to my hotel room and cry. I couldn't believe this was happening. I am NOT a picky person, and I was so grateful for everything that The Dr. Oz Show was doing for me, but I couldn't go on TV looking like that. I told the intern how I felt, and she said she would relay the message to Ali.

The stylist seemed offended that I didn't like her choices, so I didn't want to dwell on it in front of her. But it didn't help that she said I was "hippy"--meaning that I have big hips. What the?! First, I don't think I have big hips at ALL for my body size; and second, I had just lost 100+ pounds and the last thing you should point out is a flaw in my body. That does not help one's self-esteem.

The intern escorted me (in a cab) to my hotel. I was staying at the AKA Central Park, and it was awesome. I checked in, went up to my room, and took a few pictures before messing things up:

I called Jerry, and just started sobbing. I told him that I made a big mistake, that I shouldn't have come. I was going to look like an idiot on national TV, and it was too late to back out. He told me the dresses couldn't be THAT bad (typical man-response, right?!).  I was starving at this point, because I had a protein shake for breakfast at 7:00, then a Larabar on the plane. And that was IT, and it was now 6:00 pm.

I then started crying because I wanted to get something for dinner, but it was NYC and I didn't want to get lost or hurt going out by myself. I just felt SO overwhelmed. I stopped crying long enough to talk to my mom and sister on the phone (I didn't want them to know how upset I was). Then I felt sorry for myself a little longer. Then I wiped all the mascara off my face and went down to the lobby.

I asked if there was anything super close by that I could eat, and he told me some ideas. I walked down the street and realized that DUH, it's NYC, there is food everywhere. So I walked halfway around the block and found a restaurant that looked decent. The people working there were rude, but I learned quickly that nearly everybody I encountered was rude in NYC (at least compared to where I live). I ordered dinner and took it back to my room at the hotel.

Penne with tomatoes and basil, salad, garlic bread and Sprite Zero. Not pictured: An oatmeal raisin cookie for dessert.  I ate about 3/4 of the penne, two bites of salad (it was gross), all of the bread, and the cookie. I wasn't stuffed, but I was definitely satisfied, and feeling better.

I started watching a stupid movie on HBO and then Ali (the producer) called. She said she heard about the dress situation, and if I wanted to, I could wear the dress that I brought. I was so happy I would have kissed her had she been in front of me. (FYI, I brought along the blue/black dress that I wore to Sarah's bridal shower in June).  After eating, and hearing from Ali, I was feeling much better. I started going over the questions that Dr. Oz was most likely going to ask me, and trying to smooth out my answers.

Then Margaret called and said that she had to cut out parts of the show for time--they were eliminating parts from everyone. She took out two questions, and I was bummed to see that one of them was about advice that I have for others, where I was going to talk about not making any changes that you aren't willing to live with FOREVER. On the other hand, it was nice to have less questions to worry about answering! Margaret was great with helping me feel prepared for the show!

I took a Xanax so that I could calm down enough to be able to sleep, and I was asleep by 10.


  1. I liked the dress that you ended up in much, much better than the ones they wanted to put you in!


  2. I'm so glad you covered the part about the narration recording. As I was watching I found myself wondering when you did the voiceover stuff and how all that worked. Cool.
    Dude, those dresses look like SHIT! I would have been so pissed too. I'm SO glad you brought that blue dress with you. It was perfect. I could just slap that chick for making the hippy comments. Grrrr. Dumbass.

  3. OMG Katie!!!! Those dresses!!! Thank goodness you stopped them! What were they THINKING?

  4. I caught your appearance on the Dr. Oz show almost by mistake. A commercial for his upcoming show played 10 minutes before the start
    of the show. You looked great! That had to be such an exciting trip! Congrats! Nancy

  5. OH MY GOSH KATIE!!! Those dresses were AWFUL! SERIOUSLY?! I would have been FREAKING OUT! So glad that you said something and that you brought that dress! (why did you bring it?? just in case?) I can't believe they thought that those dresses looked good on you, sorry, but those dresses SUCKED ASS and didn't show off all of your hard work! And HIPPY?!?! I want to slap that stylist! Lol. She must be blind and dumb, because those dresses are ugly and you're not hippy! Haha. XOXO.

  6. Oh my gosh, just reading this I feel like I'm going through the emotional ups and downs with you! I live up in the NW corner of New Mexico so Dr. Oz hasn't aired yet but I can't wait! I just had to comment real quickly here before I read "part 2". Oh and I'm SO glad you stood up for yourself about the dresses, they are butt ugly!!!

    -Jen (jennygump21)

  7. Wow! I always wanted to know what all goes into these shows and def learned a lot from watching Oprah's behind the scenes show recently - but I had no clue about the voice over and how they direct you HOW to say it - I mean it's YOUR story!! lol Also those red dresses were def hideous!! I LOVED the dress you wore! So glad they let you wear it!! And I hate that they cut even more of your show than they told you they would!! UGH! Oh and not everyone in NYC is rude lol but they all are in a hurry which can come across as rude! haha :) Sometimes I'm surprised with how nice people are here in TN now. I'm so use to NJ/NY people!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Sorry your first day wasn't that great. NYC really is great but you can't be scared to explore it. Sucks that the restaurant staff was rude but I assure you not everyone is rude in NYC everyone is in a rush to no where so they get antsy, there are definitely a bunch of @$$holes walking around but not everyone is so irritable. Hope this trip didn't ruin NYC in general for you :-/

  10. I don't blame you, I would have cried my eyes out, those dresses are horrid. I'm so glad they let you wear your own dress. They so need to hire a decent stylist.

  11. I can't remember - did you say this was your first time to NYC? I remember being super overwhelmed my first time, and was just glad my sister lived in the area and could show me around! Having said that, though, I've been there three or four times and never encountered anyone who was rude! How strange.

    That first dress is hideous. I like the second dress, but not with those leggings! I'm glad they let you wear your own dress.

    Off to read the second blog...

  12. I hope this trip to NYCdidn't leave a bad taste in your mouth. It's my favorite place on earth! There's so much to do and see. I hope Day 2 finds you having a better experience!

    Oh, and the dresses? Why did the mom and daughter both have form-fitting knit dresses (with black tights!) and they wanted you to wear Omar the Tent Maker smocks? And another thing, I heard from my niece's in-laws that they were to be guests on the show and the producers WERE putting words in her mouth so she refused to go on. It's all about making good tv. The funny thing is, they let that one woman say she went to WW. Hmmm... endorcement deal maybe?

  13. You made the absolute right decision with the dress. The blue/black one looked amazing, the red ones were awful! Glad your overall experience was a good one.

  14. Just so you know, I received a free subscription to Lucky Magazine like, 6 months ago and after perusing it the first couple of months, now I just throw it straight into the recycling bin without even opening it. It doesn't surprise me at ALL that they would pick out that red dress for you.
    Loving this piece by piece story of your trip. Off to read the next part!

  15. OMG, you are so right, that red dress is awful. It makes you look so much bigger than you are. I'm so happy they let you wear your own dress, cause it is so flattering. Your waist looks tiny, especially with that little belt, I loved it! And your legs look better without those stupid black tights too. The day I wore a dress to work (earlier this Fall) for the first time ever (I've worked there 34 years!), I wore black tights. But I had to. I have varicose veins and saggy skin, and the tights covered the varicose veins and held in the saggy skin. You don't have that problem, so glad you held out, or at least made your unhappiness known and they listened to you. Way to go Katie! I'm so wimpy, I'd have just done what they said and looked way bigger than I really was in their dumb pick for a dress. So glad you are smarter than that! But sorry you had to go through that period of anxiety before they called and changed their minds! That must have been stressful, in a strange HUGE city, all alone, and knowing you're going to be on national TV the next day and knowing the dress they were going to make you wear did nothing to accent your amazing body! I am so happy it all worked out for you!

  16. The dresses honestly were absolutely horrible. When I saw you on the show I thought "Wow, their stylist did a great job." Little did I know, YOU did a great job lol! The dress you wore was super cute. Thanks for the backstage info. I had a sneaking suspicion they told you what to say on the narration when you only mentioned Dr. Oz as a motivation. It was fine though. I thought it sounded sincere.

    To the previous commenter who mentioned the guest who talked about WW...Dr. Oz does have a deal with WW. They are connected to the 1 million dollar promo he is doing now.

  17. Wow you are SOOO right about those dresses! Completely unflattering and I don't think anyone could make those things look good. I can't believe that such a big show's stylist would not have more options! I would have been devastated too if I thought I was going to have to appear on TV in them. So glad they let you wear your dress. You looked so great!!

  18. LOL everyone is rude in NYC, i think that is TRUE. :)
    and OMG those dresses were horrible. off to read the rest

  19. Oh my Gosh, Katie - those dresses were HORRIBLE and did NOTHING for your body. I would have been in absolute hysterics and I don't blame you one bit for crying. Good for you for not keeping quiet. That would have TOTALLY ruined the experience for me...if it were me. Also, don't let people give you crap about saying New Yorkers are rude. Many are. They don't mean to be but they are in a hurry and they are abrupt and have little tolerance for non-New Yorkers and I'd bet most New Yorkers would tell you the same :)

  20. Wow, those dresses :( The dress you wore was BEAUTIFUL. You looked fantastic.

    Wendy (Madwin)

  21. The blue dress was much better!

  22. WOW those dresses are terrible! Yikes! Your dress was so much better...good thing you packed it! I watched you on Dr. Oz and you were fabulous!
    Katie G.
    (I made this blog a while ago but haven't been using it...but I love following your blog!)

  23. OMG those dresses were soo UGLY! I would have cried too!


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