November 25, 2011

Ready to be healed

Today was a VERY frustrating day for me. My belly is really swollen today--the most swollen it's been since my surgery. I've been meticulously recording my drain output, hoping to get the last drain removed today, but it's still putting out 50-60 cc's every 24 hours. My doctor said it has to be less than 30 cc's, and then I can go get the drain removed. So now I have to wait until Monday, at the earliest.

My doctor warned me that the next couple of weeks are the worst to handle (mentally). That I would feel annoyed and depressed and regret the surgery, because I'll just want to "feel like a normal person" again. She was totally right. I don't regret the surgery at ALL, but I'm SO SICK of taking care of the stupid drain, and being afraid to even touch my incision; not being able to wear jeans because my hip bones are super sensitive, and the jeans rub my incision; having to wear big, baggy clothes; having to eat tons of protein when I don't want to; sitting in the recliner all damn day; and not being able to sleep on my stomach.

I know that this is all just temporary, but I am dying to just go back to normal. Jerry wanted to go Christmas shopping tonight, but I really don't want to go anywhere with this stupid drain. I thought I had lucked out with the swelling, because it hasn't been bad at all--but right now I realize why people complain about swelling after this surgery!

I did go to the mailbox, and was excited to find a package from Czesia! She celebrated her one-year blog anniversary with a (self-funded) giveaway. I received a "girly" package, which couldn't have arrived on a better day!

Cleverly wrapped up in a cute kitchen apron

Earrings (for my blue Dr. Oz dress!), eyeshadow, soaps, aromatherapy things, a ring, and...

This flower for my hair (I forgot it was in my hair when I took the pic of all the goodies)

LOVE the ring!!
Czesia said she picked the sparrow on the ring because it represents strength--to show how strong I am! ;)  I'll take a pic of me in the apron when I'm having a better day. Right now I just feel gross. I love everything, though, and like I said--great timing for my bad day!!


  1. Hope things start to get better for you Katie. Glad Czesia's gift cheered you up.

  2. Sending you some positive vibes in hopes you'll feel better tomorrow. :)

  3. What a cute giveaway! I am glad you received it today.

  4. Aw, she's so sweet! And I love that ring.

  5. YAY!!! I'm sooo super glad you got the package love! I'm so sorry you're having a crummy day though :( One thing I forgot to tell you about the two brown soaps, are that they are handmade from my mom! I made the flowers! I have one just like it! It looks SOO cute with your hair color!! please FEEL BETTER SOON!

  6. I'm sorry that your having a crappy day! It sucks when you get in a mental "funk" and it seems like everything is sucky! It's gotta be 10 times worse for you dealing with recovering from surgery! I had every intention of overcoming the Thanksgiving bingeing tradition. I've worked so hard to try to change over the last year so I thought I could do it and I did really well yesterday but the leftovers got me today. I am stuffed and miserable and hateing myself!!! I know tomorrow is a new day and all I can do is suck it up and move on but I feel like crap about letting myself binge. I felt like a crack head! I hope you feel better soon! : )

  7. Just do the best you can every day and don't expect too much from yourself. Make a little list and try and cross one or two things off every day. When you see that you are getting things done, even if it's slower than you're used to, you'll feel better that you really aren't laying in your recliner all day. Do you decorate for Christmas? Maybe you can start that? Put on some Chipmunks Christmas music and you can't help but smile!

  8. I hope that you are feeling better soon!!!!! What a nice gift!!!:-)
    Make sure that you don't overdo it!!!!

  9. So nice to get a package like that on a day when you're feeling less than chipper. Hope the recovery speeds up, the draining stops, the swelling goes down and we get our Happy Katie back again. Hang in there--after this is all healed, you're going to look GREAT!

  10. I just found your blog - so I'm behind. Did you have a tummy tuck? I had one and your doc is right - the recovery to this surgery will test you mentally as well as physically - it's SO hard - but so worth it! Take care.

  11. I hope you're having a better day today. The time will go by and soon this will all be a faint memory....but it doesn't make it suck any less right now. Wish there was some way I could help make the time go faster.
    Take care!!!!

  12. Need a good laugh? The captcha word for the above comment I just posted was "manpu". :-)


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