November 17, 2011

Newspaper and post-op day 3

I slept in the recliner last night, and I felt so much better! I didn't have to turn side to side anymore like I did in the bed, and I actually got about 6 hours of sleep. I've been taking my meds every 3 hours as prescribed.

For those of you that asked about my incision, it goes ALL THE WAY AROUND my body, including over my spine. It stays pretty low all the way around my hips and then dips a little to the top of my butt crack (like the top of a heart) and then continues around to the front. It is literally like a belt.

...Which is why it is so hard to get comfortable! No matter what way you lie down, some part of the incision is resting on the bed. I don't think that the incision is the part that hurts so much though--it's definitely the abdominal muscles!  When you get a tummy tuck, they will do a "muscle repair" where they stitch your abdominal muscles together where they may have separated from pregnancies or other reasons.

tummy tuck pamphlet

See the lower-left picture? That shows where the doctor sews the muscles together with absorbable sutures. My doctor said my muscles were pretty far apart--she had to bring them in 2 1/2 inches!! Doing THAT is what causes so much pain from the surgery and why you have to walk and stand hunched over. I don't think I could stand upright if I tried right now. Turning over in bed was excruciating, but the recliner is much more comfortable. The doctor said it'll be about two weeks before I can stand upright and sit upright.

Jessica just brought me some curried chicken salad with apples and raisins--yum!--and a loaf of roasted garlic bread  from a local bread company. I hadn't tried their bread before, and wow--it was amazing!  The one positive thing about having surgery (for me anyway) is that it reduces your appetite. Right now my sole focus is on protein, whether I enjoy it or not, because I want to heal as fast as possible.

My mom told my Dr. Oz story to the local paper. We live in a very small town, so it doesn't take much to make the paper! The reporter called yesterday right after I woke up from a pain-medicine-induced sleep, so I hope I at least sounded a little coherent when I spoke with her. She said the story would run in today's newspaper. Jerry and I don't even get the newspaper, so we had to go buy one.

ETA:  I was SHOCKED when I saw it--it's HUGE! I cringed and covered my eyes when Jerry showed it to me, because it takes up about 2/3 of the front page. I had no idea this whole story would get so BIG.

I really AM excited to see the show tomorrow--my curiosity is killing me!


  1. That is so cool that you are on the newspaper :). yeah I can't wait for your show tomorrow, I make sure to dvr it. glad you were more confortable on the recliner. well glad to hear from you and that you are doing better

  2. Oh oh look! Between 9 and 10 seconds in!!! WOOHOO!!!!

  3. Hi Katie, I am SOOO behind in my blog reading. Congrats on coming through the surgery (the pics aren't gross at all!!!), the newspaper feature and Dr. Oz. So excited for all that is going on in your life!!!! (well, not excited for your post op discomfort but that'll get better soon I'm sure) Take care, enjoy ALL your success!!! You deserve the accolades.

  4. Holy cow, front page news! I still haven't gotten a DVR so I'm just going to have and make sure I can watch it, I'm super excited for you! It'll be strange to see you on TV speaking and such after only knowing pictures and blogs for the past year or so. Hope the pain is getting better!

  5. Glad that you got some sleep, Katie, and are continuing to heal. Congratulations on the newspaper article!


  6. It's so intersting that you have major life changes right around Thanksgiving!
    Will be watching the show tomorrow, Katie, and I'm so happy that things are going so well in all directions for you. You deserve all the happiness in the world.

  7. That article is really great!!

  8. So cool! Thanks for posting this - as well as the photos. You've been fearless in sharing this journey with us. THANK YOU!!!

  9. I'm glad you finally got some rest. Going without sleep just makes everything seem 10 times worse! It's iteresting how the tummy tuck works as far as the muscle stiching goes, that's crazy! The story in the paper is really cool, you totally deserve some recognition for all of your hard work and I'm sure someone reading your story will feel inspired to become healthier, that's awesome! Dr. Oz tomorrow!!! Woo hoo!

    -Jen (jennygump21)

  10. That's awesome to be in the paper like that!! It must feel surreal!

  11. Aw, I LOVE the article! Do you mind if I mention you (and the Oz show) on my blog? I just think it's so neat (on top of the obvious -inspiring!)...just wanted to check with you first. Glad you're surgery went well and that you're making a seemingly smooth recovery! :)

  12. The article is awesome!!! The photo is great! I can't wait for Oz tomorrow. I actually watch tv only rarely so I have to have my daughter help me turn it on and find the show. Too many remotes. :)

  13. In newspaper! Nice haha. You really need to tell everyone you know about the blog so you can bring in more $$$ for the ads... and because your blog is SO great!! Hope you recover quickly. - Veronika Smith

  14. Did anyone mention your blog in the article? That would've been great for blog traffic/income potential.

    P.S. I'm SO relieved for Conner! LOL

  15. So glad that you found out the reclined worked for you. It work really well for me also. I am almost 5 wks post op and my abdominal muscles are still really sore. Glad you are doing well. Will be watching your show tomorrow.

  16. So cool about the newspaper! But I'm sure you didn't expect the huge picture!! lol But you ARE famous now!! CANNOT wait to see your episode tomorrow - hopefully you have a decent amount of time on the show! Will be so cool to see you! Did you get to mention your blog in the newspaper?? You'll receive SO much traffic in the next few weeks!!

  17. I just have to say, you are SO brave!! I can't believe what you're going through. I don't think I could do it.

    That's amazing, the results so far.

    I am SO Excited to watch Dr. OZ today!!! Found it in my local listings. It says it's his 400th show... did you know that? Can't wait til 4 pm!!

    Hope you're feeling less pain today.

    Wendy (Madwin)

  18.! I guess I didn't realize about the pulling together of your muscles and sewing/stapling (whatever) back as one.

    You really have to keep your focus for weeks ahead and knowing IT Will FEEL BETTER.


  19. Katie.....all that muscle stuff sounds sooo ouchy:)I'm glad you had a good sleep. That is so awesome about getting in the paper....maybe your dream of being in the People's issue is off but made it in your local paper....awesome!!! Keep getting better. Can't wait to see you this afternoon!!
    Michelle in Canada

  20. WooHoo!!! You are a celebrity now!!!!! TV and newspaper!!!!! I couldn't be happier for you!!!!! You going going to inspire even more people now to become healthier and many people will live longer and better lives!!!!!!
    I am glad that you got some better sleep too!!!!!
    Take care of yourself and heal well!!!!!!:-)

  21. How neat to be in the paper on the front page.!!You deserve the attention to all your hard work and the self transformation!! You look fantastic!! Here's to a speedy recovery..Enjoy the Dr.Oz show today I can't wait to see it!!
    Happy Resting....Kathryn

  22. So cool about the newspaper article! You are famous:-) I'm working this morning but I'll be home to see Dr Oz this afternoon, and of course I've got the DVR set anyway. So excited to see you get to meet Dr Oz again!
    Glad you hear that you got some rest last night. I bet you miss your running!

  23. I tried to post a comment last night but my computer froze up. Thanks for sharing the pictures Katie, now we all have a better idea of the extent of that surgery! WOW! No wonder you are so sore.
    Also--loved the newspaper article, Mrs. ____!!! Of course I am now blind from the eye strain of trying to read it--LOL!
    I know what you mean about being embarrassed sort of from the picture being in the paper. I think my husband was more embarrassed than I was when my before & after picture was in our paper in September. He's embarrassed that his co-workers might see that. It always hurt me terribly back when I was fat, that he was embarrassed if any of his damned co-workers ever saw me. I don't know why their opinion is so important. In every other way he has always been super good to me, fat or thin, and believe me, there's been a lot more FAT years than thin.
    Dr. Oz used to be on here at 11 a.m., but now it's not on until 3 p.m., so I have to wait to see your show, I'm really excited!!!
    Continue to take care of yourself, hope that someday soon you will be able to move again without severe pain!!

  24. um, wow. Of course, it's easy to forget what a big deal you are, when it's "just you"! But don't forget, you are a great inspiration to others! And every time you get nervous about people reading it, just remember that! And yup, I've been telling everyone I know that my "internet friend" Katie is on Dr. Oz today!!

  25. Counting down the minutes until Haven goes to take her nap and I can watch Dr. Oz in peace and quiet! Lol. So very excited for you!! And what a great article in the newspaper! I'm glad your mom called them, you deserve the recognition!! Congrats, Katie!!

  26. Katie I got to read the Newspaper article you were in!!!! I used to live in the same area as you (We moved to A.A not long ago) I got sooo excited when I seen it!!!!! I also DVRed the Doctor Oz show you were on! You are an inspiration girl!!!!

  27. Hi Katie. I am a friend of Rik's and just had my lower trunk lift surgery on 5/22 (3 days ago) and I have been reading your blog to see if my recovery is on track with yours. Thanks so much for providing so many details re: your recovery. My only post op instructions were to not lift over 10 pounds and not to drive.

    Congrats on your marathon! As I have started running, I always imagine that the milestones must be easier for everyone else. It inspires me to hear from you and Rik that there are still tough days, hard runs, yet you persevere... Best of luck to you and I look forward to continuing to follow your journey and cheer you on!

    - Suzanne


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