November 05, 2011

Fall fun

Jerry was off work today, and he's switching back to day shift, so we were both up at 5:30 AM. It felt kind of weird to spend a morning with him. When the kids woke up, they went outside with Jerry to rake the leaves in the yard. We have a LOT of leaves!

Jerry raked them into this HUGE pile and the boys hollowed it out to make a fort. They had a blast. I stayed inside where it was warm. Phoebe won't leave her wound alone, so I put the cone on her:
She kept trying to lick her wound with the cone on, and it was hilarious. What was NOT so funny was Noah opening the door and letting Phoebe outside with her cone on! She ran into the woods. I knew she'd have a hard time getting around in the woods with that stupid cone, so I once again, set out to look for her.

I was trying to clear a path while I was walking, and it took forever just to move a short distance. I kept calling for Phoebe, and I heard her trying to make her way toward me--she realized that she was fucked trying to walk in the woods with that cone on her head! She looked so mad at me when I picked her up and brought her back in the house.

Today was the hungriest I've been since starting this non-diet thing 20 days ago. I just felt like eating and eating and eating. But I actually started looking at that in a different light... I barely ate anything in NYC, and I was so stressed last week about the Dr. Oz Show that I wasn't eating much. I think maybe my body is just trying to make up for those missed calories.

So instead of fighting it, like I would have in the past, OR beating myself up for eating "too much", I just went with it. I didn't binge, and I didn't try to restrict my eating. I just kept reminding myself that this is what my body is SUPPOSED to do. Even if I ate 3,000 calories today, that must have been what my body was needing today. Kind of hard to explain, but looking at it that way made so much sense to me.

Since it is a rare occasion for Jerry to be off and the kids to be home with us and not have anything going on, we decided to take the kids out to dinner for a special treat (it's a treat to go out to dinner because we never do!)  After a ton of deliberation in the car, we all agreed on Red Lobster.

I ordered a half-order of the Shrimp Linguine Alfredo with a Caesar salad, and I ate one biscuit. There was probably only one cup of pasta total, and I shared a few bites with the kids and Jerry. I ate about 3/4 of the salad, and two bites of Eli's chicken tender. Then the four of us shared a dessert--a warm chocolate chip lava cookie with ice cream!--I left feeling just barely full, which was perfect. I really like this way of eating, because it feels so normal!

I forgot to mention this before, but I wrote the PR Director of Sparkpeople to let him know about my being on Dr. Oz. He wrote back and was very excited for me, but he mentioned that if I do the show, there would be no chance of me being in People magazine's Half Their Size issue--which as I've mentioned numerous times, has been a HUGE dream of mine.

People magazine won't take success stories that have been featured in the media before, so I essentially gave up one dream for another. I'm happy with my decision, because I had sooo much fun doing Dr. Oz. Also, there was NO guarantee that I would be in People even if I should reach 126 pounds. (Although, the PR Director from Sparkpeople met with the editor of People's Half Their Size recently and the editor said she thought I was "adorable" and was interested in me for 2013).  Having that 'People' dream definitely helped me reach my goals, so I don't mind putting it to rest now :)

I really don't even know why I was so interested in that (or doing TV!) because I'm sooo SHY. A lot of the success story people on TV get all excited and jump up and down and dance and all that fun stuff for the camera, but I just acted like myself--which is kind of reserved, unfortunately.

Oh, and speaking of that! Remember the "You can do it!" video I made for Sparkpeople? I was one of the seven members that was chosen for the video presentation they made. I was e-mailed a rough copy of the video and it looks awesome! It should be ready for public viewing soon, so I'll post a link as soon as it's ready. Lots of fun stuff happening lately!


  1. Katie, loved the leaf photos with your sons. I SO miss being able to do that now! (jump in a pile of leaves) I like to go out and inhale that leaf smell, though.
    Sorry that you could not do BOTH People and Dr. Oz, but getting to do Dr. Oz must have been great...sounds like it was.
    FINALLY ordered my is the magnet and will be going ON MY FRIDGE!!!!! I feel like it will also be good luck since you made it!

  2. I know you said that the kind of eating you're doing is not intuitive eating, but what you're describing is what I call intuitive eating (for me at least, I don't know what "official" intuitive eating is). I always try to evaluate my hunger cues and go with them, and if there's a day when I just need a lot more food, I go with it. Or like today, when I've just been completely not hungry all day, I just don't eat very much. It all ends up balancing in the end.

    I remember you left a comment for me back in the summer on a post I did where I talked about the ten best things about my weight loss journey. You said you hadn't reached the not obsessing about food part, but what you're talking about now sounds a lot like you're getting there! I really hope that's true for you. :)

  3. I'm really sorry to hear you can't do both People and the Dr. Oz show, but glad that you're happy with your choice.
    I can't wait to reach the point where I don't obsess with food. I have days here and there, but would like it to become a way of life.

  4. You. Are. Amazing. That is all. :)

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  6. I forgot to add to my post something I got today that I think you would like.

    Every year at Christmas The Container Store has a bunch of stocking stuffer gifts. And every year they are AWESOME! This year is probably the best yet. There were so many things I bought for family and friends. And of course a few for myself. My favorite being the "Tea Bag Buddy". It holds your tea bag and creates a seal to hold in the heat while the tea bag steeps. Then when you are ready to drink your tea you pull the tea bag up and use the tea bag buddy to squeeze the bag and then flip it upside down and carry it to the trash. Seriously...GENIUS! There is a YouTube video demonstration, but here is the link to the item on the Container Store:

    Container Store Stocking Stuffers:

  7. I think it is pretty cool that your readers feel they know you well enough to suggest items for you to buy. :)

    I love your attitude toward the People dream - it was a great catalyst for you but now you are living in the moment.

  8. I'm sorry you're not able to do both Dr. Oz and People magazine, but at least you know one of your goals has been fulfilled! Like you mentioned, you were possibly going to be featured in 2013, which is an entire year away, and you'd have to be working all that time to try and get down to and maintain that loss. After your surgery you may be very happy wherever the scale settles and with loose size 4's and not want to obsess about the number. People did serve it's purpose in that it inspired you and gave you a goal to strive for.

    What? Didn't want to go for the "never ending shrimp" special? All I think of when I see that commercial is Ellen Degeneres saying "we aren't supposed to eat ALL that we can eat!"

  9. What a bummer about the "Half their Size" article. I can't wait to see the show though!

    I would love to learn to just "eat normally." I am not a "binger", but I am certainly not normal.

  10. LoveAnAnimalNovember 06, 2011

    That stinks about People Magazine. Looking forward to your "Just Do It" video too.

    As for Phoebe, you might want to think about letting her lick her wound. Wound licking can clean wounds and accelerate healing, so it can be thought of as a form of animal self-medication (zoopharmacognosy). There are a number of components of saliva that have been shown by scientific research to act against infection or to promote wound healing. In contrast to the benefits of wound licking, there is also a risk of serious infection due to the introduction of bacteria and other disease organisms into the wound, and animals may exacerbate wounds by excessively licking them.

  11. I hate that you can't do both, but I DVR Dr. Oz everyday and I never buy People, so I am selfishly happy you did Dr. Oz. I can't wait until the show airs, so we can read a blog about it!

  12. I know this comes to you almost 4 months late but I just have to tell you that among many other things you have got me watching Dr. Oz again. What a great show and it's so important to take care of our bodies. I also wanted to thank you again for your willingness to share and be proud of the accomplishment you have made! I went to a fashion function to raise money for animal shelters this past weekend and was asked to wear an outfit that was auctioned off for the cause. I raised $140 as the model! I later learned that my uncle and husband had a bidding war outbidding the other patrons and winning the pretty outfit for me. Anywhoo! I'm down 18-19 pounds depending on the day since I started in Jan. and people kept telling me how great I looked and "you've lost a lot of weight". Growing up I was taught to be embarrassed by this type of compliment but I was so happy and took it and thanked them for cheering me on as this change is a change in my life not just a 2 month diet for an event like in the past. You are such an inspiration to so many and I love ready every night. Thank you for sharing your story so honestly!!!

  13. I think you made the right choice! The 'half their size' articles are short.


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