November 11, 2011

Spoke too soon

Last night, I was getting undressed for bed, and I noticed a sprinkling of red spots across my chest, shoulders, and upper back. It's the same damn rash/breakout thing that happened when I was drinking the whey protein last year. I quit drinking it in the early spring, and the spots went away after a month or so. Then a week ago, I started having a shake every day to get ready for surgery, and I thought I was in the clear... until last night.

I'm 100% sure it's from the whey. I've eliminated everything else that it could be (including laundry detergents, shampoos and soaps, different foods) and slowly added each thing back in over the past year. I suspected it was the whey, but now I'm sure.

So I returned the big 5-pound bag of chocolate whey protein to Sam's Club today, and went to a few different stores looking for pea protein--no luck. I've tried brown rice protein, and it tastes just like brown rice, which is gross when you're making a Snickers shake! I have egg protein in the pantry, but I haven't tried it yet. I won't use soy. So my options are limited. I think I'll order some pea protein from Amazon.

Noah was coughing all night long, so I kept him home from school today--and it kind of threw off my whole day. I took him to the doctor at 9:30, and I was TERRIFIED of catching whatever all the sick kids have--if I get sick, I'll have to postpone my surgery. I put my sweatshirt up over my mouth and nose and left it like that the whole time I was there, as ridiculous as I looked. I actually ran into Renee as we were going into the exam room--one of her boys is sick too!

We stopped at the mall to go to GNC and see if they had the pea protein. While we were there, Noah I suggested we get a cookie from Mrs. Fields. We each ordered a peanut butter dream bar, and the girl who works there said, "Those are buy 2 get 1 free, would you like another?"  Do you even have to ask?! So I had a peanut butter dream bar for lunch, and it was delicious--and it kept me full until dinner!  Which it should, because it has 670 calories. At least I didn't have it in addition to lunch--I had it INSTEAD OF lunch.

I didn't get to run my 11k outside today, like I planned. Since Noah was home, I was stuck with the dreadmill. I had to look up how far 11 kilometers's 6.835 miles. So I watched TV, tried to come up with a legitimate reason to quit early, and ran the 6.835 miles. My body feels great now (a little sore, meaning I haven't been running as much as I should have been lately!) but I think that was my final run for 2011. Unless I get some crazy idea to go for a run this weekend.
11-K on 11-11-11
I'm so glad that I backed out of the night run tonight. I really just want to get comfy in my fleece pajamas and stay warm! It was in the mid-30's today. I even drove to the school to drop off Eli's winter coat. He left this morning with a thin jacket. When I stepped outside to take Noah to the doctor, I was shocked at how cold it was, and I felt like the worst mom ever. So I grabbed his coat and took it to the school.

While I was in Sam's Club, I got a call from Eli's teacher. He got a red face on his chart today (which is bad) because he told some boy on the playground that he was going to rip his feet and head off, because the kid was being mean to him. Yikes. Is that normal boy stuff? I hope so.

I've gotten a lot of e-mails lately from readers that are worried about my surgery... I think that's funny, because I'm not even worried--and I'm always worried about something! I'm about 95% excited and 5% nervous. I know everything will be fine, I'm just nervous because I don't know what to expect. I'm going to try and answer some of your questions tonight. I read comments on the blog, then make a mental note to go back later and respond, but I always forget! I do the same thing with e-mail. Sorry.

That extra peanut butter dream bar is calling my name...... I won't eat it. I promise. But I still haven't told Eli about it. The right thing to do would be to give it to Eli, since he went to school and missed out. Right? But Eli doesn't need that crap, so maybe I should just eat it. That would be the good-mom thing to do, right? ;)


  1. Wow that pb bar looks great!! My son has a cough and the nights were horrible so I started putting baby vicks on the bottom of his feet before bed. Sleeping and breathing perfectly. He will start coughing again after he wakes up in the morning. It works like a charm. Best of luck on your surgery!

  2. Oh, yeah. That is TOTALLY the good mom thing to do! Not to mention those things are amazingly good! I have been losing weight for the last few months (up to 50 now!) but I am excited to start taking a more moderate approach to eating as I get closer to goal and Mrs. Fields is definitely on my radar!

  3. Yummilicious!! I do not have a Mrs. Fields near me but if I did I would run out right now and buy one of those peanut butter dream bars. They look yummy!!

  4. Oh my gosh, the picture of the peanut butter bar totally made me slobber! I was just wondering why you don't like soy protein? I've never tried it so I was just wondering what was up with soy? On another note as weird as it sounds I have tried the Vicks on the feet trick and it worked for my kids too. I don't know how it works but it does. I hope Noah feels better soon!

    -Jen (jennygump21)

  5. I was going to run the 11k yesterday, but between waiting to hear about my dad (he made it through the procedure fine, and is home, but they still don't know why his heart is only functioning at 35% capacity, so he goes to another cardiologist on Weds.) and visiting with my niece and her daughter I didn't get to the gym at all. No exercise the ENTIRE day!

    Sorry to hear Noah is sick, especially right now! Your kids had school on both Election day AND Veteran's Day??? My kids were off BOTH days! About the pb bar, I have a Nestle No-bake bar recipe, if you're ever interested. That's what I thought the picture was at first!

    Do you think it's a milk allergy and that's why you break out from the whey? I know you use a lot of almond milk instead of cow's milk, but you eat cheese, so WTF?

    Oh, and the counter on the side-bar keeps taking posts away. I don't think he likes me!

  6. I am wondering how you have an extra peanut butter dream bar?!?!? If it was but I get, get one free, that would be one for Noah and one for you. They do look yummy!!!! I just made "Mrs. Field's +/or Neiman Marcus" chocolate chip cookies a couple of days ago (depending on which urban legend you believe)
    I gave the baked ones away, and froze a bunch of dough balls, which keep calling to me from the big chest freezer in the basement.... darn cookies!!!!!;-)
    Good job on the run on the TM!!! That is a long run for a TM!!!!:-) Have a good weekend!!!!!

  7. @Laura

    Oops! That should be "buy TWO get one free" --makes more sense, now, huh?! ;)

  8. I'm excited for you and your surgery, and can't wait to read about it. It's going to be awesome! My aunt and friend had this procedure done and they look amazing. :D


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