November 09, 2011

It worked!

Well, apparently my being ravenously hungry the past few days really was from PMS--because I started my period today. Normally I don't talk about that on here, because nobody wants to read about that, but let me just say that I am THRILLED. I was supposed to start this Sunday... and if you follow my drift, that means I'd be on my period during my surgery on Monday, and for a few days post-op. Sounds like fun, right?!

So I've been begging and praying to God that I would start early so that it doesn't interfere with my surgery. And it worked! I should be good to go for the most part by Monday. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me.

I finally wrote a post this morning about all my favorite ways to prepare my oatmeal--which is one of my most frequently asked questions. I posted it on my recipes page, so you can find it here. I should have written that a looong time ago!

I didn't end up doing anything fun with the kids today :(  It was raining all morning and just really dreary. Then at lunchtime, my dad called and asked the kids if they wanted to go to his house, and of course they did. Maybe I'll watch a movie or something with them when they get home.  We also have all weekend to spend time together.

They were invited to a birthday party on Sunday at a roller skating rink. I told Eli and he was so worried about it because he's never been skating before, poor kid. Maybe I can take them on Saturday to practice, and then he won't be so worried about it on Sunday.

Oh, so my weigh in. I knew it wouldn't be good, but I didn't expect it to be as bad as it was:  I was 147, which means I gained 3.5 pounds since last Wednesday. I didn't take pictures because I wasn't too happy with the gain. I am not going to flip out about it though, and I just hope that my appetite goes back to normal  now and my weight goes back down. I'll weigh myself on Monday before surgery, and then probably not again for a couple of weeks--I know I'm going to be swollen and I don't want to worry about my weight then.

I'm going to take a whole bunch of 'before' photos on Sunday. I plan on taking progress photos every day post-op. I still have no idea if I'm going to post them here, but I will at least want them for myself. I may make a video diary of the whole thing too.

Did anyone happen to see the demo on The Biggest Loser last night about the brains of thin people vs. the brains of obese people? I LOVED how well Dr. Linden, a brain scientist from Johns Hopkins, explained that, and it made so much sense! If you missed it, here is the gist:  When a thin person sees/smells yummy food, a part of their brain is moderately aroused. When an obese person sees/smells the food, that part of the brain is VERY aroused and they get an intense craving. When the thin person eats the food, that part of the brain gets very active and they are very satisfied with it.

But when the obese person eats it, that part of the brain is only moderately satisfied, so they eat MORE--and keep eating more until they are as satisfied as the thin person who only ate a small portion. It's so hard to explain here, but the diagram that they showed on The Biggest Loser was helpful. Here is a quote from TBL website:
"Typically, a lean person will crave a food much less than an obese person, but they'll get a greater pleasure response. So obese people don't overeat because they want food more - it's that their level of satisfaction is so much less. Furthermore, stress hormones go right to the brain and cause a craving for comfort food. Exercise, meditation, playing with grandchildren will all reduce stress and ameliorate the situation."
 Anyways, I just found it very well explained. I also realized last night that Hell could freeze over and Bonnie will STILL be on the damn show! Good grief.


  1. Glad to hear it worked! :)

    I never watch tv at all so the BL thing was very interesting to me. It makes complete sense.

  2. LOL! I didn't watch last night's episode because Tuesday nights are dance and karate/jazz band nights in this house. I usually watch it "Free on Demand" and the episode isn't up yet. Who's your favorite this season? I know I don't like John, that's for sure! I think it's between Ramon and Patrick for me. I am so excited to watch the marathon. Back in Tara's season, that marathon was what got my weight-loss going. Slowly but surely I'm working on running that marathon myself.

    I SO get what you're talking about- who wants to deal with pads and crap when you're recuperating from surgery. One less thing to contend with!! YAY!

  3. oh snap i havent been able to keep up with it. this was the first season i watched actually and i only got like 3 episodes in to it because i had to watch them all online. but wow that makes a lot of freaking sense... ughhh i could smack myself for eating 2 bowls of chili tonight when i was perfectly full at 1. i didnt finish all of the 2nd bowl, though. so that's something... i think. lol

  4. I can't stand Bonnie either..

  5. I DVR The Biggest Loser because we go to the gym on Tuesday nights plus almost all of the shows we like are on Tuesdays so we just record them all (TBL, Sons of Anarchy, Parenthood) I just watched last nights and was telling my hubby about they brain thing so it's cool to see you posted a picture of it. Vinny is definately my favorite, he cracks me up! I'm with you on Bonnie, I had to read what you wrote to my husband because you have no idea how much I bitch about her still being on the show! It was comdedy to see your thoughts on that too! It sounds weird to say this but congrats on getting your period early! That would have been pain to start dealing with while you're recovering. Take care!

    -Jen (jennygump21)

  6. Good luck on your surgery. I just had mine three weeks ago. Still very swollen. Much more than I thought I would be. Take it easy and be patient for your results. I posted on another place here telling you, if you can get an old recliner from a friend or good will it is the easiest to get out of. Its hard to get out of bed and off the couch. The recliner was best for me. I slept there for two weeks. Again, good luck. I will be following your progress.

  7. Hi katie, I started following you when you wrote on OD, somewhere before you broke your jaw. Since you moved here, I've read every single day... but this is my first note. I wanted to let you know I registered for my sparkpeople account last night, and am feeling hopeful to change my life. You are awesome, and I'm thankful to see you document your journey. I really really REALLY hope you decide to post some of your pre surgery pics here, so that one day when I get to where you are... I'll know what to expect! :) Good luck! I'll try to note more and lurk less.

  8. I did find that bit about cravings and satisfaction to be very interesting. Food for thought, so to speak.

    And Bonnie. Oh. My. Gosh.... I don't care that she is 63 years old and on the show. That is fine. But she the whining and crying and gasping that she does is soooo over the top ridiculous. And it annoys the crud out of me how she tries to be so "obedient" to Bob and Dolvett but treated Anna like she was an annoying cheerleader that was doing nothing more than bossing her around from the sidelines. Honestly, I started fast forwarding through her workout and camera time because I just could. not. stand it.

  9. Bonnie annoys me too! She never loses much weight or tries very hard. She was pretty compliant with everything Duvet or whatever the hell the new trainer's name is, and agreed with everything he said. She sure hated it when Anna said the same things though.
    Interesting about the differences in a skinny person's brain and a fatty's (or former fatty's) brain. I know when I eat something, I just want more. Either more of the same thing or more of the same kind of thing, usually a sweet or a carb, but always I want MORE MORE MORE! I know I can't let myself go or let myself get FULL like I used to, but my brain is telling me to EAT MORE. Now I have proof!

  10. I thought it was so AMAZING to see that brain activity, and for people to see that it's REAL! The power we know have of understanding and how we can beat the odds by taking care of this now!! The latest TBL was a great one! I loved how they incorporated the trainers with the competition!

  11. I thought that was really interesting about brain function as well. It makes sense!

    Lol @ your Bonnie comments. She looks & acts just like my MIL whom isn't a part of our lives so it's like having her in our living room once a week. Blah.


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