January 21, 2023

(Almost) Wordless: On This Day

I'm not going to write a post today. I've had an exhausting day! But I grabbed a few pictures from previous years' January 21...

These are a couple of side-by-side pictures from my Runner's World photo shoot. My friend Stephanie took some pictures of the photographer taking pictures of me--it's kind of cool to see them side-by-side. The background was just a large white piece of paper (we did the shoot at my mom's house). The pictures on the right are two of the ones used in Runner's World.

Here is Jerry shoveling snow in swim trunks (2015):

And here is a picture of Big Mama (2020). Sadly, we haven't seen her for the last couple of years. She used to be at the door every single morning waiting for nuts, before any other squirrels, and one day she just stopped showing up.

But I'm pretty sure several of her babies are "regulars" now ;)

Have a good night!


  1. I cannot imagine shoveling snow in shorts. Go Jerry.

  2. Bid Mamma is a good name for her. I feed the oriels in the spring grape jelly. We had daily walk-throughs with a deer and her fawn. She ate the jelly every day while we watched out the window. We named her jelly belly! I first heard of your blog by reading Runners World magazine, and I'm so glad I did!


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