January 04, 2023

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 84

Can you see how tight my jeans are getting? 😬  Yikes!  (Also, while I love the black walls in my bathroom, I do not love all of the shadows that suddenly show up in my pictures. I guess I never noticed them before? I tried every angle I could, and the shadow of my hand always shows up on my shirt.)

Every time I write a Wednesday Weigh-In post, it gets harder and harder to keep track of the weeks. I'm not sure when I should just stop counting, but I guess I'll keep going--even if I ever manage to maintain my weight for more than a few months (ha!), I like being able to see how long I've been at this. Well, this time around, anyway ;)

Last week, I totally spaced that it was Wednesday, so I didn't do a weigh-in. My sense of time was completely screwed up because of the holidays and Jerry being off work all week, the kids being off school... I was so sure it was Tuesday. I can't say that I was disappointed not to do my weigh-in, though. I'd had a very indulgent week and I *knew* my weight would be up. I usually weigh myself at least a few times a week but I totally avoided the scale.

I took a peek on January 1st--because, well, it was January 1st--and I wasn't thrilled. I just hoped that a few days of being back to good better habits would help before my Wednesday Weigh-In.

This morning, I got on the scale and was just kind of "eh" about it:

Two weeks ago, I was at 140.4, and I was SURE I gained about a hundred pounds after the week between Christmas and New Year's, so I guess I can be happy that I'm only up 1.8 pounds in two weeks. Still, my weight has done nothing but go up for about two months now!

As cliché as it is, I vowed to really work hard at losing this weight I'm gaining back starting January 1. And I have been doing well--I've gotten back to eating a lot of fiber, drinking a ton of water and not snacking all night long. I've had a pear and some olives for a snack in the evenings (such a weird combo, I know, but I love both of those things)--sweet and salty. And I've been working on my cross stitch cat to keep my fingers busy. (I started watching the show Monk and I'm obsessed!)

I've been counting my calories, which I plan to do all month, to see what I spend the most calories on. I also want to see if I'm getting all of my micronutrients. It's too soon to really analyze anything yet, but I'm very curious to look at that data in a few weeks.

Well, there really isn't anything else to say--I didn't want to post this, because gaining this weight each week has been embarrassing, but I can't exactly hide it. And maybe, hopefully, I'll get it together enough this month that I can work on maintenance for the umpteenth time. I remember having a hard time in December 2021, too, and I gained some weight. I'd been super stressed out about Duck's surgery. However, I still managed to get through it and keep going. Let's hope that's the case here, too!


  1. We are here to support you 100% I understand about feeling embarrassed but no judgment here. You look amazing! And have done so well. BTW - love the black walls and that sweet baby who loves to take photos with you. I love cats :)

  2. Sending more hugs. I know this is frustrating for you. But your honesty and vulnerability continues to help me (and others I'd bet) because I too struggle with this roller coaster and have not (yet) found a permanent solution. I'm not sure there is one. I lose weight and think "I've got it. I'll never struggle again." And then, the pounds slowly come back. You're in my thoughts often as I go through the day because I know someone else gets it.

  3. I prefer recording the high weigh-in because then if I lose weight next week I can see what I have lost. I always put weight on over Christmas and it continues until all that unhealthy food has left my fridge/house one way or another!


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