January 23, 2023

Boogie Bag

This year just keeps getting better! Yesterday, I did some work in the yard for a few hours and when I came in, I was sniffling all day. I just assumed it was because it was fairly cold outside (not bad, but you know how when you are outside in the cold for a little while, your nose tends to run?).

Then, last night before I went to bed, my throat felt very dry and it hurt to swallow--no matter how much water I drank. When I woke up at 2:00 AM, I was totally miserable. I couldn't get comfortable! My throat felt like I was swallowing razor blades and my nose was super dry. I ended up getting up and out of bed at 2:00 because there was no way I could fall back asleep.

Jerry made me a "boogie bag" this morning like he did when I had COVID last May (so I can throw my used tissues in there).

I kept having to blow my nose, which of course meant no sleep. Today, I've just felt very run down. And I've been feeling worse by the hour...  sore throat, headache, dry/runny nose (how does that happen at the same time?!), and now chills and body aches. I just took my temperature and it's at 100.1, which isn't super high, but mine is always in the mid- to low-97s.

I hate feeling hot/cold/hot/cold constantly! I've been eating ice all day because it feels good on my throat, and taking acetaminophen and ibuprofen for my headache.

I took a COVID test and it was negative, but that didn't surprise me. When I had COVID in May, I took a test for four days in a row before it was positive! So I'll take another tomorrow. For now, I'm just going to (try to) rest. I can't get comfortable for the life of me! But maybe since I didn't get any sleep last night, I'll be able to sleep a little tonight. I'm really hoping this doesn't last long... ugh.

Duck has been keeping me company, of course. I swear, that cat NEVER leaves my side!

(Even as I type this, he's trying to get between me and the computer.)


  1. Feel better soon Katie!!!

  2. I hope you don't have that nasty virus. We got it last July, and I've never been the same since then. I feel kinda short of breath, and I've never had that problem before covid. Jerry will take good care of you. Do you take vitamin c?

  3. Sounds like you caught yourself a terrible cold. Hopefully it is only one of those 24 hour bugs. Hope you're feeling better real soon.

  4. Hope you feel better soon! Duck seems like the best boy, so sweet!

  5. Pro-tip: DayQuil and NyQuil let you get on with your day!


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