January 28, 2023

Late Replies

I'm having a "down" day today--my anxiety has been really bad recently--so I just thought I'd share some wisdom from an old friend, Adam. I saw this on Instagram the other day and it reminded me SO MUCH of me. I am absolutely terrible about getting back to people in a timely manner (if at all), no matter whether it's texts, emails, phone calls, or comments on social media.

I carry around guilt all the time because I know I have months of emails in my inbox, texts that I've been meaning to reply to (I'm the world's slowest texter, so I usually wait until I'm on my computer and I can text easily from there), and comments that I can remember reading weeks or months ago with the intention of replying. By then, it's awkwardly late!

Adam and I were very close friends in our teens. He's always been super smart and driven, and I guess I can't say that I'm surprised he became pretty famous among the psychology/business world.

Funnily enough, I've not read any of his books because they just aren't the kinds of books that interest me! But I like to read his thoughts on social media--aside from being incredibly smart, he has a lot of wise thoughts as well. Like I said, this one in particular spoke to me:

In a twist of irony, I have an email from Adam in my inbox that's probably a year and a half old now, and I honest-to-God have planned to reply when I set aside time to focus on a response. (This is what I often tell myself and then I get overwhelmed and procrastinate.) I will just remind him in my reply that it's quality, not speed, that matters. Hahaha.

I know I've said this before, but if you've emailed me and I haven't replied, it's NOT personal; I literally just get overwhelmed and I have every intention of writing a thoughtful, personal response. It just might take a (long) while. This is something I would love to work on, but it's overwhelming just to think about where to start!

I'm glad I'm not the only one, though--I searched for memes to lighten this up and found that there are a ton of people who do the same thing I do. Most of the time, I reply to something mentally right when I open it, but then I forget to go back and actually type the reply!

Anyway, I'm going to work on cleaning my house really well today because my friend Shannon is coming over tomorrow--and she hasn't been here since I remodeled the whole thing. It needs a good cleaning!


  1. I follow that Adam on social media. He does always have great things to say. How cool to know him in real life!

  2. First, I FINALLY figured out why I couldn't post comments! On Chrome, I had 3rd party cookies blocked for many sites including yours. I went into settings a few times trying to turn them off for your site, but nothing changed. I just noticed, on the right of the URL address box, there's a little eye. When I was on your site, the eye had a slash through it. I clicked it and it asked me if I wanted to disable 3rd party cookies. I did and boom! I can comment again.

    And wow that you know Adam! I've been following him forever. He's who I want to be when I grow up. So sorry about the anxiety. Big hugs. Hope the whole med thing gets resolved soon.

  3. Your friend will be amazed on the remodel. I really hope you're feeling better soon.


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