January 17, 2023

Jerry Loses His Dad Bod: Week 1

If you missed my post last week, "The One Where Jerry Loses His Dad Bod", I explained that Jerry is going to start doing weigh-ins on Tuesdays (similar to my Wednesday Weigh-Ins) because he's ready to lose the weight he's put on over the last few years. He isn't happy with the tire around his middle (that came with middle age and probably too much beer and pretzels).

To lose the weight, he decided to keep things simple at first and not make too many changes at once. He is intermittently fasting (with an eating window of eight hours) and drinking 64 ounces of water a day. No exercise yet, and he already eats a plant-based diet (although his diet definitely could be better!).

Last week, his starting stats were:

Weight: 193.6 pounds
Body Fat Percentage: 24.4%
Waist Measurement: 37 inches

And for fun, these were his "before" photos, haha:

I was kind of nervous for him today! I hoped he'd have good results for his first week. Intermittent fasting has worked well for him before; usually, though, he loses inches/fat before the scale shows a big loss.

Thankfully, when he got on the scale when he woke up today, it showed that what he's been doing has been working:

He was down 1.2 pounds on the scale, but I wanted to see his body fat and waist measurement the most!

His body fat went from 24.4% to 23.6%...

And I was really shocked about his waist--it went from 37 inches to 34.5 inches! I'm meticulous about how I take body measurements; when I worked at Curves, I had to take body measurements of each woman every month; and I used to work at Leggs Hanes Bali Playtex (a bra store) where I had to do measurements as well. So, I know that I didn't screw up the actual measurement!

Week 1 Stats:

Weight: 192.4 pounds (down 1.2 pounds)
Body Fat Percentage: 23.6% (down 0.8%)
Waist Measurement: 34.5 inches (down 2.5 inches)

And even though it's only been a week, I figured I'd do a side-by-side of a couple of his photos:

I have to say, I am super impressed with his progress! He said he stuck within his eight-hour eating window all week and he drank 64 ounces of water every day. He admits he needs to eat healthier food, though--he doesn't eat many fruits or vegetables.

I'm excited that he's off to such an auspicious start! (Yes, that is my vocabulary word for the week, haha--you may see it a couple more times.)


  1. What a fun husband. You two make a great team. He supports you and you support him. I wish more men were like Jerry!

  2. Congratulations Jerry! You have always been so supportive of Katie in the past so it is nice to see the two of you cheering each other on. By the way, you have a nice (natural) smile!


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