January 29, 2023

(Almost) Wordless: Random pic generator

I've got a busy day today, so I'd like to get my post ready before my friend Shannon is supposed to come over. We haven't seen each other since probably 2018(?!) so there is a lot to catch up on! I'm looking forward to seeing her, though.

I couldn't think of a photo for my (almost) wordless post today; then I figured out a system that made me want to sit and do this all day long, haha. When I moved my photos to my new computer from my old one, I renamed them all to a number (in chronological order, starting with 1 and ending around 43,000) to make things easier and more uniform.

To choose some truly random photos for this post, I went to Random.org (a random number generator), requested a number between 1 and 43,000, and then whatever number it gave me corresponded with the photo of that same number.

Soooo... these are completely random photos! It was hard to stop generating more and more because it was fun to see what came up.

Here, we were at my sister's house. She told the kids to pretend like they were sleeping for the photo.

This was obviously at a Tiger's game... see all the empty seats? Haha!

Big Mama was the first to really make use of the squirrel picnic table I made for the little buddies.

I had just gotten back from a (hot) run and Jerry was mowing the lawn. He saw me taking a selfie so he naturally had to act goofy.

Eli dressed up as Woody from Toy Story :)

Finally, I saved this for last because it's a huge coincidence... the number that came up was 4596. So, judging by the number, this picture was from a relatively long time ago. I don't know many kids with red hair, but I immediately recognized him as Bradley--my friend Shannon's son, who is just a month older than Eli. Shannon is the friend I am seeing today! I probably have less than five pictures of her kids in all 43,000+ photos. I just thought it was funny that her son's picture happened to be one of the randomly drawn ones on the day I'm going to see her for the first time in like 4-5 years.

We were just talking about how fast the kids grew up. We were pregnant at the same time with Eli and Bradley, and I cannot believe it's been over 17 years!

This was actually a really fun to post to work on. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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