January 07, 2023

Friday (Saturday) Night Photos #99

I can't believe I screwed up my days AGAIN yesterday. I was so sure it was Saturday yesterday and it didn't occur to me until after I wrote and published my post that it was actually Friday. So, I'll just do my Friday Night Photos tonight instead.

I don't have much, but here goes...

I have been slowly but surely coming along on my cross stitch. Before bed, I watch a few episodes of Monk and work on my cross stitching. I really like doing it! But I have no idea what to do with it when I'm done. It's not something I'd hang on the wall or anything.

My mom asked me to help organize something things in her attic, and we found a box of these porcelain Disney figurines that my grandma bought me when I was very young. They're a limited edition collectors set, and they only produced 15,000 of each one. It's kind of cool--on the bottom of each, it shows which number it was in the production. (You can see an example in the bottom right of the first photo.) Some of these may be pictured twice, and perhaps I forgot to photograph a couple, but you get the idea.

I would love to sell them, and I thought for sure they'd be worth some money, but I looked them up and they aren't worth the hassle of selling them. (Roughly $75 each.)  I'm not sure what else to do with them, though! I'm not a Disney person, so I don't really have interest in keeping them. Still, they were fun to find. We also found some other really cool things, which I'll take pictures of later--my grandmother's wedding dress from the early 1900s, my baptismal dress that was made out of my mom's wedding dress, and some other stuff. 

This picture was taken in--I believe--2015. My friend Thomas was visiting and Jerry and I took him to a Red Wings game in Detroit. We had time to kill, so we stopped in the dive-iest of all dive bars, called The Bathtub Pub. I ordered a Stella Artois and I will never forget this beer--it was SO COLD. It couldn't have been colder if it was frozen! There was no slush in it or anything--it just gave a whole new meaning to "ice cold beer". And it was amaaaaazing. I've never tasted another beer like it.

I quit drinking February 15, 2021. I still maintain that the Stella I had in Detroit that day was the best beer I ever had. So when Jerry and I stopped at the store to get drinks to bring to our friend's house a couple of weeks ago, I was thrilled to see that they had Stella Artois with 0.0% alcohol! I brought it home with me and put it in the very back of the fridge to hopefully get it as cold as it was that day in 2015. I opened one when I was working on my cross stitch... and it wasn't nearly as cold as I hoped. I didn't really expect it to be, because I've never tasted any drink so cold as that beer in Detroit! But the nostalgia was fun.

Jerry took this picture when I was sleeping. Duck was sleeping on my legs between my shins. I really don't like when the cats do that, because I feel too bad to move them, but I don't have the heart to move!

Jerry took this picture (I didn't know it at the time) when we were playing a game called Codewords. It was the "explicit" version, and there were some words I'd never heard of--I had to Google them! 😂  Some of these words take Cards Against Humanity to another level, hahaha. So, in this picture, I was googling some word that was probably a really odd fetish.

Just a meme Jerry sent me. BAHAHA! (It's a tweet, but I call all of these types of images memes)
It never fails to surprise me when I make soy curls for a recipe. This is what they look like after I soak them for about 10 minutes to rehydrate them. Don't they look just like chicken?! They're REALLY good (depending on how you flavor them, of course). The texture is as close to chicken as I've tasted. Noah even specifically requests these for dinner sometimes! (For this batch, I added barbecue sauce and heated them over the stove. They were delicious! Also, we may have piled them on top of creamy truffle pasta. Yum!

I've been super into the show Monk lately--it has seriously become one of my very favorite shows of all time. Since Duck and I are peas in a pod, he likes to watch it with me. He sits a little closer than I do, though, haha.

Eli had friends over on Christmas Eve and they wanted to hang out in the garage. That meant I had to clean up all of my recent mess from making the shelves and other stuff. Look at this pile of sawdust! I put the five-gallon bucket there for size comparison.

I was driving myself crazy on Thursday when I was writing my blog post. For some reason, I couldn't get rid of the period after the word "too". I kept deleting and retyping, I tried deleting several words and retyping, I switched to html mode and then back--it was still there! I had no idea what the deal was. Then, I scrolled up to save the post and reopen it. When I scrolled, I noticed it was still in the same spot on the screen. THEN, it hit me that it wasn't a period at all... it was a piece of dust/lint on the screen of my computer! 🙄

Jerry and I were playing a game called NOSH and we really liked it... until we started coming across the weirdest questions! This was the first one we came across:

Who is the murderer?
Crime: A wealthy woman was murdered with a knife in her bedroom at 12:00 noon, May 26, 1986 in Rye, NY. Suspects and Alibis: Husband: In library reading. Gardner: Playing gin rummy with wife. Butler: At bank cashing paycheck. Cook: In kitchen baking apple pie.

I like solving stuff like this, and my guess was that it was the gardener. It said he was playing gin rummy "with wife"--it didn't specify that it was his own wife; it could have been the woman who was murdered. And it didn't say WHERE he was playing gin rummy. So that makes sense, right? Well, I was wrong. You know what the answer was? See if you can guess, and then scroll down past the card for the answer...

ANSWER: The butler because May 26, 1986 was Memorial Day and banks are closed. 

What!! Even if it's supposed to be clever, that's just too much. Who knows off the top of their head that May 26, 1986 was Memorial Day?

This one was "Correct the expression: "French Treat"."  That could have been several different things--I said French fry. Hahaha, I was wrong--it was "Dutch Treat". What the--?

And this one: What do some people call little gray cats? I know a lot about cats! But gray cats aren't necessarily different from others, unless they are a pure breed meant to be gray. The answer? Kittens! Were they just being facetious? Who knows. Not all of the questions were like that, but we laughed whenever we came across one. 

This was just a smart ass answer...

This is my niece Shelby and my nephew Hunter, all dressed up for Christmas. Could they be any cuter?! I LOVE the look on Hunter's face in the top left picture. It's like he's thinking, "You want me to do what, now?"

Today is Eli's 17th birthday, so I'll share one of my very favorite photos of him. He was six years old and I told him he could wear whatever he wanted for picture day at school. I was so surprised this is what he chose! He was SO CUTE.

And that's all I've got. Have a great Sunday! (Since this is going to be published Saturday instead of Friday. Let's hope I get my days of the week straightened out.)


  1. i love monk too! i watched all the shows and then was sad when there were no more. i was bored and trying to find something to watch. i was hooked on the first episode. :)

    1. I can't believe I'd never really heard about it before! It is SUCH a good show. Have you seen Psych? It reminded me a lot of that (which I'm also a big fan of).

  2. Wait...you're a cat person and you wouldn't hang a lovely cross stitch of a cat on your walls? Even a black cat? I am so confused. My mom was a 100% cat person, and loved to cross stitch, and would hang that on her walls!

    1. I don't think I'd have any idea how to hang it--do you frame it? This one is meant to be in the round shape, but I think it would probably look weird if I hung it like that. I'm just clueless, I guess! Haha. The colors would actually look good in my bathroom or bedroom, though. Maybe I'll check out Pinterest for ideas.

    2. Yes, they get framed. My mom used to take them to a framer's shop, but nowadays, as Melissa said, you could do it yourself. I'm sure there's lots of Youtube videos for instruction. The embroidery hoop is a good idea, as well. My mom used to make all sorts of cross stitches for people as gifts, and they were well-received.

  3. I actually have several comments.

    First, on the comment above: Yes, you can definitely frame cross-stitch. I used to do it by getting a frame the size that I wanted for it. Most frames come with a cardboard back that you put behind the photo to hold it in. I would cut the cross-stitch fabric a bit bigger than that cardboard back and then fold the edges of the fabric behind the back and tape it with masking tape. The biggest thing I've found is that you really want the fabric that you're displaying to not be wrinkly, so it involves some careful ironing.

    If you wanted to do something round, you could get an embroidery hoop of the correct size and use that as a "frame" by "artfully" cutting and bunching the fabric edges outside of the hoop.

    I'm really surprised the Disney figurines aren't worth more, especially since your seems to be in such good condition. Some Disney stuff seems to go for a lot of money.

  4. Monk is one of the best shows ever. I am also an avid Murder, She Wrote and Psych fan. And I love how Duck watches too!

  5. I think they actually make a sticky mounting board that would fit in a frame (I'm pretty sure that is what i did when I framed a really large piece for a friend's wedding years ago) which helps solve the wrinkly fabric issue Melissa mentioned above (after it is ironed). I have also framed cross stich pieces in an embroidery hoop (like what you use to hold it tight while working on it. Center the picture in the hoop and then trim (with excess) all the way around the hoop, then fold the fabric over the hoop and glue to the inside of the hoop on the back. Can paint the hoop if you want a different color "frame" and add ribbon or eyelet or something similar to the hoop to decorate it.

    Even at $75/ea, your extensive collection is worth over $1000. I would put them on ebay as a collection (not sold separately) to minimize your hassle and maybe set a minimum of like $600 or so to make it worth your while to pack them up. Shame for them to just sit in a box when that money could buy you a new tool (or fix your router).

  6. I agree, list the figurines on ebay. $75 is worth the hassle!


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