January 26, 2023

Three Things Thursday: Embarrassingly Late Lessons

I was up late one night recently, unable to sleep of course, and I somehow came across a thread on Reddit that then sucked me in for literally about two hours! It was such a fun read and it made me think of a few things of my own.

The thread was a question: What is something that you learned embarrassingly late in life?

I thought of one immediately (which I'll list) but then I started thinking of others. And one of them I actually learned while I was reading the thread! Hahaha. So here it goes...

Three Things Thursday: Three Things I Learned Embarrassingly Late In Life

1) "This little piggy went to market" did NOT, in fact, mean that he was going grocery shopping.

He was going to the market to be sold for meat! I only learned this within the last five years or so, which means I spent 35+ years thinking that the little children's rhyme was cute and happy. (Now, as an ethical vegan, it's a bit traumatizing--ignorance is bliss sometimes, for sure!

Look how misleading! I mean, a fox and a rabbit shopping together? C'mon! ;)

2) The movie Spaceballs is a parody of Star Wars.

It's no secret that Jerry is obsessed with Star Wars. And I don't use the word "obsessed" lightly. I have never had any interest in the series and I only watched the movie for the first time about two years ago for Jerry's birthday (I strongly disliked it and still have no interest in it). I even dressed like Princess Leia for the occasion--luckily, Jerry knows what a cool wife he has, haha)

However, when I was a kid, I *loved* the movie Spaceballs! My older brother and sister would watch it, too, and I can remember when their friends came over Jeanie and Brian used me like a party trick--they would ask me to quote things from Spaceballs and I knew every goddamn line of that movie, hahaha. 

They especially liked when I quoted the "We're looking at now, sir. Everything that's happening now is happening now." (See the short scene below.) Their friends thought it was hilarious--I must have been pretty young for them to find it funny that I knew the lines!

It never registered to me that Spaceballs was a parody of Star Wars because I'd never seen the movie Star Wars--or even questioned anything about it! I was just never interested in it. When it finally clicked a couple of years ago, I couldn't believe it. I think it was the Dark Helmet/Darth Vader thing that made the connection for me. Then I started asking Jerry a million questions about how each thing from Spaceballs was connected to Star Wars.

3) Chicken eggs are fertilized from chickens mating.

I always--until last week, when I read this on the Reddit thread!--thought that chicken and bird eggs were fertilized AFTER the egg was laid. I guess I assumed the rooster came along and deposited sperm or something on it? I never really gave it any real thought!

The longest I'd ever really been around chickens was for an hour or two, and even then, there probably wasn't even a rooster around; I'd never witnessed anything that I thought was mating. I have no idea why I thought that the eggs were fertilized afterward, but thinking about it now, it definitely makes more sense!

This picture below isn't at all related to mating chickens, but I thought it was funny. We were dying Easter eggs when Eli was 15 months old, and the reason Eli is crying so hard in this photo has nothing to do with the eggs--but the fact that I wouldn't let him drink the glass of egg dye, hahaha.

Now that I've read the Reddit thread, I know that I'm not the only one to learn things like this embarrassingly late in life... but please share any of your own! I'd love to read them ;) 

(Here is a link to the Reddit thread if you want to read some really great ones. I'll share below a couple of ones that made me laugh way too hard.)


  1. My family will never let me live down, when I was maybe 15 we were standing around the kitchen snacking on candy corn and I looked at it and said, "I wonder why it's called candy corn?" It never occurred to me that it looked like a kernel of corn, lol!

  2. I did not know how to eat cotton candy. I've always chewed it; I didn't know it's supposed to melt on one's tongue. And my 7th grade students had to demonstrate how to eat string cheese when they saw me just biting into it like regular cheese. I'm 52.


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