January 24, 2023

Jerry Loses His Dad Bod: Week 2

Well, I'm feeling no better than I was yesterday. I actually feel worse--much more congested and my throat is killing me. I'm also super exhausted for no reason. I'm incredibly bored just sitting around, but I physically can't do much without getting winded and tired. I haven't taken another COVID test yet--I'll take one tomorrow if I still have symptoms.

It's kind of funny how just a few years ago, I would have just thought I had a cold and felt like crap for a couple of days and not really thought anything of it. Now, though, any sort of sickness symptoms immediately makes us think COVID. I am supposed to see friends this weekend--twice--and I'll be super bummed to have to cancel.

Anyway, today is Jerry's second week weigh-in day for Project: Lose Dad Bod. His results...

He was at 191.8, which is down from 192.4 last week--so, not a huge drop, but a loss nonetheless! (Definitely more than I can say about myself recently.)

As far as his body fat and waist measurement go:

His body fat was at 23.3%, which is down from 23.6% last week--not bad for a week!--and his waist measurement was at 34.4, which is the same as last week. I'd say he did good overall!

I asked him how his week went and here is what he said:
"I stuck to my plan all week except for Monday when I snacked after work. My food has been heavier than normal; I tried to mix it up a couple of days by adding fruit (I'm really bad at eating fruit and vegetables), and I felt good about eating the fruit with my usual stuff at work. I drank my entire water goal except for yesterday; it seems like it's harder for me to drink all my water when I'm at home. I ate inside my intermittent fasting eating window (8 hours, but I usually keep it to about 6 hours).

The goals I want to aim for this week: eat more fruits and vegetables; eat things that aren't as dense and heavy; maintain my water intake; maintain my activity; and hopefully not get COVID from Katie (we keep calling it COVID, but we don't know if that's what it is yet).

I *might* go to the rec center this week to work out with Eli. Eli's a beast and it would be fun to work out with him. But we'll see."

Overall, I'm happy for Jerry that he's sticking with this! I've been a terrible example for him, even though I try to be encouraging. He inspires me on Tuesdays when he does his weigh-in and it makes me wish I looked forward to my weigh-ins again. (I used to like weighing in every week when things were going well.)

I'm going to state right now that I'm not doing a weigh-in tomorrow. I'm going to use my birthday AND being sick as an excuse to skip the scale. (Yes, I know it's an excuse, and a lame one, but I just need a break right now. The last few weeks several months have been rough on me.)


  1. Sure does sound like covid. When I was sick, I had a Vicks jar on my face 24/7. The congestion was my main symptom. My husband coughed constantly. The worst part of that was it happened at the same time he fractured his ribs when he fell from his caterpillar and landed on rock. Hope Jerry doesn't get sick. He's sticking to the dad bod plan. Is he doing the 10k too?

  2. Go Jerry! As for you, it is okay to take a break. Good heavens. You are so sick it isn't an excuse. I really hope it isn't Covid so you can go ahead with your weekend plans.


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