January 12, 2023

Three Things Thursday: Complete!

Having been tired and not feeling very productive over the last few days, I wasn't sure what I was going to write about today. But then I realized that I actually *did* accomplish a few things this week! They weren't small, easy projects either.

Well, maybe this first one is. My cross stitch! I've been working on this for what feels like forever, so I was excited to finish it today. THEN. When I started writing this post and editing the photos, I realized--wait a second--I forgot to do the outline around the cat and fill in the whiskers! So, technically, I did not finish it yet. But hopefully, by the time this post goes live, it will be done. Here is what it looks like anyway (just picture it with whiskers and a black outline around the cat):

 I didn't do very good with the lettering--it was harder than it looked!--but I think it's readable.

This next project was long overdue. A while ago (I think last summer?) I found a very nice solid oak bookshelf on Facebook Marketplace. It was handmade and really well-constructed. I planned to paint it at some point, but I just never got around to it--I shuffled it back and forth from bathroom to bedroom to closet.

Finally, I decided that I was going to paint the damn thing and stop using it as a catch-all in my closet. Over the course of a couple of days, I painted it white and then moved it into the living room for our board games.

We'd had board games stashed in the coffee table drawers, in the TV console, and a few other places, and I was so happy to get them into one spot on shelves that actually match the decor in the living room. (I have to move the Jerry face collage above the shelves, but I was thinking of doing that anyway.) It took me a while to Tetris everything in there, but every single one of our games fits!

And finally... I saved the best for last. MY BATHROOM CLOSET IS DONE! It took what felt like five years instead of five months, but I ran into issues here and there (like I do with every project). It's kind of hard to believe that there was a shower right there. I love how the closet turned out!

The space above the closet is a cat-cave (like a man-cave, only it's for cats! Hahaha, the cats love it.) There is an access point from the bedroom (I'll post photos once that is finished as well). The cats climb shelves up the wall in the bedroom and enter through a hole in the wall to the top of the closet. I have it lined with scratchy carpet (the kind cats love) and I have a cat bed up there. Duck likes to go up there and watch me work. Phoebe is the only one who isn't interested. I need to make a ramp for her, I think, because she's fragile!

On the left, I managed to fit two bars for clothes. I had no intention of doing that, but once I did the top one, I realized there was enough room for another. Since sweatshirts take up so much space in our bedroom closet (we have everything folded rather than hung), we used this closet for our sweatshirts. It made a TON of room in our bedroom closet.

I still have to organize the toiletries and things in the bins, but you get the idea. The bins are leftover from our sweatshirts! We could only fit a few sweatshirts in each one, so by hanging the sweatshirts, we had a lot of empty bins to use in the bathroom closet. I'm going to put towels on the top shelf--I just haven't gotten around to doing that yet. 

My one regret is that I didn't plan better for the hamper. I wanted two hampers in there (for lights and darks) but I wasn't thinking about needing the support leg in the corner of the shelves. The second hamper won't fit. So, I just put it in the bathroom for now.

Finally, I haven't decided whether to add the bifold door to the closet. I bought one, and fully planned on using it, but now that I see the closet, I'm thinking maybe I won't. On the other hand, everything looks like a mess in the bins, so maybe it'd be better to cover it up. But regardless, I love how the closet turned out--and I have to admit, I'm pretty impressed with myself that I made this closet all by myself!

Here is a side-by-side of when everything was torn apart versus the finished closet :)

Now, I'm basically just left with all of the clean-up--both in the bedroom and bathroom. I have to organize everything again because it was strewn all over the house. And the dust--it will take me DAYS to get all the drywall dust out of there. Years, probably!


  1. I just love your closet!!

  2. Can you fit 2 hampers back to back so you can have the lights and darks? It looks amazing!

  3. Amazing!! I love it, it turned out so great!! I actually bought a hamper that is divided in half so you could look for something like that to separate your clothes? I actually bought it when my dog was a puppy because it has a lid and she enjoyed knocking my old hamper over and playing with my clothes lol! But now I just love that it has two divided chambers for separating clothes!

  4. This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SMOKES!!!!!!!!!! What a huge accomplishment. Very impressive.

  5. I love the closet and especially to color you chose!

  6. I LOVE that animal pic on the wall. Do you remember where you bought it?

    1. Yes! I love it, too. I bought it at the At Home store. They have tons of canvases of everything you can imagine, and they are very reasonably priced, too. I bought several animal-themed ones and I'm eventually able to hang them :)

  7. If not back to back, could you turn the hampers 90 degrees and make them both fit where the one is now? The closet looks fabulous as does the game shelf and the cross-stitch. Great work!


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