January 31, 2023

Jerry Loses His Dad Bod: Week 3

I feel like I should feel bad that I get a sense of relief that it's Jerry's weigh-in day and not mine, haha. Of course, mine is tomorrow, so there isn't much difference. But when writing today's post, I have a bit of a relief tingle in my belly.

I do feel bad that I wasn't very helpful this week as far as Jerry's diet goes. I was sick for a few miserable days this week, so I didn't cook. I haven't been cooking the best foods and I've yet to make and stick with a meal plan. Why is meal planning so hard?! It seems like I spend so much time writing things out, going grocery shopping, and prepping food, only to learn that nobody is going to be here for dinner or that they just ate something else after work/school.

Jerry keeps telling me just to make whatever I want to make, and if nobody else wants it or they eat otherwise, that's not my fault. My mom guilt is always high ;)

Anyway, back to Jerry's week of working on losing his dad bod. He said yesterday that he knew he wasn't going to do good on the scale today. And while it wasn't terrible, he didn't lose any weight:

He was at 192.0, which is a gain of 0.2 pounds from last week. I'd say that's no big deal! (Although, I also know how a little gain like that can turn into more and more until they add up to 25 pounds.)

His waist measurement stayed the same at 34.5 inches but his body fat percentage went up by 0.5% (from 23.3% last week).

I can't help but feel at least partially responsible! It was my idea to have him do this publicly, so I could have been more helpful.

Since I'm starting a challenge for February (eating ONLY at the dining room table with ZERO distractions), I think it's going to be easier to help him. I'm definitely not going to want to snack if I have to sit at the table to do it, so I'll likely be in the mood to prepare an extra good, filling dinner. When Jerry eating a bigger dinner at home, he tends to eat less at work.

Okay, I asked Jerry to write his thoughts about this week, so I'll hand it over to him:

Todays weigh in was a little disappointing but I'm not going to shy away from my shortcomings. At this point I figured I would've been down a lot more than this. In the past it seemed like I would lose a lot faster but not this time. It's been a struggle. I know where I go wrong and I'm trying to experiment with different eating habits. 

- Snacking. When Katie and I are just hanging out I tend to snack. It can be worse when everyone is asleep and I am watching a show alone in the living room. There have been times where I've been aware of what I was doing and stopped and other times I just can't resist the urge. It's a difficult habit to break. 
- Fruits and vegetables... not enough. I've had more than I normally have but I feel like I need more. 
- Exercise. I need to put more of a solid effort in figuring out what I should be doing here as opposed to just saying "I'll figure it out tomorrow". 

- I've been downing the water. No problem getting that in. 
- Katie and I have been talking about just eating better overall. Better, overall nutritious meals that are smaller in portion. We've both admitted we are aware of the portion sizes increasing in our meals and that they've come to lack some of the nutrition we need. 

Overall, I'm feeling better... even though the scale isn't saying that. I know that I can do better and I'm making an effort to do that. Being more conscious of what I'm eating or what I'm doing helps me in knowing what I'm doing right or wrong and that is helping me to make improvements.

It sounds like he knows what's going on and what he'd like to change, so hopefully I can be a better help this week! Wish me luck for tomorrow ;)  Hopefully I can make it through Day 1, hahaha.


  1. For meal prep- I can't do the making a plan and then actually executing the plan kind of meal prep, it is too much work and too much ongoing work through the week for me. What I do is on Sunday, I get together with a couple friends and we prep breakfast and lunch for the entire week. We put together a box of grapes, some cheese or nuts, and some protein waffles for breakfast (along with vitamins in the boxes so we actually take them daily- I like gummy vitamins for this). Then we make two big batches of soup in the instant pot (I bring mine to my friend's house so we have two to work with) that we split up into meal-size containers. I also normally prep 2-3 small snack containers per day with things like popcorn and a chocolate in one, a peeled orange in another, some celery with peanut butter in another, etc, with the goal of having a breakfast box, a soup, and 2-3 snacks per day for the week. We often have enough soup that we can use it for dinner a few days a week if we want, or freeze a few extras to have backup dinner options.

    We've been getting together and doing this every single week for over 6 months at this point. It is not only nice to have food all ready to go all week (especially nice for work days), but its fun to get together with my friends while we do the prep, make the soup, make the waffles, etc.

    What you have doesn't have to be exactly what we do, but I think it would be really easy to do it for a vegan diet. And having already cut and peanut-buttered celery in a container ready to eat makes it a lot easier to grab that when feeling snacky. Or grab the pre-portioned container of popcorn with a candy to eat in the evening, and just eat that much.

    Sorry for writing an entire novel, but thought I'd share how meal prepping has been working for me, in case any part of it seems like something that would work for you!

  2. You might like the method of meal prep that is on Downshiftology (food blog). She meal preps staples on Sunday, and then mixes and matches into different meals all week. That way your family can serve themselves, but your fridge is full of good, healthy stuff.


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