January 14, 2023

Another Piece for the Cat Wall

I'm going to keep this brief because I've been working on this all day and I'm wiped!

Remember back in August when I saw those cool cat beds at TJ Maxx? No? Well, Jerry ended up going back and buying two of them. One was this black one:

 When working on the "cat wall"--basically, I'm slowly but surely adding to a section of our bedroom that will be like a jungle gym/hang out for the cats--I had the idea to hang the bed on the wall somehow. I thought about it and stared at it over and over, but never really came up with a plan. Until recently.

I took a scrap piece of plywood and routed the edges, then painted the whole thing white. It was the perfect size to attach the chair. The problem was going to be how to attach the legs of the chair to the wood. I had to get very creative, and I think I may write a tutorial post about it (because I took pictures along the way); eventually, though, I figured out a good solution and now it's super sturdy.

I hung it with a French cleat to the wall right next to the top cat shelf in the corner. (Basically, the hole in the wall on top of my bathroom closet attaches to a hexagon shaped wooden box that the cats can go inside and from there, they can jump down to some shelves to get down to the floor. Or they can turn right and go up a level, almost to the ceiling.)

Anyway, once I had the cat bed attached to the board, I hung it next to the shelf (as closely as I could, so the cats wouldn't be afraid to use it). Immediately, the kittens were intrigued, of course. Then I let Estelle have a turn. (Phoebe wasn't interested, per usual.)

The closet door is only primed, not painted--that's why it looks kind of orange!

I love how it turned out! I'm not sure what I'll add next--probably a couple of small shelves leading down from the bed so there are two entrances/exits. To say the cats are spoiled is an understatement--you should see the bruises and cuts I got today while working on this thing! Hahaha. Not to mention all of the f-bombs Jerry had to listen to ;)


  1. I'll never stop marveling at your creativity!! And I do adore a zealous pet parent. Great work.

  2. I bet the cats will love the jungle gym

  3. Yours are the worlds luckiest cats!


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