August 19, 2011


This entry is all over the place--sorry! I'm in the middle of about 10 different projects right now.

My wedding anniversary came and went on Tuesday. But today is another day to anniversary to celebrate--I know a lot of people call this their "rebirthday". Today is the day, in 2009, that I weighed in at 253 pounds and decided to change my life. I began cutting back on my food intake by counting WW points. Exactly a year later, I weighed in at a "normal BMI" weight of 144.  I actually took some "before" pictures on Aug 19, 2009, but I truly didn't think I was going to lose the weight--and the pictures are extremely embarrassing, so I don't want to post them. The look on my face is awful! As a cop-out, I'll just post my most recent comparison picture ;)

I looked back at my very first food journal, and laughed. Want to see it?

I hate yogurt and salad, but apparently I thought I needed to eat them to lose the weight? That only lasted one day. My advice? Eat things you enjoy, otherwise you won't stick with it very long! It's kind of fun to look back and see the food phases I went through--for a couple of months, I ate oatmeal for breakfast and lunch every day, because I loved it so much. I also had a long phase of eating a brownie sundae every day--a No Pudge! brownie with PB2, topped with frozen yogurt and a little Hershey's syrup. That lasted about 3 months.

But anyways, to kick off my rebirthday, I had to go get (fasting) blood work done this morning. I went to my primary care doctor yesterday for a physical, and my insurance requires that I get a blood lipid profile and blood sugar testing. It'll be interesting to see the numbers. Last time I had them done was in July 2010, and I was about the same weight I am now.

Oh, and speaking of "specimens" for the lab... At the doctor's office yesterday, I used the restroom while I was waiting to see the doctor. When I was washing my hands, I noticed that there was a little door in the wall next to the sink, and there was a sign on it that said "Please place specimens in here." I have no idea why, but I was so tempted to look and see if there were any specimens in there! Hahaha, but I didn't. It was just odd--I've never seen that before.

So everything went well with the doctor yesterday. I had her document the problems I'm having with my loose belly skin, and she definitely thinks I would benefit (medically) from getting a tummy tuck. My plastic surgery consult is a week from today!! I'm so nervous. Jerry is off work, so he's going to go with me (I hate driving in Detroit by myself!) while my mom watches my kids.

I spent a long time yesterday making a Garmin tutorial page to send out with my Garmin. I am going to try and ship it today. I just need to buy some packing tape first. I got it all boxed yesterday and then realized I have no tape.  I'm also trying to work on typing recipes. I probably have about 40 more to go right now. I'm excited to get them all on the blog and into one place--it'll be easy on me when I need to find something.

I also went to Sam's Club yesterday while I was out. They have Castlewood Havarti cheese again (they only have it sometimes, and I get so happy when they do!) so I bought two packages of it. I also bought some rye bread to make the best grilled cheese EVER. I also bought a bag of almonds--let's hope that they last as long as they should! Almonds tend to be a binge food for me, but usually it's when I have chocolate chips in the house too (I eat them together). I don't have any chocolate chips right now, and I won't buy them.

Today was my first once-a-month weigh-in. I wasn't too thrilled. Normally, when I really focus on counting calories, the weight drops pretty quickly, at least for a few weeks. But this time, it's not really going anywhere. I was 148 today. My only theory is that I started my advanced 10k training this week, so I've been running every day. And when I exercise, my body likes to hold on to weight. THAT is the reason I didn't exercise for the first 60 pounds I lost--every time I would start, my weight loss would stall, so I'd quit again. I know that your muscles tend to hold on to water when you do more exercise than you're used to, so hopefully that should level off soon. I might weigh in another week or two just to see :) 

If you saw the "specimens" door in the bathroom, would you have peeked? ;)

Also, do you go through phases with food? I tend to get really obsessed with something, buy a ton of it and eat it daily, and then one day I just STOP. And move on to something else.


  1. Interesting about the exercise thing for you. I'm the exact opposite. If I quit exercising and eat a really small amount of calories, in the 1200-1500 range, I start gaining weight or at least stall out, but if I'm eating 1800+ every day and exercising, I still lose at least a pound a week. My body doesn't like not having food, I guess. I can only think it's a starvation mode thing. On the other hand, it DOES like exercise. A lot.

    I go through a lot of food phases. Once in 2006, I spent three months eating either spaghetti or a chicken & bean rice bowl for dinner every night, and every lunch was either onion soup or breakfast tacos...lost a lot of weight during that time too, though I can't say that was because of anything I was doing. I was still on the teeth roller coaster then. :/

  2. I can't believe it's been two years. I'm sure there were days in there that felt like they would never end, but look at where you are now. Not just with your weight but with your happiness and all of the other aspects of your life. I'm so proud of you!! I don't not often but I always, always read....and talk to my friends about you as if I know you...haha. Daisy_Writer (formally busy mommy)

  3. I am a HUGE phase girl. With every thing in life the more I think about it.
    ~food..I was obsessed with veggies tacos for a while...completely obsessed now I haven't eaten one in months.
    ~job...either love it or hate the point of looking for a new one, sending out resume's,and then getting over the phase again
    ~facebook...either love it and checking it too much or I go weeks without ever looking at it.
    ~and then there is exercise...every day an hour a day for weeks maybe months and then I just nose dive...I don't do any thing for days and it takes about a week to get back in to the routine again...

    **So what does that say about me?? What underlying issues do I have? **

    Can you be my therapist ...HA!?!

  4. Why does that poor first person's comment get thrown up and over your links? And it seems to always be Amanda! LOL! I am so bad at the blog thing and technology, especially when adding pictures! I just spent at least 5 minutes wrestling with this one picture because I couldn't get it where I wanted it and then it would shuffle things around. UGH!

    I tend to be a very big creature of habit. I stick to what I know works and am afraid to shake things up. I love my double fiber whole wheat bread, with PB 2 for breakfast(Thanks for the tip! My husband wants to know why pb costs $26 (w/shipping)!!), with sliced tomatoes and some mayo for lunch...sometimes I make a panini and do a little swiss with the tomato in the middle and a splash of balsamic vinegar for a quick dinner. I also know that fills me up.

    I do eat other things. I LOVE Dannon's Oikos yogurts. About 120 calories for 5.3 oz. and it's really thick and creamy... I'm getting more vegetables in by either roasting them (love zucchini and grape tomatoes roasted with a little bit of oil and some Tastefully Simple seasoned salt) or making my favorite- Barefoot Contessa's Panzanella Salad. That is what's on the menu tonight. Delicious!!!

    And I think the little cubby for pee-pee is a lot nicer than seeing it out on a table in the bathroom or the back of the bowl!!! It does make me think there might be a priest on the other side, like confession!!

  5. oh i forgot about the best grilled cheese ever-i know i made it a few times when i was unemployeed for lunch.
    i do love to eat the same foods all of the time, but my husband hates it that is why we have a two week rotating schedule for dinners (i eat a bagel with cream cheese just about every morning for breakfast).
    (by the way i know i sign this as anoynomus-haha like the spelling? anyway it fights with me, so sorry if i post the same comment 6 billion times)

  6. If you had your last blood work in July 2009 but started your diet in August 2009, you couldn't have been the same weight you are now? Unless I'm missing something.

  7. Jen, Oops! I meant July 2010. I fixed it :)

  8. Happy Anniversary Katie! I definitely go through phases with my food. Once I had a phase where I ate Easy Mac every day for lunch for months. I always have a long oatmeal phase in the winter. I have also had a phase (not dieting at the time) where I ate LOTS of homemade cookies and milk - sometimes for dinner. Yummy, but not so good for the weight loss. :)

  9. I love the specimen door! I've never looked in it to see if anything was in there but when I need to provide a specimen, it's nice to just leave it there and not have to do the walk of shame around the hallway with a cup of hot piss dying for someone to take it off my hands. Once I opened the door to put my cup in there and there was one in there. That was kind of skeevy.

    Yes, I definitely go thru food phases. I've been counting calories since January and the only thing I've eaten for breakfast since January is oatmeal (OK there have been a few exceptions, but very few). I do tend to crave something and then just eat the hell out of it for however long that takes. This month, it's baked potatoes. I bake them halfway in the micro, then for 45 minutes in the toaster oven, scoop out all the white part mix with salt and 2 wedges of Laughing Cow, stuff it back in then bake for 10 more minutes. Delicious. OK I'll shut up now :)

  10. I always wondered why i tend to lose less weight when I start to increase my exercise. that makes so much sense I never looked into it just got frustrated with it. At least now I know :).

    Driving to Detroit by yourself sucks, that's great that your husband is able to go with you. Oh, and I absolutely go through phases with food. I will eat something everyday for a long time then next thing I know its been months since I have had it. Funny how that happens.

  11. I'm in a food phase right now! I like an english muffin with an egg and spinach inside. Sometimes I add a bit of cheese but mostly i'm fine with plain! It's been my dinner for at least 2 months!

  12. Haha that little specimens door is for putting urine samples. So you don't have to walk out carrying a tub of pee...
    Just reading my way through your blog from the start, I'm addicted, I've spent the last 2 hours on here!

    Naomi =]


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