August 16, 2011

Going that extra mile

Despite the gorgeous weather yesterday, I did my run on the dreadmill. Jerry is back to working midnights, so he was sleeping all morning, and I didn't want to wait and run mid-afternoon when it could be super hot outside, so I just sucked it up and hopped on the dreadmill. Again, I set the speed at 5.6 and left it there to keep my heart rate in the "easy" zone. I ran 5 miles, feeling really great. When I got off and went to mark my running schedule (I keep it on the wall so that I can highlight the runs I've completed), I noticed I was only supposed to run 4 miles. Oh well, better to do an extra one than not enough.

I started the intermediate 10k training program yesterday, because the 10k that I'm registered for is 8 weeks away. I had to switch the days around so that I am doing my long runs on Mondays instead of Sundays. It'll be easier that way when the kids are in school. I really want to focus on doing it "right" this time--going very easy on my "easy runs" and "long runs" and then busting my ass on the speed work. I'm also going to do the strength training and cross-training that he recommends. My last 10k race time was 55:05, so I'm hoping to finish in under 55:00, but I'd love to finish in under 54:00.

Remember how I made an appointment with a plastic surgeon for the end of August? Well, it's a week from Friday already! I'm super nervous. Jerry called the insurance company again yesterday to ask about the coverage, and the person he spoke with said that if it's for a medical reason (which it is), it is very likely that the tummy tuck will be covered. She said there is a much better chance it'll be covered since I lost the weight without surgery (I'm not sure why that matters).

She just said I need to create a paper trail with my doctors about the medical issues I'm having from the excess skin. I can't believe that this is a real possibility--when I made the appointment, I was very doubtful about the insurance covering the surgery, but it sounds like they will. If not, then I won't be getting it. There is no way we can afford it. I would LOVE to be able to run pain-free without my flabby stomach bouncing up and down.

You can see in this picture below where I've tucked the loose skin into my running capris:

race photo

I have an appointment for a physical with my general practitioner on Thursday. I'm dreading that, because the last time I was there was when I was at my lowest weight of 128. I need to just look at the positive, that I've managed to keep off 100+ pounds for over a year now. I'm also going to be doing my first once-per-month weigh in this week (on Friday). I don't FEEL like I've lost anything from last time. Maybe because I'm not running as much as I used to? I don't want to worry about it until I see the number on Friday.

I can't wait until my kids are back in school and it will be easy to establish a routine! I will be able to get them ready for school and put them on the bus, and then I can do my run or bike ride in the morning. Take a shower, clean up my house, run errands or whatever needs to be done, and get the kids off the bus in the afternoon. I love routines, and I am a much happier person when I have a routine. It's going to feel weird having both of the kids in school full-time though!

Do you dread going to the doctor? Does your weight play a part in whether you dread it or not? I ALWAYS hate going when my weight is up from the last time. My OB appointments were the worst. I gained 70 and 90 pounds during my pregnancies!


  1. That's so great that you may be able to have surgery, I'll keep my fingers crossed! My weight used to be an issue when I went to the doctor. So much so, I would get on the scale backwards so I didn't have to look at it. Plus, I hardly EVER went to the doc. NOW, Since my doctor is SO excited about my weight loss, I kind of look forward to it. Especially since I've done it on my own. The next time I see her, I'll be in ONEderland which makes it even better. I haven't been there since 1999.

  2. Glad to hear about the surgery thing! I hope it all works out. Sounds like this week will be full of adventures for you.

    I'm looking forward to my next doctor visit. The last time I went in was at the end of March when I had bronchitis. It was a new doctor and at the time I weighed around 223 lbs. I've lost about 20 lbs since then and need to go in for a regular physical. I'm definitely looking forward to having a 20-lb loss on my record!!

  3. I ran 6 miles for the first time on Saturday! I did it in 59:20. I'd like to finish the 6.2 miles in under 60:00 when it finally gets here, but I don't know how that's going to turn out since there's a NO HEADPHONES rule! My birthday is just before that so I'm hoping to have the Garmin to keep me in line!

    I used to hate going to the doctors and getting on the scale, too. The worst weigh-in was when I was pregnant with my daughter and I had eaten all (well, maybe not ALL) of my son's Easter candy and gained 8 pounds in 3 weeks! GULP!

    My kids go back to school 3 weeks from today. I'm kinda sad for them because it is so much work for them and it's going too fast. My son starts 10th and my daughter starts 8th this year! Hard to believe I really am getting them prepared for the world out there!

  4. i hope the insurance covers it. good luck

  5. I hope your insurance covers it too!
    I guess I do dread the doctors- more because appointments tend to give me anxiety attacks. OB/GYN appointments are the worst for me, but even a month ago when I went because my shoulder was hurting, I nearly fainted. I've only lost about 12 lbs so far (since January) but my sports med doctor was very happy for me.

  6. My GP is pretty amazing, and she has never bothered me about my weight, which maybe isn't a good thing, but she knows about my battles with depression so that my weight was a partial side effect of that. Last time I was there was the first time that she weighed me and suggested that I lay off on the salt. Not that it meant anything to me, I hadn't started with sparkpeople yet and had no idea how to eat healthy at that time sadly.

  7. I hope everything goes well concerning the coverage for your surgery. I hate seeing the doctor when I know I've gained too, but I can't wait to go when I know I've lost. In your picture the first thing I noticed was the nice calf muscle you are rocking in your left leg, not a tummy bulge :)

  8. I'm so excited for you that you might get the surgery! I can see how it would be considered a medical issue. My daughter was approved by insurance for a breast reduction at the age of 16 (which really surprised me!) but it was the best thing we ever did. She had terrible back pain and couldn't do anything active because of the size of the 'girls'. She's 21 now and can hardly remember how big they used to be. I hope you will document your surgery adventure for us (I know you will!)
    I have high blood pressure and every time I see my doc, she says that losing even 10 pounds can make a difference. I did lose 20 pounds last year and I've kept it off, but who knows if it helped the BP or it's just the meds I'm on. Either way, less weight is better!

  9. Good luck with the dr appt. I don't see much of a bulge on you though!

  10. Good luck! I hope it's covered! I'm sure it will. I also was covered for breast reduction surgery after the doctor seen an xray of my spine (I was in a car accident) and seen that it was starting to curve. The way your doctor writes the report makes a huge difference. He/she really needs to emphasize the medical need.

  11. Crossing all that can be crossed, Slim Katie! I think the reason why she asked about the weightloss being natural or by surgery is the likelihood of the weight returning in a really short amount of time. My uncle had the bariatric surgery done and lost literally almost a ton of weight. The insurance wanted him to wait for over a year to make sure he could maintain his weight loss and finish his counseling sessions.

    Thanks for being so honest and sharing your witty sense of zest of life!


  12. Exciting if you get the surgery but honestly...your "bulge" doesn't look so bad although I know that clothes can suck in a lot and hide much. ;-)

  13. When I was fat, I always avoided going to the doctor. Who wants to hear a lecture that you need to lose some weight? It seems like when you're fat, every health problem you might have is due to the obesity, at least according to health care professionals. My doctor was actually pretty nice. I even had a deal with him, that I didn't have to weigh at every visit, after I told him that's why I didn't come more often. But then I would have to remind the nurse, because she always wanted me to hop on that scale. I'm glad I did hop on it in July 2009, however, because that's how I know what I weighed "before." When I asked the doctor in October of 2010 (when I was down to about 200 lbs.), he said the records show I was at 328. I didn't own a scale. Who does when you're that fat? But judging from some pictures I found, I think I may have gotten heavier than that even. Hard to believe. But I count 328 as my starting point. I don't mind going to the doctor now, but I know how you feel, since you've gained a little from your VERY LOW lowest weight. However...since you're still over 100 pounds down from your highest weight, he should be pretty happy.
    That is super exciting about insurance possibly covering your surgery. I sure hope they do. Keep us posted. I know mine won't. They have a specific rider on our policy that states they will cover nothing having to do with weight loss. It's dumb, when you think of all the health consequences from being overweight.
    As always--LOVE your blog--and reading about your family life.

  14. Hi Katie, crossing all limbs possible that everything works out as planned. You look great in the photo BTW!!! I see a really happy, healthy woman! Hope your Tuesday has been good so far.

  15. I really hope you get the surgery. You are so young and worked hard for your new body!

  16. Ummmm... if your doctor isn't happy about the amount of weight you have kept off, then you need a new doctor. :) You are beating the odds and your "gain" is not significant in the big picture.

    Love the new look of your blog!

    Hoping you get it covered.

  17. LOVE THE NEW LOOK! The Garmin with the cookie on it is hysterical!

  18. Your blog is beautiful! I hate going to the doctor too!

  19. Your blog is cute, you're doing great, and when I lose all my weight I want a tummy tuck too! It should be always be covered by insurance regardless of how the weight is lost.

  20. I HOPE your insurance covers the cost! That would change your life!

    Also, I love my Garmin and love your idea of "lending" yours. You are awesome.


  21. Love the new look of the blog! I really do hope that your insurance covers your surgery and you no longer have to deal with the discomfort of the "apron"! As far as going to the doctor, recently I found out I was pregnant and my first appointment I was dreading because I have a friend who was pregnant and not nearly as big as me and her doctor was pretty harsh with her weight. So on top of that I have yet to share my weight with my husband (I know...silly but he's a fit Marine and I just couldn't face it)so he was so sweet and said no worries honey I won't look! So we get into the room and the doctor says the only concern would be my weight which is %$#....yep he loudly announced my weight!! I wanted to shrivel up and die! But my fantastic husband didn't bat an eye and has yet to mention it to me. However, on a good note, in the month of finding out to our first appointment I gained 1 stinking pound so I was pretty excited until the doctor thru me under the bus!! Haha!!! Thank you so much for your blog....I am so inspired by you!!!



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