August 01, 2011

Home again

Well, we're home from Illinois. What a great weekend! I didn't blog yesterday because there really wasn't much to say. Jerry and I went to dinner and the comedy club as planned on Saturday night. Dinner was AMAZING--we went to a little Italian restaurant on State Street called Tutto Pasta Trattoria Bar e Cafe. I had "Capellini Susie", which was capellini pasta with tomatoes, basil, garlic, and cheese; and of course, a glass of wine. Jerry had rigatoni with Italian sausage and peppers, and that was really yummy too. (I forgot my camera at the hotel, so no pics of the food, sorry!)  The comedy club was good--the first two comedians were great, but the headliner was terrible. I wish we could have left, but we were sitting right in front of the stage.

I'm so glad that we had gotten Teddywedgers for lunch on Saturday, because we went to get breakfast on Sunday and they aren't open on Sundays. So we got bagels and coffee and then headed back to my sister's house. We were SO TIRED that we literally just sat around watching TV for most of the day. At 8:00, the kids went to bed and we watched The Bachelorette with my sister and her husband, and then we went to bed.

We got up early this morning to head home. We were on the road by 6:15, and had no trouble getting home at all. We even went through Chicago at around 7:15, and the traffic wasn't bad at all. We made it home at about 1:30 and I unpacked everything and then went grocery shopping.

I feel SO fat right now, because I ate crappy food all weekend. I'm not used to eating restaurant food, and my body is totally punishing me for it! Jerry and I both want to go back to counting calories starting tomorrow, so I bought some healthy groceries (while sticking to our new budget). I feel extremely determined to get to goal weight. I want to lose every single week like I did for the first year of weight loss. I don't think I'm going to weigh myself every week, but I will for sure weigh in once a month. August 19th will be the 2-year anniversary of when I started losing weight, so I'm going to make the 19th my weigh-in days. I will be logging my food on Sparkpeople again, and possibly posting my food log on my blog.

Cheese-flavored larvae
Oh! I cannot believe I forgot to write about this! At the science center, we watched some bug exhibit, and then we got to taste bugs! My kids wanted nothing to do with it, but I love to try anything once numerous times until I like it. So I ate one (I think it was cheese flavored or something). It didn't taste bad at all, and the texture was like a crispy french fry, but mentally, I was grossed out. I wouldn't want to eat them for pleasure, but it was fun to try.

Jerry and I were just playing cards, and apparently Paolo was starving for some attention after we were gone all weekend ;)
Paolo is an attention whore

Have you ever (knowingly and voluntarily) eaten a bug? I have to say, this was a first for me! But I'd be willing to try others ;)


  1. I hear you on the food-I hate not controlling what I eat, make, etc. I bet if you switch to the all bug diet you'll be at goal in no time, no counting involved. Ha ha!!

    Ahhh, how sweet! I love fluffy cats!

  2. i couldnt eat a bug!!! cringing just thinking about it! lol

  3. Gak. No way. Sorry.

    I'd love to see a post about any tips or tricks you've found on saving at the grocery store. We are a fmaily of 4 also and trying to cut our bill a bit too. So far I find that Costco is great for milk and eggs. Other than that I try to use the fliers and stock up on meat when it's on sale.

  4. That Italian restaurant - that's the first place my husband and ever ate together!! I wouldn't necessarily call it a date. We met through a friend through email and talked that way and over the phone for two months before we ever met in person. The first day we met in person, it was with a group of five of us, including the friend who introduced us, and we hung out on State Street all day, and had lunch at that restaurant, where we shared a lasagne. So it was sort of a date, with other people there. It sure felt like a date to both of us. :)

  5. OMG!! NO WAY would I ever eat a bug. :)

  6. Ive enjoyed many delicacies: bamboo worms, water bugs, grasshoppers, and scorpions! The grasshoppers were by far my favorite!

  7. I've eaten bugs like that too, a spicy larvae and a cheesy cricket. I'll do pretty much anything if I'm dared to, lol.


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