August 04, 2011

Speaking of...

Day 2 of counting calories went well! Blinders stayed on.
Food intake looked like this:
Breakfast- Cinnamon Raisin Granola with milk and coffee (275)
Lunch- cucumber sandwich, sweet potato wheels, grapes (303)
Dinner- Southwest chicken & beans over rice (438)
Snacks- carrots with peanut butter; toast with peanut butter; Fiber One brownie (513)
TOTAL:  1538 calories
Exercise- 35 minute bike ride

Jerry was off work yesterday, so mid-morning, we decided to try and pack all four of our family's bikes into our two vehicles and head to the State Park to ride on the trail. We have a Jeep Patriot and a Ford Windstar (minivan). I put the seats down in the Jeep and was able to fit my bike in just fine. Jerry put both back seats down in the van and we managed to fit his bike and the kids' bikes in there. We each had a kid sit in front with us, and we drove to the park.

I wanted to ride for exercise (I had 35 minutes of cross-training on the schedule), so Jerry took the boys on a leisurely ride and I went off by myself. Doing the trail was so much more relaxing than riding on the street! I didn't have to worry about getting hit by a car, and looking both ways to cross, etc. There were a few bumps under the concrete from tree roots, which were annoying, but most of the ride was pretty smooth. It began to drizzle while I was riding, and I could barely keep my eyes open. I guess when you're going that fast (compared to running), the rain feels much harder on your skin.

Speaking of comparing running and biking... I noticed something recently that I found kind of funny. After I became a runner, I found walking really annoying. While on a walk, I thought, "This is so SLOW. I'd be done by now if I was just running!"  And now that I've been cycling, when I go for a run I think, "If I was biking, I'd be DONE by now! This is so slow!"  ;)  Oh, and speaking of cycling... I always want to say "biking" but Jerry teases me when I say that because he said that sounds like I'm talking about a motorcycle. So if I say I went "biking", I assure you--it was on a BICYCLE. I don't do motorcycles.

And speaking of JERRY, I discovered something kind of cute and clever that he did. He just recently started reading my blog (that's not the cute and clever thing--I'll get to that in a minute!) I've kept a blog since 2000 (minus a couple of years in there) and he's NEVER read it. Until now. I even explained to him how it works when I post things and all that. So now, the cute and clever thing... remember how I said I like to look at the strange/funny/unusual things that people type into Google and discover my blog? So yesterday, I discovered this:
All the usual type searches, but I'm talking about the fourth one down. Ever since we were dating, he's called me "Punkin Pot Pie" (stupid nickname, right?!)  So when I explained how the searches worked, he went to Google and typed in that whole phrase and then clicked on my blog over and over again so that it would be one of the top searches and I would see it. ;)

And finally, speaking of Jerry + blogging, I was thinking of having him write a guest post on my blog. He doesn't have his own blog. I think you'd like him. Most people like him better than they like me, because he's super funny and crazy and laid-back... basically the total opposite of his wife!  I think that's why we work well together as a married couple. We balance each other out.
I make him be serious for some pictures
And he makes me be goofy for some pictures
My poor husband has lost about 75 pounds (going from 253 to a svelte 178!), but he is still known for being "the guy whose wife lost 100+ pounds", haha. I asked him what he would guest blog about, and he said that if he did a FAQ blog, it would go something like this:  1) How much weight did your wife lose?  2) How did she lose the weight?  3) Are you worried she's going to leave you now?

HAHAHA. So my question for you is, would you even be interested in a guest post from my better half significant other? Any questions for him? Not necessarily weight loss questions, but I mean questions about anything--like how does it feel to be married to someone as beautiful and cute and sexy as SlimKatie? ;)


  1. I was thinking of doing the exact same thing with my husband. He has lost over 50 lbs since February, and I wanted my readers to see his point of view....our men are so

  2. It's funny (strange) how you mentioned your husband writing a guest blog and answering question #3- "Are you worried she's going to leave you now?" I asked you in a comment the other day if your husband ever questions when you're done losing weight. My husband had been with me through the thick and thin and thicker... I've never been this dedicated for this long and I've NEVER been this "thin." I don't think I give him any reason to think I'm going to dump him, (other than spending about an hour at the gym every day without him, but I guess it would be a valid concern.

    If this has been an issue, how have you dealt with it? Both you and your husband can answer this, because I'd love to hear Jerry's perspective.

  3. I'd love to read a post by Jerry! :)

    Sounds like you've got a keeper...

  4. I love his nickname for you - and I love that he thought to google you w/ it. Adorable.

    I started counting calories today. I am in shock. It's noon (finished w/ lunch) and I only have 240 calories left for the day. I thought I was doing good. Crap.

    I think a post by your hubs could be cool. Maybe then I could get my husband to join me in calorie counting (instead of just staring at me while I measure all of my food). I'd love to hear how he lost weight and how he felt watching you lose your weight. Did he ever feel left out when you took time to go run?

  5. It'd be fun to read a post from your husband! I have a question for him: How can I get my husband more involved in eating healthier, he wants none of it and has about 80 lbs to lose himself. Were you trying to lose weight along with Katie or was it just a side effect of her eating better and preparing healthier foods?
    Thanks, Taunya

  6. It would be awesome to read a guest post from Jerry!! I've always wondered about him and been somewhat amazed by him. He seems so selfless and supportive of you 110%. He stuck by your side through it all and loved you just as much when you were overweight as he does now. What a wonderful husband he is!

  7. That would be very awesome.

  8. I would LOVE to read a blog by Jerry. I feel like I know him already from reading your blogs. Please Jerry tell us how life REALLY is with pretty and slim Katie!!

  9. Your story about going biking reminded me that I needed to tell you that you inspired me to start riding with my daughter (she's 9). I got a bike for my birthday and her and I go riding. I love it because she is learning to like to do something besides watch tv and the time we get together is precious. Also I would love to read a blog from Jerry. I've always thought it was so cool how supportive he has been. My husband is very overweight just like I was/am and even though I've lost 50+ lbs its a constant tug of war with him. To be honest I am really scared that if something doesn't change for him soon that something scary will happen. So with that sob story aside my question to Jerry and you for that matter is how can I motivate him? How did Jerry loose? Was it a side effect of your efforts or did he jump right on board? Do you have any suggestions on how I can nudge him without nagging? Ok, I know that was a bunch of questions but you get my gist. I guess any advice Jerry could give from the "guys" perspective would be helpful. Thanks and congrats on the FB favorite! : )

    -Jen (jennygump21)

  10. I think a guest post is a great idea! I think I would like to know how he feels your relationship is different from pre-weight loss, and how he felt during those changes.

  11. What an awesome idea! We'd love to hear from him!

  12. oh awesome i cant wait to see his blogpost! and that was so cute that he searched you that way. you have yourself a keeper it seems! lol


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