August 18, 2011

Tempo Run

Good grief! I just got back from doing a tempo run, which I have not done since, oh, 2010 sometime? What a workout! I started with 1 mile of easy running as a warm-up, and then I ran two miles at tempo pace, and then I ran easy to complete 35 minutes. Here are my splits:

I did my second mile in 8:47 and my third in 8:36. Not too bad--a little slower than my 5k pace, but a little faster than I was aiming for. I was aiming for 8:59/mi. I was exhausted after mile 3, but I wanted to do the full 35 minutes that was on the schedule, so I did an easy pace around the block. I truly felt like I earned those calories burned today!

So Jerry and I started off our ninth year of marriage on the wrong foot yesterday--it was pretty funny, so I thought I'd share. I planned on making black bean enchiladas for dinner, and when I went grocery shopping last week, I deliberately bought a packet of enchilada seasoning mix. I specifically remembered buying it, because it's not something I normally buy.

Last night, when I was getting dinner ready, I went to get the packet, and couldn't find it anywhere. I got pissed at Jerry, because he usually tries to "help" putting away groceries, and I hate that--I can never find anything when he puts it away. So I was very snarky when I said, "So, Jerry, if you were putting away enchilada seasoning mix, where in the hell would you put it?" He started helping me look. The beans were already on the stove, waiting for the mix. We tore apart the pantry looking for the stupid packet. I was really mad at him for losing it, because I know where I would have put it and it wasn't there.

Finally, I decided to just use some of my homemade fajita seasoning mix instead. I threw it into the beans and started cooking it. Just as I did that, Jerry said, "What's this?" and sure enough, it was the packet of seasoning mix... right next to the rest of the ingredients I had taken out. I had no recollection of getting the packet out (from where I had put it away!), but apparently I took it out and set it with the other ingredients on the counter. Yeah, Jerry wasn't too happy ;)

So about the Garmin... it sounds like some of you are interested in trying it out, so let's do it! If you'd like to get in on it, send me an E-MAIL at SlimKatie(at)runsforcookies(dot)com... obviously replace the 'at' and 'dot'. I write it that way so that I don't get tons of spam. Just put "Garmin" as the subject, and then in the e-mail, I'll need your name and home address. I obviously won't be posting your info on my blog or anything! I will have to give it to one person (via e-mail) so that they can send you the Garmin when they are done with it. Like I said, this will be on the honor system, so please don't take advantage of that! ;)

Julie suggested that each person give us a report when they are done--maybe a guest post?--with your thoughts on the Garmin. Ease of use, maybe how it helped you, if you think you may buy one, etc. So here is how it will work:  I'll package and send the Garmin to someone on the list. Once you get it, try it out for about two weeks. Then you package it back up and I will e-mail you the name and address of the next person on the list. You ship it to that person. And so on, and eventually it will make it's way back to me. I will send the instruction manual and other parts that come with it, so just make sure you put everything back in the box for the next person when you're done. The only thing I ask is that you take a picture of my beloved Garmin somewhere outside (on your wrist or not--it's up to you)--because I think it would be awesome to see my Garmin traveling the country! ;)

And finally... I have a new project that I'm working on (I need to stay busy to avoid bingeing, especially when Jerry is working nights). I started a blog of JUST recipes, in case you are interested. I know some of you enjoy recipes, and some of you may not, so this way it'll be your choice whether to check them out. (I don't follow many blogs that post recipes or pictures of food--because it's a binge trigger for me. So I'd hate to trigger any binges on this blog!)

I won't put the recipes here on this blog anymore. I had no idea how to make a subdomain for, so I just made a free blogspot blog. You can find it here: I'm still working on getting it organized and all that, but I posted a trillion thousands 55 recipes last night. Whew! My hope is to eventually get ALL of my recipes there, with photos, AND nutrition facts--but it's going to take a while.

And FYI: You may not want to "follow" the recipes blog just yet... unless you want to be bombarded with recipes for the next few days! I'm typing like a madwoman to get the recipes in there, and then later I'll go back and add the nutrition info and photos. After a few days, I won't post so often over there.

What's the silliest fight you've ever had with your partner? I remember ours like it was yesterday, but it happened when I was pregnant with Noah. I wasn't feeling very well, and Jerry decided to make dinner for us so that I wouldn't have to. He prepared a chicken and noodle casserole thing, with a whole bag of shredded cheese. I asked him what kind of cheese it was, and he said "Monterey Jack". I flipped out on him because the Jack cheese was supposed to be for the french onion soup I had made, and now there wasn't any left for my soup. I yelled, and cried, and threw a tantrum, basically, and all he was trying to do was make my life easier by making dinner.  Yeah, those pregnancy hormones can be a bitch ;)


  1. I'd have to really think about the silliest thing Jason and I have ever fought about. I'm sure it was something completely stupid, and also probably during pregnancy. :D

    The kids are back in school for me on Monday. i can't wait to be able to start really working on my running again!!

  2. Our 10 year wedding anniversary is Sept 8th. I don't have any specific fights to talk about but I can tell you there has been many and pretty much 80% of them were over stupid/silly't they all???

  3. rob used to come home from work and put on the food network, which normally i dont mind, but when im trying to lose weight i start getting hungry just seeing what they are making (ok so not the gross stuff) so i asked him to stop watching the food network at night and he thought i was crazy. i still make that one recipe for cauliflower with olive oil and garlic powder, and umm...parmasean cheese, i love it.

  4. I am SOOOOO excited that you made a recipe blog!!!!!!

  5. Can you put the cold oat thing on the recipe blog? I've seen you mention it. It involves peanut butter right? I'd like to see how it's done! Thanks!

  6. HI Katie, LOVE the new layout!! Great shots of you on the header. I am SOOO glad to hear I'm not the only one who does things like pull the seasoning out and forget I've done it. So funny! (and I can so relate with the "help" putting things away too. I appreciate the "help" but seriously....WHY my Dennis puts some things where he does is beyond me. Maybe he's just toying with me 'cause he likes to hear the sound of my voice saying "where's the X?" Hope your Thursday is going wel.

  7. I'm so glad that you liked my idea. I'll bet that you end up with some really fun pictures of your Garmin having all sorts of adventures!

    Looking forward to checking out the recipe blog!

  8. All of the fights with my husband are SILLY! Not in the moment, but damn sure afterward! We just try to laugh it off! Living in a studio apartment for four years can do that to a couple. :) I'm so excited about your recipe blog. I'm going to follow it in a couple of days like you recommended!

  9. I couldn't wait to check out the recipe blog. Some of your recipes remind me of things my mom and grandma used to make, like the cabbage "stew." Being mostly Italian, we very rarely would do corned beef and cabbage, so that's what my mom would use it for when it was on sale! Seeing that I am 1 of 7 kids, my mom had to learn how to stretch things pretty thin. I think it's where I got my desire to always get more for my money. My family calls me the coupon queen!

  10. I can't wait to try out some of your soup recipes this fall. I love bringing soup to school for lunch - hearty, filling, and low calorie. :)


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