August 03, 2011

Most liked on Facebook?? Really?

Once again, I woke up to check my e-mail and found dozens hundreds of comments, Sparkfriend adds, etc. I saw that Sparkpeople sent out an e-mail about "The Best of July" and apparently, the post they did about me on Facebook was the "most liked on Facebook".

It's completely overwhelming to read all the e-mails and comments, and I always feel guilty when I don't answer every question that people ask me. But I can tell that a lot of people don't actually read my Sparkpage before e-mailing me, because they ask me a lot of questions that I answer in my FAQ page. Is it wrong of me not to answer them directly?  FYI, If you ever e-mail me a question and you don't get an answer, chances are, I read it and forgot to write back. Feel free to try again! And Poison, I know I owe you a recipe for baked ziti, so I'll try and post it this week! ;)

I still have such a hard time believing that people are interested enough to read my blog. My intention has never been to get as many followers as I can or gain recognition (which is why I don't have a Twitter or Facebook page for my blog). I just really enjoy writing, and I LOVE to read blogs.

But anyways! Yesterday was my first day back to counting calories, which, we all know, SUCKS. But I did it. I am super determined to reach my goal weight. I'm putting my blinders on and won't take them off until I get there.

Of course, temptation was present the first day of calorie counting. I went to Jerry's softball game last night with the kids, and Jerry's plant had ordered Pizza Hut for all the players and families. They ordered 18 large pizzas for 2 softball teams. Pretty much everyone took pizza home with them too. My kids had some, and it looked so good!

Noah's pizza :(

My food log
Breakfast: Cinnamon Raisin Granola with milk; coffee (275)
Lunch:  Sweet Potato Wheels; grapes; toast with almond butter (346)
Dinner: salmon with A1; potato with ketchup; grapes (381)
Snacks: Neopolitan ice cream; banana with almond butter (482)
TOTAL:  1484 calories
Exercise:  Ran 3 miles in 29:23.

How do you eat Neopolitan ice cream? Do you scoop all three flavors or are you choosy? I like all 3 mixed together, but when I was a kid, I would choose the vanilla first, then chocolate, and the strawberry was usually thrown out ;)  And now, of course, MY kids do the same thing!


  1. lol, I totally forgot about the recipe I asked for but thanks for the reminder. I used to love baked ziti so I'm excited to try your version. I've only ever had it when ordered out at dinner. Part of my august challenge this week is to try 3 new recipes this week though so yay!

  2. I got that email from SparkPeople and all I thought was Katie's email is gonna blow up....hahahahahah

    WTG girl you deserve all the recognition you get. You earned it!!!

  3. Your blog was the first I ever read and now follow religiously! I love how you're not ALL about weight-loss and exercise- I get to peek into your life on a daily basis. If you could ever have a conversation with my husband he'd tell you I'm the nosey neighbor! I don't get involved with the drama, I just love to listen in on it and see that my life is SO mundane! This is why my guiltiest pleasure is all of the Real Housewives on Bravo!

    I'm at 152 pounds, the smallest I've ever been in adulthood, and my original goal was 150 and to weigh less than my husband. I'm now in a size 8 (at Kohl's AND Fashion Bug, so it MUST be true!) and I'm thinking I'd like to weigh 140 and be a size 6. I am only 5' tall and I think this is a very reasonable goal. My husband thinks I'm taking things too far, but with MFP and exercise I'm consuming about 1500 calories a day! I exercise so I can eat, just like your blog title. Have you encountered the "Dennis Downer" with your husband at all?

  4. heheh, I'm a chocolate-first sort of girl, followed by strawberry then vanilla, though it was opposite on those two as a kid. I didn' really like strawberry until I was a late teen.

  5. P.S. I don't ever bother with ANY plain flavors. Give me anything with peanut butter, chocolate, chocolate chunks, peanut butter filled chocolate bunnies, chocolate covered nuts...

  6. Congratulations! That's a very neat honor. :) Call me a total nerd, but I really enjoy reading about your daily eats and exercise. Nice job today!

  7. Go Katie,go! I am glad you are feeling determined again and have your blinders on.

    I have lost 5 pounds in two weeks on WW. I haven't been hungry at all and have been having a treat each day. It helps that the fruit is so yummilicious now.

    I love your blog (as you know) and your potato wheels too! :)

  8. I am so excited for you, even though you weren't looking for recognition you totally deserve it! You are a TRUE inspiration. I love blogging too, it keeps me focused and is soo theraputic. I look forward to reading all of your posts!

  9. I saw this in my email and I immediately felt so happy for you! You deserve all the recognition you get girl! I'm glad to hear you are putting on your blinders. That is what I have to do. I just try to remind myself that eating the temptation junk will just be a moment of satisfaction followed by hours of guilt and that I will feel so proud later if I turn it down.

    Today is my birthday and I officially weighed in this morning as a 50 lb loss! Woo hoo! Still have plenty to go, but it was nice to reach a big number on my birthday!

    As for the ice cream as a child I would only eat the chocolate and I was SUPER picky about it. If any strawberry or vanilla were to be on the edges or mixed in at all I wouldn't touch it until I got rid of the other flavors and all I saw was brown! Crazy! Now as an adult I scoop up all 3 flavors separately. I eat the strawberry first, vanilla second, and save the chocolate (my favorite) for last!!!

  10. I felt the need to post on your blog....I needed to say "THANK YOU!" Your spark blog/video is inspiring! I needed SOMETHING to motivate me.... Not having internet at my home (so, not having sparkpeople) had sent me into a downward spiral of bad choices. I wondered if I'd ever be on track again. Your blog has given me back the umption in my gumption! Tonight will be the first night back on my C25K program! Thank you! (fellow michigander!)


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